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How to Start Campaign On Google ads

How to Start Campaign On Google ads : Friends, today we are going to see information about How to Start Campaign On Google ads in this blog.

In this series, we will also see information about how YouTube videos are promoted through Google Ads. We are going to see information about how we can advertise our product or services with the help of google ads website. Google ads website helps you to promote website, videos, mobile apps, maps, ecommerce website, product, or services.

What is your ad type? What is the brand strategy of your ad? How long do you want these ads to run? How much money can you invest in this ad? And how can we earn maximum profit through advertising? All these things should be kept in mind before the advertisement is started.

Each ad type is unique on E.g. In this type of google search, your website, blog, app comes by doing google search from keywords. If the video is to be advertised, it will appear on the video through YouTube.

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So in google ads, your steps are determined by the type of your ad. So every ad setup is different. We are going to see some of those setups.

If your account is in Smart mode, learn how to set up a Smart campaign. So you will get information about set up a Smart campaign and you will be able to do your campaign in a better way.
First of all you have to create your gmail account. Your email id and password will be your login password.

Login to by entering this login password. Now you are ready to create your new campaign.

  1. Choose your advertising objective and target audience
  2. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  3. A menu will appear on the left side. Click on Campaign among them
  4. Now start creating a new Campaign by clicking the + icon.
  5. Now select your ad type here Scroll down to select ad objective and select your conversion goal and click to continue.
  6. Also include goals. And delete the unwanted goal.
  7. Now select your campaign type and click on Continue.

Select a campaign type

Now here we have to select the type of advertisement. Each ad type has its own ad placement. So your ad will appear online but where exactly? This is what we have to decide here. Each campaign type has different setups. Google has already decided the complete guidance on how to do these different setups.

It comes in front of us.. we just have to select it and select it. has made some suggestions. We have to follow those instructions. We can become a good advertiser if we prepare a campaign with all the guidance. So we have to create a campaign with proper reference. Some types of campaigns are briefly mentioned below.

Search campaigns:

Display campaigns: Looking to start using image ads on your website? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Video campaigns: YouTube video ads are a great way to reach your target audience. You can target your ads by age, gender, interests, and more. Plus, you can choose what kind of ad you want to run: skippable or non-skippable. Skippable ads are shorter and allow viewers to skip the ad after five seconds. Non-skippable ads are longer, but viewers can't skip them. Either way, you can get your message across to potential customers on YouTube.

App campaigns: There are many ways to promote your app. You can use online channels, such as social media, your website, and online advertising. You can also use offline channels, such as print ads, TV and radio commercials, and billboards. You can also use a combination of both online and offline channels to reach the widest audience possible.

Smart campaigns: Use Smart Campaign to automate your Google Ads campaigns.

Performance Max campaigns: With Performance Max campaigns, you can reach all your potential customers with a single campaign, and automated optimization will take care of the rest. You can use Shopping campaigns or Performance Max with Merchant Center feeds to list your products on Google.

  1. Campaign type you have to choose. If you have already selected the goal, it helps to select the type of campaign from the given options. So you choose the best campaign type.
  2. If your Campaign type falls under the Subtype category, select a type from the subtype.
  3. Now click on continue button
  4. You are now on a new page. You have to make new settings on this page. Ad groups and ads are to be setup here. There are some guidelines and steps to follow according to your campaign type.

How to start campaign on google ads?

Before you begin, you'll need to have a Google Ads account. If you don't have one yet, you can create one here.

  • Once you have a Google Ads account, sign in and click the campaigns tab. Then click the + symbol next to "All campaigns" to create a new campaign.
  • Choose your campaign type. For most businesses, the "Search Network only" or "Display Network only" campaign types will be the best choice.
  • Enter your campaign settings, including your budget and bid amount.
  • Choose your ad group type. For most businesses, the "Search Network only" or "Display Network only" ad group types will be the best choice.
  • Enter your ad group settings, including your keywords and bid amount.
  • Create your ad. Be sure to include a call to action and a strong offer.
  • Once you're finished, click "Save and Continue." Your campaign will now be live and you'll start accruing charges as people click your ads.

What are the main Google Ads campaign types?

The main Google Ads campaign types are Search and Display.

If you're eligible, you'll notice 3 App campaign subtypes:

  • App installs: Ads that focus on getting people to download your app.
  • App engagement: Ads that promote existing users taking actions in your app.
  • There are several types of marketing campaigns you can use to achieve different marketing objectives within your company:

  • A traditional media campaign
  • A seasonal push campaign
  • A product launch campaignApp pre-registration: Ads that promote pre-registering for apps before they release on Google Play.

What are the 3 types of google ads campaign?

  • Search Ads: Ads that appear in Google’s search results
  • Display Ads: Ads that appear on websites across the internet
  • Video Ads: Ads that appear before, during, or after YouTube videos

There are many different types of marketing campaigns you can use to achieve various marketing goals within your organization. Here are a few examples: Traditional media campaign, seasonal push campaign, product launch campaign.

How many types of campaign are there in Google Ads?

There are five types of campaigns in Google Ads: Search, Display, Shopping, Video, and Universal App.

What are the 3 levels of the ad campaign?

The three levels of an ad campaign are the strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

When creating a Facebook advertising campaign, you'll need to create three components: a campaign, an ad set, and an ad.


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How to Start Campaign On Google ads


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