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Roblox Adopt Me Trading Values list (2023)

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Roblox Adopt Me is one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform, with over 30 billion visits. A key part of the game is trading and collecting rare Pets. To trade effectively, it’s important to know the relative values of different Adopt Me pets. This article will provide an overview of Adopt Me pet values, along with tips for trading and finding accurate values.

What are Roblox Adopt Me Trading Values?

Adopt Me trading values refer to the relative rarity and demand for different pets in the game. More rare and desirable pets have higher trading values, while common pets have lower values. Trading values help determine what a fair trade might look like between two pets of different rarities.

Trading values are not official or set by the developers. Instead, they are determined by the community based on supply, demand, and difficulty obtaining pets. Values can fluctuate over time as new pets are added or player demand changes.

Knowing values allows traders to make fair exchanges, prevent scams, and profit by trading unwanted pets for more valuable pets they are seeking. With thousands of pets available, values provide guidance for navigating Adopt Me’s complex trading system.

How are Trading Values Determined in Adopt Me?

Several factors determine a pet’s trading value:

  • Rarity – Legendary pets are more valued than Ultra Rares, which are valued higher than Rares, etc. Harder to obtain pets tend to be valued higher.
  • Demand – Popular and beloved pets have higher demand and value, even if their rarity is not high.
  • Looks – Cuteness, color patterns, etc. impact pet demand. Better looking pets tend to be more valued.
  • Neon/Mega Versions – Neon (luminous) and Mega (fully grown) versions of pets have higher values.
  • Limited Availability – Pets only available for a short time have extra value from scarcity. Out of game pets also gain value.

Adopt Me influencers and pet value websites gather data on major trades and trends to publish trading tier lists and value indexes. These are rough guides, and values can vary based on trader preferences.

How Does Trading Work in Adopt Me?

Trading allows players to exchange pets and items with one another. Here’s how it works:

  • Players go to the main map and find the neon purple Trading Hub button to enter the trading area.
  • In the Trading Hub, players can request trades with each other or offer trades through the Trade prompt that appears over heads.
  • Both players select which 4 pets and items they wish to offer then hit accept. Completed trades are final.
  • Traders must add fair value on both sides based on trading values to prevent exploitations. Uneven trades get declined.
  • Traders frequently need to adjust offers before both players are satisfied with the trade. Negotiations are common.
  • Successful trading requires good knowledge of values to profit and avoid scams. Researching values helps lead to smooth, mutually beneficial trades.

Most Valuable Pets in Adopt Me

Here are some of the highest value Adopt Me pets, though exact values can vary between traders:

  • Shadow Dragon – One of the rarest pets in game, worth other high tier legendaries.
  • Frost Dragon – Legendary out of game pet, worth turtles and kangaroos.
  • Bat Dragon – Legendary Halloween exclusive, valued above frost dragons.
  • Giraffe – Legendary pet rapidly gaining value, worth frosts/parrots.
  • Owl – Popular out of game legendary, valued just under frosts and parrots.
  • Crow – Rare out of game legendary worth turtles/kangaroos.
  • Evil Unicorn – Valued slightly under crows, worth good out of game pets.
  • Parrot – Legendary pet worth other high tier legendaries like frosts.
  • Albino Monkey – Rare monkey gaining value since out of game, worth turtles.

Is There a Rarest Pet in Adopt Me?

While no single pet is universally considered the rarest, the Shadow Dragon is exceptionally rare and likely the highest valued pet by most traders. As the first ever legendary, it has extreme demand.

Other contenders for rarest pet include:

  • Diamond Egg Pets – Diamond pets like Diamond Unicorn are incredibly challenging to obtain from diamond eggs.
  • Blue Egg Pets – The out of game blue egg could hatch super rare frost and shadow dragons.
  • Safari Egg Pets – Safaris contained early legends like the parrot making them valuable.
  • Pink Cat – Pink cats are one of the first pets in Adopt Me leading to insane demand.

However, no matter how rare a pet is it still needs demand to really be considered the rarest. Rarity alone doesn’t guarantee trading value. That’s why the shadow dragon remains on top for most.

Tips for Obtaining Rare Pets

Here are some tips for getting those high tier, rare pets:

  • Trade up – Start small and exchange multiple less rare pets for one more valuable pet. Slowly work up to higher tiers.
  • Hatch eggs – Eggs contain legends sometimes, especially out of game eggs valued highly.
  • Events – Participating in events when new pets release allows first access before demand rises.
  • Trading servers – Join Adopt Me trading servers on Roblox to trade up with experienced players.
  • Patience – Building up inventory value takes time. Trade smartly and wait for good opportunities.
  • Spending money – Buying eggs with Robux allows more chances at rare pets for real money.

With smart trading using values and patience, obtaining your dream pets is very possible!

Useful Tips for Adopt Me Trading

Trading is a major part of Adopt Me. Here are some key tips to trade successfully:

  • Learn trading values religiously – Knowing correct values is essential for fair trades.
  • Offer overpays for pets you really want – Overpaying can convince traders to accept your offer.
  • Be patient for good offers – Don’t accept unfair trades in desperation. Wait for value.
  • Avoid trade scams – If a trade seems too good to be true, double check values to make sure.
  • Know petition values before trading newly released pets – Pet value can drop fast after release.
  • Join trading discord groups and servers – Great way to network with experienced traders.
  • Favorited pets you own – This prevents accidentally trading them away.
  • Keep trade chat positive – Staying friendly improves your trade experience.

By applying these tips while using trading value knowledge, you can profit in trades and get your dream pet inventory.

Reliable Resources for Adopt Me Trading Values

Given how frequently pet values change, using reliable and up-to-date value resources is crucial for Adopt Me trading success. Here are some top resources:

  • Adopt Me Trading Value Websites – Sites like provide value tier lists and charts based on extensive trade data.
  • YouTube Videos – top Adopt Me YouTubers like Alyaa Playz publish regular pet value videos using researched trade info.
  • Discord Servers – Adopt Me trading servers on Discord like Leah Ashe’s have channels specifically for value discussions.
  • Trading Forums – The Adopt Me subreddit forum has threads for value debates and lists.
  • Trading Hub Server – Joining servers and observing trades go down in the hub provides value insights.

Using multiple resources allows cross-referencing and fact checking to pin down accurate values. Prices changing means values must be actively researched.

Benefits of Using Accurate Trading Value Resources

Checking trading values before making offers has many benefits:

  • Avoid lowball trade scams from dishonest traders.
  • Prevent hugely overpaying for pets by knowing their true worth.
  • Find great trades that benefit you by identifying underpays.
  • Negotiate fair deals quickly without extensive haggling.
  • Trade up more efficiently from unwanted pets to get your dream pets.
  • Earn respect and establish trust from offering fair trades right away.

Overall, proper valuations make the Adopt Me trading experience significantly smoother, faster, and more profitable.


Determining correct values for the thousands of Adopt Me pets is challenging but incredibly worthwhile. Values dictate what fair and successful trades look like. Staying updated on values by using reputable sites and servers allows trading up to rare dream pets through informed offers. With values guiding negotiations, pet collectors can avoid scams and mutually benefit with trade partners. Ultimately, trading values open up the full addicting fun of collecting pets in Adopt Me.

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Roblox Adopt Me Trading Values list (2023)


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