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Muhammad Fneish to Al Jazeera Net: Hezbollah joined the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood from the beginning, and eliminating Hamas is unrealistic Policy

Muhammad Fneish To Al Jazeera Net: Hezbollah Joined The Battle Of Al-Aqsa Flood From The Beginning, And Eliminating Hamas Is Unrealistic  Policy

Beirut- Muhammad Fneish, the former Lebanese minister and leader of Hezbollah, said that the party entered the Al-Aqsa flood battle to support the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip from the first moment, and is waging a war with the Israeli occupation forces along the border strip in southern Lebanon in coordination with the Palestinian resistance factions, led by the Al-Qassam Brigades. Hamas military.

Fneish talked about several files, including: the Israeli war on Gaza, the party’s position on this battle, and the repercussions of the party’s Secretary-General’s speech about what is happening in Gaza.

This is the text of the dialogue:

  • Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech, as much as it was met with satisfaction in Lebanon, frustrated the expectations of the Palestinians, especially in Gaza, because they were expecting the opening of a full battle front and not a battle controlled by the rules of engagement. What prevents the party from entering the open battle?

First, after offering condolences to the families of the martyrs in Palestine, Gaza in particular, and in Lebanon, the people of Gaza and Palestine have the right to have this feeling, and this feeling is not limited to them only – even if they are victims of this Israeli war machine supported by American weapons – but it is the feeling of millions in the Arab world. Islamic and even in various countries of the world.

Despite the authoritarian blockade system led by America and the leaders of former colonialism, the world has become extremely angry about what is happening in Gaza, led by the leadership of the axis of resistance, and some of the resistance fighters in Lebanon were martyred as a result of impulsiveness and the desire to take revenge on the occupation and lack of caution.

But there is a difference between making a decision because of feelings – even though they are part of the decision-making mechanism – without there being insight, study, assessment, and diagnosis of the interest in light of the data and in light of the goals for which the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation was carried out by the Brotherhood in the Martyr Izz al-Din Brigades. The super-successful Qassam, which astonished and surprised the whole world.

These goals were set by the political leadership of the Palestinian resistance, which directly represents the Palestinian people, which are lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip, stopping the targeting of safe citizens in the West Bank, whether by killing or arresting them, and ending the tragedy of the prisoners that worsened with these idiots. I do not want to say extremists because the Zionist project It is based on extremism, and the primary goal that concerns all Muslims is to defend the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Accordingly, the leadership of the resistance in Lebanon decided, based on its duty towards Jerusalem and Palestine, and considering that the Palestinian issue was its issue, it diagnosed the reality and the data and estimated the position that serves these goals, and took the initiative to support from the first day and took into account that we are in a state of war with the Zionist enemy.

We also balanced our support for the Palestinian cause and supporting the resistance, and made the decision that was compatible with the Lebanese interest, and kept its decision open to all possibilities, and this is what was stated by His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah.

  • There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the term “unity of the squares.” Do you think this is a realistic slogan? Or was it a bit of an exaggeration? Does he have any credibility left after October 7th?

We are facing an escalating state of confrontation in Lebanon, and if you look at the course of the confrontation, how it began on October 8 and where it has reached now, we are talking about a front that has been at war around the clock for more than a month, during which dozens of martyrs fell, while maintaining the interests of the people. Lebanon by targeting the Israeli enemy and occupying it with its military sites.

It is important to emphasize that there is permanent consultation between the leadership of the axis of resistance at the level of the Arab world, especially with the leadership of the Palestinian resistance, led by the Martyr Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades in Palestine, and this coordination and consultation stems from the accumulation of trust and honesty, as well as from pain and anger.

But unfortunately, there is another section of people whose concern is neither the issue of Palestine nor supporting the people of Gaza. Rather, they are hurt and enraged by this detour that cut off the root of strife in the Arab and Islamic world and reunited the Islamic nation with all its components to agree on the issue of Palestine and exposed everyone who followed the path of normalization and bet on the administration. America made concessions.

Those who are influenced by the Western model are enraged that the resistance, through its operations, would achieve these results and effects, so they once again resort to skepticism, and let me assure you that if the resistance administration in Lebanon had taken the initiative to meet what they wanted and decided to enter into an all-out war, they would have blamed the resistance leaders and held them responsible for dragging Lebanon into a war.

  • Could you clearly explain to the readers the role played by Hezbollah and the Islamic Resistance in this battle? What is the nature of the confrontation on Lebanon’s southern front?

