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The Power Behind Your Words

The connotations, intonations, and ancient origins of proper enunciation.

Photo by Carolina Jacomin on Unsplash

Haven’t you ever wondered how the word cult came into existence as a members-only marketing term? Words are powerful, especially with their connotations, intonations, and Ancient origins. Whole incantations and spells will successfully manifest the correct results when enunciated with a proper arrangement of vowels and consonants. This produces the powerful frequency needed in a mind over matter scenario, with equal measure given to spelling, enunciation, and intention. In modern times, we refer to academic contests as spelling bees. We label canonical works as gospels. We are innately aware of the significance of spelling a word correctly, arranging consonants and vowels in a proper manner, and enunciating them in the proper order.

This brings us to the word cult, a sloganized appropriation from its more ancient and meaningful counterpart, occult, which relates directly to the word miracle, vision of the Moor. Like the phrase Amen-Ra, which is a bastardized manipulation of the original word, Ammon, the word cult was created as a stunted marketing term that would serve to rape and molest the original, educational frequency, and intonations of the word occult. This abortion of the word occult was done on purpose by the very same Amen-Ra (i.e., Greys, corporate bean counters) as part of the Ancient Vendetta’s marketing campaign against the Temple of Solomon and the Moorish Legacy.

What came out of this subliminal advertising scheme was a warped and highly lacking frequency administered to the general public in the form of the word cult, falling far short of its ancient counterpart. For example, the newly truncated, rebranded, and co-opted word occult could now be used to prey upon and subjugate all would-be acolytes with a single-syllable pronunciation — cult — that would now generate an incorrect and damaging frequency. This produced a favorable and constricting effect designed for the sole purpose of brainwashing and social engineering. This damaging, verbalized frequency could easily manifest itself in the form of a self-loathing and maligned perception of one’s self-image and human integrity. Pride, dignity, self-esteem, and self-respect come under attack in a self-deceptive manner, resulting in a seemingly intangible and desperate need to fill that manufactured emptiness, throw one’s self-image out the window, and follow some charismatic freak show into mindless, narcissistic, and unquestioning oblivion. This is how cult leaders get away with heinous, criminal, and subhuman behavior, all of which is easily camouflaged by the cognitive dissonance and mind-numbing frequency of the word cult, leaving us wondering how this anti-human behavior was ever allowed to manifest in the first place. You can thank the Greys for this as it represents the crown jewel of the Ancient Vendetta.

You may ask why this hasn’t affected all of us. There are two answers to this. One answer could easily point a finger at all the other issues we are not accounting for with regard to the word cult: organized religion, drug addiction, alcoholism, obesity, emaciation, self-mutilation, self-degradation, depression, suicide, militia camps, etcetera, and so forth. The other answer goes in a different direction with the following example.

Twenty people are at a summer barbecue in the backyard. A UFO appears in the sky with undoubtedly crystal clarity. All twenty people look directly at it in the sky. Ten of them see nothing at all, while the other ten see it plain as day. Of those ten who see it, five of them see a cigar-shaped craft and the other five see a ball of light. Of the five who see a ball of light, two of them experience direct CE5 contact, while the other three have a vision of future events to occur.

As I have said before, your quality of life goes hand-in-hand with the frequency you tune in to on the radio dial of existence. There is a lesson to be learned here, regardless of what language you speak. Learn to speak, spell, and write correctly with proper grammar. Learn to enunciate, as if you have a purpose in life, and understand where your words come from, as well as the lexicon you are using (or not using). For that matter, change your whole latitude and realize how an expanded vocabulary can liberate your mind and emancipate your spirit. If you choose not to, then you run the risk of being subjugated by ancient, weaponized frequencies that have been verbalized with a subversive, double-edged sword since time immemorial.

It still amazes me to this day how far the Shetu Regime’s corporate structure has permeated its iron hand of oppression at every level of our society, most notably the paradigms of religious belief. This ancient, corporate structure includes the mechanisms of brainwashing, the isolation of cognitive dissonance, and the need to belong to the hive mentality of the Borg Collective. This is the place of emergence, the damaged, psychological framework where all our fabricated, paranoid, small-minded, and hateful conspiracies emanate from. Remember, it is all about denigrating the human condition from the ground up. This puts our future thought leaders, the children of these pyramid communities, front and center and the entire gamut of human trafficking and psychological abuse, all of which fall under the helm of sociological experimentation, manipulation, and assimilation.

If religion is allowed to exist in any kind of influential manner, we will always have the deceptions of the Shetu Regime’s Ancient Vendetta, as well as the corporate machinations of hateful rhetoric and paranoid conspiracies.

I recommend watching Cults and Extreme Belief on Hulu. It is an excellent, educational, and much-needed documentary series targeting the heinous and abusive behaviors of high-profile, influential cults in our society and culture.

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The Power Behind Your Words


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