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2023-06-01 05:42
Edgar Allan Poe, celebrated for his haunting tales of mystery and the macabre, has deeply influenced the horror and detective fiction genres. The post Edgar Allan Poe: Master of the Macabre… Read More
2023-06-01 05:16
Tina Turner, "The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll," is a testament to talent, resilience, and self-belief, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. The post Tina Turner: The Queen of Rock &ls&hell…Read More
2023-05-31 22:18
John Wooden, legendary basketball coach, led UCLA to ten NCAA titles, created the influential "Pyramid of Success," and shaped sports philosophy. The post John Wooden: Icon of College Basket… Read More
2023-05-31 21:38
Elbert Hubbard was a key figure in the American Arts & Crafts movement, promoting craftsmanship & authenticity as founder of the Roycroft community. The post Elbert Hubbard: Philosop… Read More
2023-05-31 20:29
Babe Ruth, born in poverty, revolutionized baseball with his hitting power. He was an icon on and off the field, forever shaping American sports. The post Babe Ruth: A True Hall Of Famer fir… Read More
2023-05-31 15:31
Willie Nelson, iconic American musician, noted for his blend of country, folk, and blues, is renowned for his activism as much as his artistry. The post Willie Nelson: An Icon of American Mu… Read More
2023-05-30 18:08
Sofía Vergara is a renowned Colombian-American actress and entrepreneur, known for "Modern Family" and her businesses. She's also a cancer advocate and philanthropist. The post Sof&ia&hell…Read More
2023-05-29 19:14
George Carlin: A legendary comedian, known for his sharp wit and social commentary. His groundbreaking comedy continues to influence generations. The post George Carlin: The Profound Comedia… Read More
2023-05-29 18:55
Dolly Parton: Country music icon, acclaimed actress, businesswoman, and philanthropist. From humble beginnings to global influence, she inspires all. The post Dolly Parton: The Queen of Coun… Read More
2023-05-29 16:59
Mahatma Gandhi, born 1869, led India's independence movement through nonviolent protest, profoundly influencing global peace and justice efforts. The post Gandhi: The Father of the Indian Na… Read More
2023-05-28 19:00
Zig Ziglar was a renowned motivational speaker and author who advocated positivity, ethical behavior, and mutual support in achieving goals. The post Zig Ziglar: The Master Motivator first a… Read More
2023-05-28 15:02
Hippocrates, the "Father of Modern Medicine," revolutionized healthcare with his emphasis on ethical practice, empirical observation, and natural causes of disease. The post Hippocrates: The… Read More
2023-05-27 23:14
Walt Disney, born 1901, redefined animation with Mickey Mouse and the first full-length animated film. His vision also created Disneyland. The post Walt Disney: An Animated Success first app… Read More
2023-05-27 18:05
Michio Kaku: Renowned theoretical physicist and co-founder of string field theory. Known for popularizing science and offering insightful futurist thoughts. The post Michio Kaku: Unraveling… Read More
2023-05-27 15:40
Alan Watts: British philosopher who popularized Eastern philosophy in the West, leaving a legacy of spiritual exploration and understanding. The post Alan Watts: Journey of a Zen Philosopher… Read More
2023-05-27 15:23
Bernard Baruch, born 1870, was a financier turned advisor to presidents. He led WWI's War Industries Board, advised on the Treaty of Versailles, and advocated for nuclear disarmament. The po… Read More
2023-05-27 13:37
Abraham Lincoln, from humble beginnings to 16th US President, steered the nation through the Civil War, and championed the abolition of slavery. The post Abraham Lincoln: The Emancipator fir… Read More
2023-05-27 13:14
Charles Darwin, born 1809, revolutionized biology with his theory of evolution, stemming from his voyage on the Beagle and studies of nature. The post Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Leg… Read More
2023-05-27 12:44
Aristotle, born in 384 BC, was a pivotal figure in Western thought, making significant contributions in fields like philosophy, biology, and ethics. The post Aristotle: A Great Mind first ap… Read More
2023-05-27 04:36
Carl Sagan: Renowned astronomer, astrophysicist, author, and science communicator who brought the wonders of the cosmos to the general public. The post The Best Quotes From Carl Sagan first… Read More
2023-05-27 02:06
Try not to become a man of success, but rather become a man of value. -Albert Einstein The post The Best Quotes Of Albert Einstein first appeared on Wisedocks Read More
2023-05-25 12:00
I decided to get into biking and found a good deal on a Mongoose bike. Explored nearby trails and the Northwest Arkansas Razorback Regional Greenway, a 40-mile trail connecting towns and off… Read More
2023-05-09 20:41
Discover how one person's journey to reduce stress led to a work-life balance, embracing their website's diverse content, and balancing work and personal life. The post Balancing Work and Pe… Read More
2023-05-04 12:00
I'm always on the hunt for the best burger around. I found it at Angus Jack's. The Razorback burger is one of the best burgers I have ever had. The post Best Burger Ever? first appeared on… Read More
2023-05-02 12:00
It's been a chaotic weekend: warehouse blew a fuse, locked out of apartment, little sleep, and extra work shifts. I have a long week ahead. The post Blew a Fuse: It Has Been a Crazy Week fir… Read More
2023-04-30 12:00
This collection of famous quotes for May 2023 brings together wisdom and inspiration from renowned individuals across various fields. Prepare to be inspired. The post Famous Quotes for May 2… Read More
2023-04-29 12:00
Last year, when I decided to resume working on Wisedocks, I was well aware that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in the success of any website. I have now tried all thre… Read More
2023-04-28 12:00