I also mentioned from the beginning of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood that the resistance in Lebanon entered the field and began on October 8 to target Israeli positions in the occupied Lebanese territories in the Shebaa Farms and Kafr Shuba Hills. Then the operation escalated, and today the confrontation with the Zionist enemy has reached a state of war and the Lebanon front extends if I wanted to measure it as being equivalent to the Gaza front in terms of length, and if I wanted to talk about depth, the enemy today has retreated to more than 5 kilometers from the Lebanese border.

The group of operations carried out by the resistance along the southern border of Lebanon amounted to 80 military operations, at a rate of 3 operations per day, during which it attacked 42 Israeli military points and sites.

  • The Israeli occupation is concealing its losses. Do you have statistics or an estimate of the size of the losses suffered by the occupation army during the current round of escalation with Hezbollah fighters?

The Israeli enemy is, of course, concealing its losses, but according to some of what it has admitted, in addition to the statistics of the resistance, so far 20 Zionist soldiers have been killed, 64 others have been wounded, and 10 vehicles have been destroyed or damaged, including 7 or 8 Merkava tanks.

The resistance also succeeded in destroying large numbers of raids, fortifications, surveillance cameras, eavesdropping and jamming devices, radar, communication poles, and other technical equipment and structures, which cost the Israelis millions of dollars. We consider these equipment to be an aggression against Lebanon because they are directed against its territory and a threat to its security.

According to enemy sources, the resistance’s support for Gaza and defense of Lebanon resulted in the evacuation of more than 65,000 settlers from dozens of towns and settlements on the border, including 23,000 from Kiryat Shmona alone. The occupation government also announced that it is working to evacuate another 11,000 settlers from 14 villages. .

Also, the total forces that the Israeli enemy mobilized on the Lebanon front is equivalent to 35% of its military buildup, and these forces could have been directed to the Gaza Strip if the resistance in Lebanon had not entered this war.

It is important to emphasize that the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon has so far provided 63 martyrs, in addition to 6 Lebanese civilian martyrs, 2 shepherds, and 3 children with their grandmother.

Fneish: The Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood revealed the falsity of the Western value system (Al-Jazeera)
  • In your opinion, what is the message or goal of the mobilization of American aircraft carriers and Western warships in the eastern Mediterranean? Is it a threatening message or a serious intention for military intervention?

From the first days of the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle, just as we took the initiative to support the Palestinian resistance and enter into a clash with the enemy, the American administration also, through its diagnosis of developments, realized the extent of the loss, vibration, and confusion that befell the Israeli enemy, especially this army, which was described as a myth and whose intelligence was capable of monitoring everything. So I resorted to several steps to confirm this entity that was shaken.

This entity, after the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle – as happened with us previously in the July 2006 war – was no longer able to rely on its own strength, and as a result of this fear for the future of this entity, the American administration quickly took the initiative to send aircraft carriers, and said that it was a message to deter other powers from engaging in The battle, and perhaps in its calculations, things can develop.

Therefore, this is part of our reading of the scene and our knowledge of the nature and comprehensiveness of the conflict, and we must take it into account and prepare for it. That is why His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah was clear in his message to the Americans when he said, “Even we have prepared for that.”

This American intervention, which was accompanied by media campaigns to distort the resistance and justify war crimes against the Palestinian people, by affixing charges and crimes against the resistance, was later revealed to the world as false and falsity, and that the occupation forces killed because of their confusion, confusion, and bombardment of the homes of dozens of settlers, and all of this on the lips of those who survived the settlers.

Therefore, what we expect is that the region today is entering a critical stage and that the Americans feel that this entity, which has a function to serve colonial control, has lost the effectiveness of its role, and has come to contribute to the re-establishment of the Zionist entity, and all possibilities are possible, most important of which is that things will spiral into a major explosion in the region.

This was then followed by the visit of the American President and his Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs to occupied Palestine. Washington also contributed to the formation of the Israeli war government, sent generals to provide military consultations, and provided the occupation with tons of weapons and bombs for the American army.

  • How do you read the Western positions that are unprecedentedly biased towards the Israeli occupation, despite all its crimes against civilians in Gaza?

We need to read the West and drop the slogans it has deceived us with. The West, which is superior and in control, excels in using means of deceiving the oppressed people so that they do not wake up, rise up and unite their voice, so it resorts to promoting slogans of human rights and freedom of expression to stir up strife within them.

What I am saying is that this battle revealed that the West cannot abandon its arrogant nature and authoritarian nature, and the world today is faced with a system of dominance led by America and with it its followers according to the followers and their ranks from Europe to the Arab and Islamic world, and this system is ready to use all of its military, political and economic capabilities. And media projects of hegemony and tyranny over our peoples.

