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Money Making Ideas with Calendly in India | How to Fix Meeting in Calendly to make Money Online with Your Business

With the help of Calendly, you can grow your Business and earn money. With the help of Calendly software, you can schedule your appointments and meet with people to increase your customers. You can increase your students. And you can earn money by increasing your business from home.

Money Making Ideas with Calendly in India | How to Fix Meeting in Calendly to make Money Online with Your Business

Friends, when we think of bringing our business online, we need to know some basic things. There are many tricks online to grow your business. Now many businesses have become online. So people take online meetings to understand online business. By Meeting online, these people save their time, travel costs and make meetings happen from any part of the world. So we don't need to struggle anymore.

So how can you grow your business with the help of Calendly? So see, meetings are the most important part of online business. yes You and your customer/student should have an online meeting. So in this article we are going to see information about how to conduct this online meeting.

Money Making Ideas with Calendly in India | How to Fix Meeting in Calendly to make Money Online with Your Business
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Then we have something to tell people. If you want to tell someone about your goods or services, you should hold online meetings.
Meeting with people or customers is very important. Your business can grow only if you meet people. So till now we used to visit people in the old way. Invite people to meet you in your office or let us meet you in people's office.

 So our travel expenses, our time was wasted. Therefore, instead of the old methods, we should conduct our meetings in a new way, that is, online. But you don't know how to conduct online meetings in a professional manner. So we should learn how to conduct online meetings digitally.

We often send the link of zoom meeting to the concerned people with the help of WhatsApp. And online meetings are held from it. What time do you want to meet us? How long do you want the meeting to take? Or if the student has a class, what time will the class start. What time does everyone have to appear online? It clearly mentions this. However, we have to face many challenges at this time.
Many problems have to be faced. But once we come online, everything becomes easy. And all further work becomes easy. So Calendly is the most important tool among such tools. So today we are going to see how we can increase our business by using Calendly.

With the help of Calendly, we are going to give our customer or student the freedom to choose the time. We will send your meeting link to the customer or student. Once the link is sent what time is the customer or student free. Gives him the opportunity to choose which time is sutaible. So he chooses the time that suits him. We can meet him online during that time. In this the student or customer himself chooses the time so he does not miss that time.

A little uncomfortable when we give time to people/customers/students. But if the same time is chosen by your customer or student then it is convenient for them. Hence, neither the customer nor the student misses the appointment. So we have the option to choose our own time. From where he chooses his time, he gets the link to the same time.

That means the time of sending your link is also saved. I use the zoom tool. And one to one sends the link to everyone. In this way, we can do as much business as we have online. We can do our consulting business in the same way by sending a link and having an online meeting. Actually we are going to see information about Calendly tutorial in this article.

  1. So now let's search Calendly on Google. Click on the first URL that appears.
  2. The website will open now. Now will ask you to Sign UP. So we have to fill the information and sighUP on it. If you have not signed up, please sign up.
  3. Login to now. After login see the next dashboard will appear
  4. You can schedule your business here.
  5. You can name your topic. You can name your meeting. And you can schedule according to your meetings and topics.
  6. 4. Each of these scheduling has an option to copy the link. Click on it and copy the link. You can send this link to your customer or student. From that link, the student or customer will select a date and time that is convenient for them. If your client or student wants to do a 15 minute WARMUP, it has this facility. will notify your student or customer 15 minutes in advance.
If he books an appointment, he also gets a direct meeting link. Even if you want to have a Zoom meeting, using this method is beneficial. So this method is very simple and effective. By doing this digitally, you can attract a lot of customers or students. You can increase your business many times.
If you want to conduct meetings digitally, you should choose a very professional way. And if you don't, read this article completely and act accordingly.
If someone has made their booking through digital means, we can click on the scheduled tab and see who has made an appointment.
So we must learn how to make this kind of sheculed.
So let's start with the scheduled arrow
  1. Click on the Create button
  2. Now you will get two options 1) One-On-One 2) Group
  3. Select it if you want to have a One-On-One meeting or select Group if you want to have a Group meeting.
  4. Next we need to fill in some information. Like event name .. followed by location to be selected. There are many options in the location as well. Phone call, Google meet, Personal meeting, Whatsapp meeting, Zoom meeting among them we have to choose.
  5. Now we have to give some description and instructions. In descriptin you can give some suggestions, information to people/students. Now if you check the below option, you will know that below link has been generated.
  6. This link is useful for sending people. We can select the color of our event. After this click on Nex.
  7. Now select how many minutes you want the event to last. Let's say we want to do a half hour event. So you choose half an hour. Here you also have the option to select Custom Hours. If you want to set the time as per your convenience then select Custom Option. From here we can select custom hours. We can also set our weekly schedule.

Here we can make schedule according to time and day. Untick the day on which you have work or on which you do not want to have a meeting. Tick ​​the day on which you want to hold the meeting. We can also change these times.

We can choose different time every day. If we want to start the event 5 to 10 minutes early, we can select the Before time. After event time is also an option here. Now after giving all options we have to proceed. So click on Next, as many options as you have selected are now saved. And see more new options coming your way.

This is how your event is scheduled. Now go to the back page i.e. go to the dashboard on the main page and turn on your event. Can copy link from here. Now you can go to Whatsapp and share the link. You can send this link to your customers or students in any way

From there people/students/customers will select their time schedule. After they select their sutaible time they will receive an e-mail. That e-mail will contain complete information. Your meeting can be fixed from that link.

So friends, let me know in the comments how you feel about this information. I really like this tool. And this is the tool I use for my business meetings. So you too use this Calendly tool to grow your business and earn a lot of money.

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Money Making Ideas with Calendly in India | How to Fix Meeting in Calendly to make Money Online with Your Business


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