I grew up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I always wanted to stay in the country but closer to a big city with amenities until I had a dream about it. The post A dream about moving… Read More
2023-04-25 12:00
Discover a successful blog recipe: pinpoint niche, select a platform, design, craft engaging content, optimize for SEO, promote & monetize. Happy blogging! The post Creating a blog in 8… Read More
2023-04-24 12:00
I set a goal last month to post everyday for one year but my work schedule is making that difficult. So I may need to start writing some of my posts in advance. The post My schedule is a lit… Read More
2023-04-23 12:00
Midjourney may have a little competition with the new image generator about to launch. Let's compare the two head to head and see which is better. The post The battle of the AI&r&hell…Read More
2023-04-22 12:00
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hear me out. If you haven't read anything on this site in the last month, I recently moved into a new apartment that is on a golf course. The post I can’t keep my han… Read More
2023-04-21 12:00
Promised a day off but finished moving instead. Enjoyed extra exercise, aims to jog daily. Plans to change eating habits, and excited for camping season. The post One more day of moving firs… Read More
2023-04-18 12:00
I typically cram a week of work into three days. Lately, I have been working my off days, which has slowed me down on the moving front. It's been a real grind. The post Back from the grind t… Read More
2023-04-16 12:00
SpaceX got the go-ahead from the FAA Friday. So we could be in for one hell of a show tomorrow. Starship won't be attempting a controlled landing this time. The post Starship is about to mak… Read More
2023-04-15 12:00
Are you looking for some inspiration for your Midjourney prompts? Fear not, for I've got you covered! This is my ever expanding list of prompts I've discovered. The post The best Midjourney… Read More
2023-04-13 12:00
I tend to lean Democrat for presidential elections but Republican on the state level and for congress. I prefer the RINOs though as opposed to this new group. The post Don’t discount t… Read More
2023-04-12 21:21
After two weeks of slowly moving into our new place, I need a pause. We spent our first night in the new apartment last night, and it was anything but peaceful. The post Time for a brief pau… Read More
2023-04-12 12:00
During the teenage years, teens start to see their parents differently. This change happens for many reasons that affect how teens interact with their parents. The post Why do teens think th… Read More
2023-04-10 12:35
I left work early last night to get some rest, preparing for a full day of moving. I wasn't sure I would be able to fall asleep, but that wasn't an issue. The post Rise and Shine, it’s… Read More
2023-04-09 12:00
I have a contact form on my website, which serves as a convenient way for visitors to reach out to me about the site without exposing my email address. The post What do you want Sir Spam-a-l… Read More
2023-04-08 12:00
If you haven't heard of Banished, It's set in the late 18th century and revolves around a group of British convicts who get exiled to Australia. The post The great leap from moving to Austra… Read More
2023-04-07 12:00
Reality television is very corny, so why can't I stop watching Shipwrecked? I think it's because I need a tropical vacation. I need a beach with a beer. The post I think I need a tropical va… Read More
2023-04-05 07:00
As Joe delves deeper into the enigma that is Annie, he is left to ponder if it is she who is in peril or if he himself is facing danger in House on Fire. The post House On Fire first appeare… Read More
2023-04-03 12:00
I've been wrestling with different ideas for my websites. I really wanted Wisedocks to be more refined, while I blogged my everyday drivel on my other blog. The post I like it like that firs… Read More
2023-04-02 12:00
I switched my website to Cloudflare a few months ago and absolutely loved the service. My site is better protected from spam and loaded way faster. The post I think Cloudflare is hurting my… Read More
2023-04-01 13:00
Tag Clouds, once popular for SEO, display website keywords. Though ugly, they're useful for personal blogs to showcase content and track topic changes over time The post Tag Clouds can be in… Read More
2023-03-31 12:00
Each month, we delve into the vast ocean of human thought to handpick thought-provoking quotes that will ignite your curiosity and broaden your perspective. The post Famous Quotes for April… Read More
2023-03-30 06:30
I handed in my "I'm outta here" notice for moving out of here next month. Hooray, I also put pen to paper on our new apartment lease! No turning back now. The post There is no turning back n… Read More
2023-03-29 12:00
If you find it difficult to begin a blog post, try this tip: speak a random word out loud and start typing. You will be surprised by how fast the ideas flow. The post Fire! This one ends on… Read More
2023-03-28 12:59
Facebook doesn't recognize your AI-generated content as original content. Unless you modify them first, they will penalize you for posting or sharing the images. The post Facebook is at it a… Read More
2023-03-24 17:54
Jake went in for an interview, little did he know a simple lie would put him directly in harms way as an employee becomes possessed, stay away from the walls. The post Stay away from the wal… Read More
2023-03-22 09:14
Factorio is a complex and highly addictive factory building and resource management game. This guide will help you get started with the basics of the game. The post The Ultimate Factorio Beg… Read More
2023-03-17 23:27
The classification of Pluto as a planet has been subject for debate among scientists since its discovery in 1930. In 2006, IAU turned heads with their decision. The post Why Pluto Lost Its P… Read More
2023-03-17 10:45
Lucy's life takes a hilarious turn when a friendly ghost named Ron becomes her roommate. Together, they navigate mishaps and create an unbreakable bond. The post Ron, the Hauntingly Helpful… Read More

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