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Online Dating Profiles 101

You’ve made the exciting decision to embark on a new journey to find love.  Online dating has seen monumental growth in recent years.  Over 40-million Americans say they have tried online dating at some point.  It has become the second most common way for couples to meet, second only to meeting through friends.  Those that date online have an average courtship of 18.5-months as opposed to traditional daters who experience an average 40-month courtship.  

Thus, online dating with an interesting and attractive Profile has the ability to set you up for a successful experience.  Consider your dating profile as a window into who you are; this is your opportunity to make a genuine connection with potential daters.  Keep in mind, you attract the same energy you project so this is the time to be positive and upbeat with your profile.  In this Online Dating Profiles 101 discussion, we will provide several tips that can lead to successful matches.

Love Who You Are 

Regardless of why you are looking for a Relationship, it is important to embrace and love who you are.  If you can not be honest with yourself, you will find it difficult to be honest with others. We are each unique and amazing in our own ways and it is important to remember that.  Focus on positive aspects about yourself and continue to work on areas you want to improve.  Indeed, personal growth is a key part of successful relationships.  

Profile Pictures Are Vital

When it comes to online dating profiles, your profile picture is your first impression. If someone does not like your first Photo, it is highly unlikely they will be interested in the rest of your profile.  In other words, this is your chance to shine and accentuate your positive qualities.  Do you have a nice smile?  Athletic physique?  Do you like hiking?  Be sure to take photos that incorporate these types of ideas.  A smiling photo is perceived as inviting and welcoming.  Avoid sunglasses or hats in your primary photo.  Moreover, refrain from uploading shirtless selfies, as those are not generally received well.

Certainly, lighting and poses are other big factors when taking a profile picture.  A lack of lighting results in terrible photos.  You want to be sure you are in a well-lit room or you might even go outside for natural lighting.

In short, do not neglect the poses in the photos you choose.  Limit selfies or avoid them completely, if possible.  Selfies are generally not as flattering as a regular photo, especially if you’re taking a selfie in a bathroom mirror.  Try to steer clear of taking photos from low angles.  It is recommended for pictures to be taken from eye-level or slightly higher.  When taking low-angle photos, it is common for shadows to be cast in undesired areas. As a consequence, it can sometimes look like you have a double chin. 

Another tip we want to share is the magic of variety. Mix it up and don’t just use headshots. Remember, this is your moment to catch your dream date’s eye.  Lifestyle shots are a fantastic way to show them you love life and look for something fun every chance you get.  Do you enjoy spending weekends on your boat at the lake?  Do you play golf every week?  Whatever your interests or hobbies are, try to include them in your photos to show off more about yourself.  You’ll be surprised at the connections you’ll make based on common interests.  

In addition, the number of photos you upload also matters when dating online.  It is advised that you provide more than 1-2 photos.  Put forth some effort and don’t recreate the same 5-6 posed photos, either.  First impressions are powerful and can leave a long-lasting idea that is hard to change.  For this reason, set aside some time to review the photos you want to use .Ask yourself, “would I contact someone who chose these photos of themselves?”

Avoid an Empty and Mediocre Profile

Next in our discussion of Online Dating Profiles 101 is the topic of empty profiles. Set some time aside to think about your information and the presentation.  For instance, share subjects about yourself like where you are in life and where you are from, as well as your hobbies and interests.   There are two goals you want to achieve: to provide enough information for others to determine if you’re a match and to allow room for further conversation.

Be concise.  This is not the time to channel your inner Charles Dickens when crafting your profile.  It is not necessary to write an award-winning novel to captivate your audience.  Share enough about yourself to intrigue others, but don’t offer your entire life story in your profile. 

Make sure you complete as much of your profile information as possible.  If you cannot commit to completing your profile, how can others be led to believe you want to commit to a relationship? 

Be Upfront With Your Intentions

Defining the relationship or what you are looking for in a relationship is very important.  Are you looking for a fling, a companion to chat with, a long term relationship, marriage or something else?  Are you unsure of what you are looking for?  When you clearly communicate what you’re looking for, you avoid any confusion, miscommunication or hurt feelings later on.  

If you are still working out what you are looking for, that is okay.  They might be trying to figure that out for themselves as well.  The goal is to be as honest and open as possible so that both parties know what they are signing up for.  

Honesty is the Best Policy

If a relationship is going to work, it has to start with honesty.  Using photos that are 10+ years old, claiming you are 6’6” tall when you are only 6’0” or sharing untrue information about your hobbies or interests only sets you up for failure.  The truth will always come out and you do not want to start a beautiful relationship off with a bad direction between you two.  Do not take liberties with your story, embellish or rely on little white lies.  Giving your partner the opportunity to fall for the real you will lead to love and success in your relationship.  

In brief, these tips found in Online Dating Profiles 101 will help you tremendously. Now that you know the areas to focus on, it is time to sign up and start searching for that perfect match!  Remember that first impressions are important and this is your opportunity to gain the interest of someone amazing.  No matter what you are looking for in a relationship, this advice will help get you started or make significant updates to your profile to gain that special someone’s attention.  

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Online Dating Profiles 101


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