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Parrot pet

Parrot Symbol: Meaning



Do you often find yourself in FMD situations and regret what you said? Are you looking to harness the power of protest through targeted intent? The Parrot pet birds as a spirit, totem and power animal can help you! This guide teaches how to be attentive to what you say as well as the real power behind the words.

History of the Parrot Symbol

Parrot pet

Multicolored parrot

Parrot Species

Parrots are very sociable and colorful, so it’s not surprising that humans have loved them for a very long time. This tropical bird can also be very affectionate. There is something about pet parrots that inspires our thoughts. We know that the ancient Egyptians kept parrots as pets, especially the very intelligent African gray.

While we normally think that pet parrot speak, not all parrots speak. Some people choose to sing or reproduce sounds instead. Those who can speak are usually the tallest. They will learn to imitate up to 100 words with sounds like a doorbell, alarm clock or the barking of the family dog! This mimicry gives parrots meanings and symbolic links with communication. It also gives a bit of fantasy for good measure.

We can thank Alexander the Great for bringing all kinds of exotic birds to Greece. There is even a breed of parakeets that bears his name. Once introduced, the Greeks and Romans began to breed parrots, especially in noble families. They had specially created cages made from precious metals and precious stones. Perches and feeders were also installed by breeders. Of course, it was a place where the servants took care of the Parrot Pet Birds. What turned out to be a real pleasure for the bird and the servant.

On the other side of the ocean, the Amerindians already knew parrot species when the pilgrims arrived. The tribes gravitated towards colorful bird species (As in this Blue Feather Painting). But they were not alone. In Columbus’ later voyages, parrots from the Amazon of South America were taken to Europe. The bird has become a gift for Queen Isabella.

Even if we can remember that the pirates have a parrot pet on their shoulder, there is another historical element that offers more symbolism. Portuguese sailors kept them as seafarers when they crossed the ocean. This pet was very easy to keep on a ship.

Pet Bird

Even the famous English sovereign Henry VIII kept a gray African parrot at his Hampton court. At the time, parrots were companions of Portuguese sailors during their long voyages across the ocean. In this role, this volatile became a confidant, a comrade, and a traveling companion. His chatter provided a much-needed distraction.

The words of a parrot, launched without any meaning, remind us of the need for mindfulness. What messages do we want to send? When is the best time to send them? A parrot repeats what it hears, good or bad, giving a whole new meaning to the expression “weigh your words”.

Another way to see the symbolism of parrots is that they say the same things over and over. It is like a mantra, an affirmation or even an incantation. When said with intent, these repetitions can bring powerful changes to our lives.

There are a large number of varieties of parrots in terms of size and color. You have the Blue Eyed Cockatoo who sees in your soul, the Umbrella Cockatoo which covers us during the proverbial rains, the Crimson Rosella Parakeet filled with energy and the African Gray which can be the support of clever people.

Macaws are among the largest parrots and have striking feathers. Most often, the color of a parrot’s plumage contributes to the symbolism and overall meaning. For example, a predominantly green parrot can emit healing energy. His songs or words could open your chakra, your heart and the energy of forgiveness. But also growth and compassion.

The Animal Spirit of the Parrot

Blue parrot


Parrot Pet

When the animal spirit of the parrot enters your life, you will be bombarded with new signals that indicate a new direction for your work, relationships and spiritual activities. The parrot often speaks through omens and repeating signs. For example, you can see the bright green color everywhere you go. The color symbolism for green is GO. Avoid the spat and whatever you have thought about, go ahead, go for it!

Sometimes the parrot appears when people are working on new languages ​​or general communication skills. The science of parrots supports it. Alternatively, if your words were negative or sour, the parrot suggests that you stop to think before you speak.

For those who have lost sight of their dreams and the things that really inspire them, the parrot means a homecoming. Your hopes have not gone away and your chances are possible. Repeat the steps you took years ago with wisdom. Use the skills you have and you will find your way.

Another reason why the parrot spirit appears in people’s lives is related to color. Look around. Do you work in a dark, shabby or bland space? What about your house? Is there a lot of light and paint or decorations that enhance your home? If not, you have to approach this problem one way or another, either in the way you dress or in the trinkets that you bring into your space.

The Parrot Totem

Jungle parrot


Those who were born with the Parrot Totem are people who really focus on their goals with confidence. They know both their limits and their talents and use this awareness to fuel success. The feathers of this bird are truly unique.

If this bird is your totem of birth, you love happy holidays. Honestly, you could find any excuse for a good celebration with much ease. This spirit of joy at every moment is contagious, it affects everyone around with nothing but your smile.

When you walk, you walk beautifully. You even see the smallest of flowers as a great universe filled with wonder. Share these ideas with members of your circle. It will be a great blessing.

The person who has a parrot totem can be a little reckless. She sees possibilities and jumps at the opportunity without much foresight. The door should not open again. This does not mean that all of these risks materialize. But with this volatile one certainly learns and grows from this experience. The parrot rarely lives in a “comfort zone”.

