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5 Things You Should Know – Part 456

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. When putting out a bonfire or campfire on the beach, do not just bury it. Extinguish with water.

If you are enjoying a fire on the beach and ready to put it out, do not just bury the coals. Pour water on the fire to put it out. Burying the hot coals will continue to burn into the next day. The sand acts as insulation. If a child or dog playing in the sand digs where you buried your fire, that child or dog could burn themselves the next day.

2. If your car ever gets stuck on train tracks, you shouldn’t call 911, you should call the number on the blue sign instead.

Calling 911 won’t stop any Train that may be heading toward that crossing. There is a blue sign posted at every crossing with a phone number and a code. If you are stuck, get everyone out of the vehicle, call this number and the DOT will notify any oncoming trains of the situation.

Only call 911 if there is an immediate emergency, but do not forget to call that DOT number.

The train will not stop in time if they happen to see you on the tracks from afar.

And for the love of God, do not stay in your car if you see a train coming, trying to save it at the last second, just GET OUT and RUN diagonally from the crossing.

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3. In the US, all 3 credit agencies are required, by law, to offer free credit freeze services to all consumers. This will deny access to your credit report to any business while you have the freeze activated and will greatly reduce the ability for fraudulent accounts to be opened in your name.

If you are at all concerned about identity theft or Credit fraud, freezing your credit will greatly reduce the risk of anybody being able to open fraudulent accounts in your name. All credit requests will be denied unless you have specifically unfrozen your account.

Also, don’t pay for a service called a lock, which is essentially a paid version of a freeze. The credit agencies try very hard to convince you to pay for things they must offer for free.

Why a Free Credit Freeze Is Better Than a Credit Lock

4. Spring is here! Friendly reminder that some plants and flowers are toxic to pets and they can even kill them. If you buy flowers or plants, or if someone offers you some, check online if they are safe for your pets before bringing them inside your home.

There are many plants and flowers to look out for.

Here’s a list for cats:

Here’s a list for dogs:

17 plants poisonous to pets:

5. If you see crochet items in a big chain store, they have not been produced ethically.

Buying “fast fashion” Crochet not only encourages businesses to continue exploiting underpaid workers but also makes it harder for independent crocheters to make a living wage. If you value spending your money ethically, it is best to avoid buying these products from big companies.

Unlike knitting or sewing, crochet cannot be done using a machine. Any true crochet product you see has been made painstakingly by hand over many hours by an actual human being. In order to sell these items for a profit, big companies simply cannot actually pay their laborers a fair price for the amount of time and effort that it takes to create the product. This means that the next time you see a crochet sweater being sold for $20, the person who spent hours upon hours hand-crafting it is being egregiously exploited for their labor.

When you go to Etsy (or anywhere else crocheters may be selling their handmade work), you will see much higher prices for their goods. This does not mean you are being overcharged- in fact, even in these spaces, it is not uncommon for crocheters to undervalue their own work to actually make a sale. Larger items like cardigans, dresses, or blankets can take 100s of hours to make, and that’s not including the price of the materials. So if you really want to join in on the current trend and buy something crochet, but you want to do so ethically, be prepared to pay a bigger sum for your one-of-a-kind item!

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5 Things You Should Know – Part 456


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