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Celebrate Diversity Month Around Your Neighborhood in 10 Amazing Ways

Celebrate Diversity Month Around Your Neighborhood In 10 Amazing Ways

Are you struggling with how to celebrate Diversity Month? There are plenty of things you can do individually and in a group. It can be as simple as reading books about diversity or as elaborate as creating an event. Regardless of how you do it, you should make time for it. 

Diversity and inclusion, which encompasses gender, race, ethnicity, religion and others, are key to a functioning society. April is dedicated to creating awareness and giving visibility to these issues in appreciation of our differences. In this post, we share activities you can do in honor of this month.

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Experience a Multicultural Movie Night 

People in a cinema. Source: Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

One of the most enjoyable ways of celebrating Diversity Month is going for a movie. You can get recommendations from family and friends or pick something mainstream. For example, in My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Bend It Like Beckham, you’ll be exposed to other people’s daily lives. If you’re watching with your friends, share your review to get more insight.

Organize a Multicultural Event

People in a music festival. Source: Photo by Rahul Pandit

There isn’t a better way of marking this month than by bringing people together in an event. It can be a film or music festival or an art exhibition where people can showcase their cultures. My campus organizes Culture Week annually and students proudly represent their countries by sharing food, dress, language, music, and dance, among other elements. It’s a vibrant event and people are always fascinated about how others live. 

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Host Diversity Panels

People in a meeting. Source: Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Discussions are a meaningful way of learning. These conversations don’t have to be corporate or media-led. You can do them in a town hall, in your neighborhood, or attend a corporate one. The point of these discussions is to listen and learn from other people’s experiences. Find out issues they’re still grappling ways, and forge a path to solving these issues.

Read Cultural Books

A woman reading a book. Source: Photo by Thought Catalog

You can celebrate Diversity Month by reading books that fall in this genre. You’ll learn about the history of diversity and how it has changed over time. Find out the people who’ve fought for us to be where we are today and we can carry on the mantle. Some books you can read include: 

  • The Kite Runner
  • Things Fall Apart 

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Support Diversity in Business

A Ted Talk on diversity. Video Credit: TED

Diversity in business results in economic equality. Creating an environment where people from unique backgrounds can access funds, get hired, and explore different opportunities is important in establishing an inclusive environment.

Corporations can promote this by making sure the management positions are inclusive to enable appropriate handling of issues. They can also implement policies to ensure this happens. McKinsey & Company’s studies show that diverse businesses earn more profits, something to take seriously.  

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Volunteering in Cultural Organization

A volunteering group. Source: Photo by OCG Saving The Ocean on Unsplash

Giving your time to organizations promoting diversity and culture is another way to celebrate Diversity Month. You’ll contribute to the preservation and promotion of different heritages. Additionally, you can share your experiences with other people and encourage them to join such programs.

Workplace Diversity

A Ted Talk on workplace diversity. Video Credit: TED

Today, most companies have integrated diversity into their hiring policies. This means they don’t just recruit top talent regardless of their backgrounds, but implement it into the company culture.

Moreover, diversity programs are a good way of teaching employees about cultural nuance, creating a deeper understanding of different perspectives and addressing emerging issues. Such workforces foster innovation and creativity by fusing unique ideas and thus creating products that separate them from their competitors. 

Learning a New Language

How to learn any language. Video Credit: easy, actually

It might take you more than a month to fully learn the language, but it’s worthwhile.  It’ll allow you not only to speak but also to immerse yourself in their culture. You can pay for language learning online courses or school traditionally but depending on what you’re studying, you can use free online apps like Duolingo. 

Eating Cultural Cuisines

An array of sushi. Source: Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

Food is an exciting way of enjoying other people’s cultures. Visit restaurants that offer traditional recipes, and if you can, you can also cook them at home.

You now have plenty of ways to celebrate Diversity Month. You can do as many activities as you like and you don’t have to stop because the month is over. Acknowledging others can help you have meaningful interactions, understand diverse perspectives, and how your own culture influences your views of others.    

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Celebrate Diversity Month Around Your Neighborhood in 10 Amazing Ways