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Scaly-headed parrot

Scaly-headed parrotparrot Scaly-headed

The Scaly-headed Parrot has the scientific name of Pionus maximiliani and is a bird in the Psittacidae family. It is also known by the names of tanned maitaca, baitaca, maitaca, maitaca-de-maximiliano, maitaca-suia, umaitá, and maritaca. In English, it is called the Scaly-headed Parrot. To date, this bird has not been threatened with extinction, however, illegal trade and man-made deforestation have affected its habitat.

  • 1 Distribution of Scaly-headed parrot
  • 2 Physical characteristics of Scaly-headed parrot
  • 3 Feeding of the Scaly-headed parrot
  • 4 Reproduction of Scaly-headed parrot
  • 5 How to download or listen to songs of the Scaly-headed parrot

Blue-Headed Pionus
White-Capped Pionus



Distribution of Scaly-headed parrot

This bird is found in countries like Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. In Brazil, it is found in the Midwest, Northeast and South regions of the country. Green maitaca usually adapt to different locations, being found in savannas, galleries, humid forests, and other habitats. Generally, the maritaca is found in flocks ranging from 6 to 50 birds, depending on the amount of food in the place.

Physical characteristics of Scaly-headed parrot

As an adult, she measures approximately 23 centimeters and weighs between 230 to 260 grams. This bird has its predominant green plumage, with its bluish-gray head, as well as the bottom of its neck. Its wings are green and its chest is yellow. Its tail is short and green, the feathers below it are red and its beak is yellow. The area around your eyes is free of feathers.

Pionus Parrot

Scaly-headed parrot

Scaly-headed parrot feeding

The Scaly-headed parrot is a bird that feeds on seeds, fruits, nuts, and small insects. One of their favorite foods is rice, therefore, it is quite common to see them in rice fields.

Reproduction of Scaly-headed parrot

The female of this bird usually lays about 4 eggs, white in color, per laying. The couple makes their nest in places away from the flock, such as hollows of trees, ravines, among other places with cracks. Her nest is made using wood shavings and the female’s own feathers. The incubation period takes between 20 to 25 days. During the day it is the male who takes care of the puppies. When they reach around 60 days, the chicks leave the nest and start to live on their own.

How to download or listen to songs of the Scaly-headed parrot

You can download the Scaly-headed parrot song on our website. To do this, just right-click on the name of the corner, then click on (Save Link As and choose the location where it will be saved). You can also listen, just click on the play button.

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Scaly-headed parrot


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