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Create Banner Ads That Are Beautiful with Bannersnack – And Manage Ad Campaigns

Whether or not Banner ads work for your business depends on how you use them.

Many might agree with the Onion’s sarcasm regarding the effectiveness of Banner Ads. But the truth is that display advertising is an important part of a brand’s marketing campaign.

Create Banner Ads That Are Beautiful with Bannersnack – And Manage Ad Campaigns

If you expect banner ads to lead to immediate conversions, you will probably be frustrated. However, it’s important to recognize which people banner ads are targeting.

Branding is one of the main purposes of display advertising targeting people to raise visibility and awareness. Click To Tweet

And if you do well at promoting yourself, your efforts will generate leads. But don’t expect banner ads to cause numerous people to convert immediately if they have had no previous exposure to your company.

Bannersnack Is One of the Best Solutions Available

Still, the obvious purpose of advertising is to make people curious about a product. If you create banner ads that have interactive or funny content, online users are that much more likely to click on them.

It is important that you choose the right resource when you start creating and launching your banner ad campaigns. One of the best solutions out there is Bannersnack.

Create Ads with the Banner Maker

Bannersnack’s banner maker makes the process of composing banner ads to be intuitive and easy. The banner maker offers the elements needed to create an ad all on one toolbar. You can choose from a multitude of colors, textures, fonts, pics, and templates.

The company provides templates that are compatible with various social media platforms, as well as major ad networks. If you wish, you can choose not to use a template and instead do all of the ad building yourself.

This is an example of a banner made from scratch using Bannersnack:

Notice that the image has multiple slides. You create each slide, one at a time, and turn them into a single ad with multiple slides to be more compelling.  This image is not uploaded into WordPress; it is called from Bannersnack’s CDN location.

This type of banner would typically be used in a blog sidebar or footer or as an ad. Note that no matter where you click on the banner or on which image, you will be taken to what that client wants to promote. (Go ahead and click on it to see for yourself.)

The banner maker is compatible with various formats, including HTML5, GIF, and Flash/SWF. And Bannersnack’s dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest technology means that the banner maker works quickly and smoothly.

Process For Creating Ads

  • Log into Bannersnack
  • Click the Bannersnack logo with the arrow on it in the top left corner
  • Choose Banner maker
  • Choose Create HTML5 banner
  • Click on display ads to choose popular ad sizes* or make a custom size
  • Click on social media to choose common sizes for Facebook and Twitter
  • Choose Static or Animated
  • Choose background – use layers to put it behind or in front of other images
  • Drag and drop existing elements or upload your own images
  • Edit the button on an existing template or add and edit your own buttons
  • Add text, change the font, size and color
  • Add links by clicking on a section of the design or a call-to-action button and then on the link icon
  • Create the next image by clicking + in the right sidebar (column) and choosing Slide 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • Adjust the time slides appear

When you save all the slides you can choose one URL for all of them OR you can have individual parts of slides link to somewhere else. Slides can even link to each other.

  • Choose create banner rotator
  • Click on Bannersnack banners under Add content
  • Choose the ones you want to rotate by checking the boxes
  • Click Add Banners and save
  • Click Embed in the top right to get the embed code
  • Put it wherever you want them to display.

Look in the right sidebar of this blog to see another ad created using Bannersnack. Refresh the page up to 4 times to see 4 different sets of slides.

Manage Ad Presentation with the Banner Rotator

Bannersnack’s banner rotator simplifies the task of presenting your ads online. The tool enables you to use only one HTML code to present several kinds of content on one page.

What’s more, you don’t need to know HTML coding yourself. Your programmer will initially set up the single embed code, and you can supervise the content from there.

New Bannersnack Ad Rotator Stats

The banner rotator permits you to display different content with each new page view and even control how you present your ads with Google AdSense banners. The rotators are even optimized for mobile.

Premium Bannersnack users can create an unlimited number of rotators. Premium users also have access to info on impressions and clicks, as well as in-depth data on which demographics interacted with the rotators.

The premium plans allow subscribers to customize how often particular ads are rotated. Users who choose the free plan are limited to a maximum of 10 rotators that rotate randomly and can access data on the rotator views.

Bannersnack Ad Analytics

Use Bannersnack to Run Your Ad Campaigns

In addition to user-friendly tools for creating and presenting ads, Bannersnack furnishes you with a way to run all of your ad campaigns from one place. Through Bannersnack, you can run both targeting and retargeting campaigns that get promoted on Facebook and the Google Display Network.

Start A Bannersnack Ad CampaignCommon Ad Sizes for Major Sites and Blogs:

The most common ads sizes used on major sites online and in blogs are:

  • 728 x 90 Leaderboards – typically used in headers.
  • 628 x 60 Used in blog headers (when the larger size doesn’t fit) and also in blog posts or at the end of blog posts.
  • 300 x 250 The size in the right sidebar on this blog – you can see an example made with Bannersnack there now.
  • 250 x 250 or 250 x 300 Alternate sizes used in sidebars. These can also be used in blog content or footers.
  • 125 x 125 Commonly used in groups of 2 or 4 in blog sidebars.

Not only does Bannersnack provide metrics for evaluating your campaigns’ success but the company also sets you up with an account manager to guide you as you construct and run your campaigns.

Use Bannersnack for Retargeting Campaigns

Did you know you can retarget ads to people who have visited a specific page on your site? Check out this video for details.

Pricing Info

You can try Bannersnack for free for an unlimited time. Doing so is a good idea if you’re unsure whether or not the product would be a good fit for your company. However, you’ll likely want to switch to a premium plan before long.

The free plan limits you to 10 banners and 10 rotators and includes the company’s watermark. Premium users have access to a much wider variety of features. The Basic, Pro and Business Plans are currently on sale through August for $12/mo., $18/mo., and $24/mo., respectively.

With the Pro Plan, you increase the number of embed views from 25,000 to 50,000 and have access to animations and animated templates, instead of only static ones.

The most advanced option, the Business Plan, comes with a minimum of 100,000 views. You can increase the number of views, but doing so will increase the cost of the plan.

In addition to other advanced features, the Business Plan comes with the Banner Score, a tool that rates the quality of your banner ads as you are creating them.

CLICK THIS LINK to check out what is included in each type of account.

How You Use Banner Ads Is Up to You

There is a reason why banner ads are a staple of advertising. When coupled with retargeting, display advertising can be powerful. Bannersnack is one of the best resources out there for helping you to create banner ads in the simplest way possible and for measuring how effective you are at doing so.




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Create Banner Ads That Are Beautiful with Bannersnack – And Manage Ad Campaigns


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