The Parrot Totem energizes your inner diplomat. You find yourself finding compromises for situations without sweating. That said, the parrot is careful when it flies where it is not welcome and where it should not go.

As you might expect, those with a parrot animal totem love to talk and socialize. These birds do not do well on their own for long periods of time. People who have this totem can be attracted to vocal careers, for example in public speaking, theater or singing.

Another feature of the parrot totem is to have a great memory. Do not try to change the facts of the past around a parrot. They will relay the scene frame by frame. It is not a judgment. For him, it’s simply a question of memory.

Parrot: Power Animal

Parrot power

Parrot pet birds

There are many excellent reasons to qualify the parrot as a power animal. These include:

  • Need for better perception and greater insight.
  • You have become a recluse and it’s unhealthy for you.
  • When you need more artistic creativity, especially when it comes to words
  • The feeling that the world or the space around you has become boring and lifeless.
  • Get help with your communication skills. The parrot teaches expressiveness.
  • Find a way to create a personal style that really matches your personality (get colorful!).
  • Learn the art of active listening.

Native American Parrot Symbolism

Parrots do not come from North America, but they do appear in South American tribes. Parrot feathers were part of the Native American trade throughout Central America to the Plains Indian territory. These birds were considered luxury pets, especially among the Anasazis. In this tribe, the parrot is associated with the South. The Pueblo tribes said that the parrot represents fertility.

There are parrots among the animals of the clan, including the Zuni and the Pueblos. The Pueblos also have a tribal parrot dance. The petroglyphs of this tribe reveal that the macaw parrot symbolized the rainbow. Their feathers were used in the corn mother’s fetishes. It represented the many colors of corn at that time. Plumage also became part of prayer sticks.
Native American feather headdress
In South America, the Bororo tribe considers the parrot as a messenger of the gods and ancestors.

Symbolic Meaning of the Hindu Parrot

Symbolic Meaning of the Hindu Parrot

The parakeet, which is a kind of parrot, appears repeatedly in Indian folk tales. Specifically, the parakeet is sacred to the God of love, Kama, who rides a parakeet horse. The representation of Parakeet here is with a red beak and green feathers. These characteristics symbolize fertility. In the southern regions of India, various images of goddesses include a hand-held parakeet (messenger spirit).

A collection of Sanskrit tales called the Subacetate contains 70 stories of parrots. Each story is intended to be read once a night to prevent a woman from visiting her lover while her husband is abroad. The stories revolve around illicit encounters that go wrong and how the characters cope with their quick wits. After 70 days, it is said that the husband has returned from abroad and that all these thoughts of adultery are forgiven.

The following is the story of the brave (Buddhist)Parrot pet birds. Our story begins with a little Parrot pet birds in the middle of a terrible storm. Our little Parrot pet birds immediately alerted the other animals, shouting, “Fire, fire, fire! He also directed them towards the river. The parrot rose high in the sky to reach the waters itself.

Looking down, he saw that many animals could not escape the flames. In a moment of despair, the Parrot pet birds threw itself into the river, collecting as much water as it could on its wings. He returned over the forest through dark black smoke in the midst of the flames and shook his watery feathers. He did it again, again and again, and again, with burned feathers, smoky lungs, blurred eyes and sore legs.

At that time, the gods in their heavenly palace were looking down. They saw the parrot but laughed at it … all but one. A god turned into a royal eagle flying straight on the path of the parrot. He tried to make the bird change his mind by telling him how stupid his efforts were. The Eagle kept crying, but the parrot went on to say that he just needed someone to help him.

Upon reflection, the god realized that he had the power to help. He joined the task, dipping himself over and over again. The parrot became hopeful and laughed with joy. As the eagle’s water touched the ground, a new life manifested itself, a life from the ashes. When these drops of water touched the parrot, its wings filled with beautiful bright colors. All the animals rejoiced, seeing that they were still whole.

Symbolic meanings of the African Gray Parrot

The following is the legend of the African gray parrot.

African Grey Parrot

African grey parrot

It is said that the African gray parrot was not always african grey Parrot pet birds, and that it did not have red tail feathers. God once decided to make a contest among the birds to see who had the most beautiful plumage. All the birds in the world began to boast and dress. But not the African gray (which was white). He did not do anything. What made the other birds very wary. In their desire to win the contest, the birds decided to attack the parrot. One threw ashes, and another asked a powerful healer to cast a spell. Fate that made the parrot’s tail red. They thought these changes would prevent the parrot from entering the contest. On the day of the choice, God awarded the price to the parrot because he came by being himself. Also because God saw beauty in him. Even today, the African Gray remains with its soot feathers and its red tail.

Parrot dreams

If you dream of a Parrot pet birds, it can mean that you are following other people’s models, which are not necessarily healthy. Or you could repeat your own mistakes and never make progress.

Flying in the air like a parrot symbolizes a tendency to please others before oneself.

A caged parrot means that you haven’t really incorporated the lessons you’ve observed in life.

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