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Conspiracies Vs. The Middle Class
2022-05-01 05:36
Igniting the voting bloc of our strong working class.Photo by Rob Lambert on Unsplash“The final war will not be a race war, it will not be between blacks and whites. The fina… Read More
Student Debt Cancellation
2022-04-30 00:32
A historic decision that benefits millions.Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya on UnsplashThis week, President Biden indicated that he is open to canceling some amount of federal student loan de… Read More
The Power Behind Your Words
2022-04-22 06:03
The connotations, intonations, and ancient origins of proper enunciation.Photo by Carolina Jacomin on UnsplashThis is a follow-up article to a piece I had written on Cults and Extreme B… Read More
Small-Minded Protests
2022-04-16 12:20
The misguided bigotry of privilege and self-entitlement.Photo by Mark Jones on UnsplashWhen we view a series such as Madam Secretary or Designated Survivor, we begin to see the bigger p… Read More
It’s Writer’s Block, Dagnabbit!
2022-04-13 13:32
Eight key suggestions for beating that ‘oy vey’ moment in your life’s passionPhoto by Joshua Earle on UnsplashWe have all experienced it. You are cruising along a… Read More
Inclusion Begins With Acceptance
2022-04-12 18:11
Respecting the rights and humanity of all autistic people.Photo by Eric Patnoudes on UnsplashApril is Autism Acceptance Month and, globally, on April 2nd we recognized Autism Accep… Read More
Nonlegal Food Labels
2022-04-10 14:13
What is the legal definition of that infamous phrase ‘all natural’?Photo by Nico Smit on UnsplashAs a human origins activist and civil rights advocate, I know that history a… Read More
Miracle: Lamp Of Illumination
2022-04-08 13:08
An ancient vision of truth hiding in plain sight.Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on UnsplashHaven’t you ever wondered where the word miracle came from? Mir (Moor, Muur) + acle… Read More
Sanctimonious Armageddon
2022-03-31 21:29
Losing touch with the humor of life itself.Photo by Ana Itonishvili on UnsplashI can no longer put up with the disconnected, doomsday, off-the-grid mentality. It’s not that I… Read More
V: Matriarchy Reborn
2022-01-29 20:29
Photo by S Migaj on UnsplashA free chapter for your enjoyment from one of my books, Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness.Doorsof the Eucharistlay at thefootstepsof myPrisonI’ve k… Read More
Overture: Adventu En Missa Planetáris
2022-01-27 22:10
Photo by Usukhbayar Gankhuyag on UnsplashA free chapter for your enjoyment from one of my books, The Moor, the Mason, and the Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto.“The world will not b… Read More
Chapter Two: Memory Recall
2022-01-27 21:03
Photo by Brian McMahon on UnsplashA free chapter for your enjoyment from one of my books, The Moor, the Mason, and the Alien: A Call to Action.There it was. My first major good old… Read More

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