It is important to emphasize that Western values ​​are values ​​that it respects for its society, but outside its society it benefits from in a way that serves its interests. The West has no objection to violating its values ​​and rules in order to serve its interests. This can be likened to the idols that the infidels before Islam used to make from dates to worship, but they would eat them if they They were hungry.

  • How do you view the position of the Arab regimes regarding the genocidal massacres taking place in Gaza?

I do not exonerate the Arab regimes, but Hezbollah, in its speech today, is keen to benefit from all the energies in this nation, even the regimes with which we disagree. We did not adopt language of insults or defamation, despite all the pain that is afflicting us as a result of their failure.

We call on the Arab regimes to translate their political stance into practical measures and they are capable of doing so. If the regimes are unable to engage in wars, they are capable of stopping normalization and are capable of taking a firm political stance towards the American administration. They are also capable of exerting financial and economic pressure on countries. Western efforts to force Israel to stop its crimes in Gaza, but unfortunately this has not happened yet.

  • Some analysts confirm that if the occupation wins the Gaza war, the next round will be against Lebanon. Do you expect this scenario to happen?

I believe that eliminating Hamas is a foolish and unrealistic idea, despite the opportunity that Western countries left for Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, which extended for more than a month, and the financial, military, and political support provided to him to settle his score with the people of Gaza by committing war crimes and genocide to pressure the popular support of the Palestinian resistance, It has not yet been able to achieve any military progress and has not even come close to eliminating the Hamas movement and the rest of the Palestinian resistance factions, and has contented itself with killing thousands of civilians, the majority of whom are women and children, and destroying infrastructure.

What is happening are crimes of genocide under the name of the right to self-defense, even though the right to self-defense is given to the aggressor and not to the aggressor, which is the Israeli occupation, and yet the Palestinian resistance continues to inflict losses on the Israeli occupation army.

It is important to emphasize that the Hamas movement and the Al-Qassam Brigades still have the momentum of the resistance and fully control the command and control system, and this is the greatest evidence of the failure of the Israeli occupation.

In general, the resistance in Lebanon is following developments on the ground and will have its own procedures and position if there is any change in the balance of the battle in Gaza, God forbid. I believe that the region is facing possibilities that are not limited to the issue of resistance in Gaza and Lebanon, and this is something that must be taken into account.

  • Internally, how does the party balance supporting the Palestinian resistance and not dragging Lebanon into a war with the Israeli occupation?

Today we are in a state of war and clash with the Israeli occupation, but we are restraining the Israeli army from expanding the scope of the confrontation. This is not due to Western political interference and is not due to America’s allies in Lebanon or those affected by them, but rather due to the balance of power and the resistance’s ability to respond quickly without delay. .

This is what prompts the resistance to be careful in developing the confrontation with the borders that allow supporting the resistance in Palestine, and preventing the enemy from using the strength it possesses, because the resistance’s ingenuity lies in using its strengths and disrupting the enemy’s ability to benefit from its strength and exploit its weaknesses.

  • What were the repercussions of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech inside Lebanon? Especially from trends opposing the party?

I believe that Lebanon today is one of the vanguard countries in the Arab world. From a military standpoint, it is a participant in the resistance, and from a political standpoint, the government’s position is excellent, and the position of the main forces in Lebanon is also excellent, despite the internal differences. From a popular standpoint, the overwhelming majority of the Lebanese want to triumph for what is right, but who decides and who Leadership takes into account and takes into account more complex matters and not just this emotional outburst.

Lebanon is at the forefront of countries that defend the Palestinian cause, win for it, and defend its rights and sovereignty, and therefore we are proud of this Lebanese position. But whoever criticizes the resistance and has a fear of the country entering into a war, I advise him to take the initiative, since he has a relationship with the Americans, by sending a message of anger, protest, and rejection of the position. The American administration is biased towards the crimes of the Israeli occupation.

  • Are there contacts between Hezbollah and the various political forces to unify the internal front or agree on a president for the country, as it faces the risk of entering into a war with the Israeli occupation?

God willing, I pray and hope, now priority is given to other issues, knowing that developments are pushing towards the president being at the level of the stage, and confirming our point of view, but this is not the time to argue about it.

We hope that the crimes taking place in Gaza will be stopped, that this criminal persistence by America and its protégé, Israel, will be put to an end, and that there will be an international effort to put an end to the genocide of the Palestinian people so that Lebanon can regain its composure and face its issues without being preoccupied with other issues.

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Muhammad Fneish to Al Jazeera Net: Hezbollah joined the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood from the beginning, and eliminating Hamas is unrealistic Policy