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How To Make A DIY Nature Mandala Craft

This DIY Nature Mandala Craft is a fabulous opportunity to get kids outside! Kids will love searching for leaves, flower petals, and other outdoor treasures that they can use to create this meaningful circle craft.

DIY nature mandala pin

If you’re like me, it seems like we are always looking for activities to do with our kids that are engaging, fun, and creatively expressive.

One of the best parts about this Diy Nature Mandala is that (like Outdoor DIY Puffy Paint) it’s an activity that will get you outside in the fresh air and sunshine to explore.

And…not only does it get you outside with your kids, but it helps promote conversation and learning as they search for those ‘special’ items they wish to include on their Mandala.

Talk to your kids about the objects they find….what does that plant do for our environment, what kind of flower is that, what kind of plant will that seed produce, what type of tree did that leaf come from?

You can also incorporate color identification and pattern creation into the conversation.

Your kids will LOVE the conversation and activity, but they will totally love spending the time spent together.

When they have completed their Nature Mandala, be sure to show your little artists that you love their beautiful, impressive artwork by displaying it throughout your home – or in a window!

If you’re looking for more activities to keep the kids entertained, you might want to check out our DIY Edible Nutella Playdough, DIY Sidewalk Chalk, or DIY Bristlebot.

completed DIY nature mandala hanging in a tree outside

Materials Needed For A Nature Mandala Craft

This craft is simple and fun to make, but you’ll need a few supplies. Here’s what you’ll want to gather together:

  • Scrapbook Paper – poster board or construction paper can also be substituted
  • Press’N Seal – there are other craft products that will work but this is most economical
  • Two Bowls – one small and one bowl slightly bigger than small bowl
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • X-acto Knife – Best for precision cutting
  • Small Piece of Yarn – a piece of string will work as well
nature mandala supplies needed

How To Make A DIY Nature Mandala

I love crafts that use natural supplies, and this craft is a prime example. Besides, it turns out so beautifully!

Step 1

Begin by going on a nature hunt to find things you would like to use to decorate your mandala craft. Collect flower petals, leaves, small twigs, or anything else you may find beautiful in nature.

Step 2

Now use the large bowl to trace a circle with the pencil on your scrapbook paper.

Step 3

Take the smaller bowl and place it inside the larger circle on the scrapbook paper. Trace an inner circle on the paper.

Step 4

Cut the large circle out with X-acto knife or scissors. Then cut the inner circle out with the X-acto knife. This will create a circular frame.

Step 5

Roll out the Press’N Seal. Place the frame on top. Use the X-acto knife to cut around the outside of the frame only.

Step 6

Press the frame down with moderate pressure to make sure it sticks well to the Press’N Seal.

paper circle pressed into Press 'N Seal

Step 7

With all of your nature findings, begin pressing the petals, leave, twigs, and other items onto the Press’N Seal in a symmetrical pattern. Be sure to fill in the center of the entire frame.

begin adding nature elements to the mandala

Step 8

Last, tie a piece of yarn or string around the frame to create a hanger!

attach a piece of yarn as a hanger for the DIY nature mandala

Enjoy your nature mandala!

DIY Nature Mandala Notes And Tips

  • I would suggest that you make your frame width at least 1- 2 ” wide. If it is less than that, it might be too flimsy and if it’s bigger, you won’t have as much room in the center for your treasures.
  • If you’ve collected something from outside such as leaves that are moist or damp, allow them to dry completely before pressing. Otherwise they may not stick.
  • Want your mandala to keep a little longer? Cut out two same size pieces of Press’N Seal. Once you have everything placed on your mandala, take the second piece and place over the first piece to preserve the natural items.
  • Give the kids a muffin tin to take with them outside to collect and carry their findings.
DIY nature mandala made with flowers and elements from the backyard

Variations Of This Nature Mandala To Try

  • Give the kids crayons or markers and let them decorate the frame either before or after adding the nature items.
  • If the weather doesn’t cooperate by allowing you go outside to collect treasures, use items from inside the house such as buttons, yarn, thread, pipe cleaners, sequins or beads.
  • Create your nature mandala in different shapes such as a square, heart, octagon, rectangle, star or diamond.
completed nature mandala hanging outside


What is a mandala and what is its purpose?

A mandala is a geometric arrangement of symbols. The purpose of the mandala is to help transform our minds and to assist with self-healing.

An easy way to explain it to your child is that mandalas are special circles with unique meanings to them, the artist. Mandalas can be created in a huge variety of different colors.

Mandala art starts with a center point and all other shapes/lines/colors extend from the central location.

Do I have to place my nature findings in a symmetrical pattern?

Not necessarily! 😉 Let the kids design their mandala any way they choose. Just let their creativity come alive as they design.

DIY nature mandala craft hanging in a tree

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Pin For Later!

DIY nature mandala craft

How To Make A DIY Nature Mandala Craft

Yield: 1 mandala
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Make this easy nature craft with items from your backyard! This project is super easy and lets your child's creativity soar as they create something beautiful.


  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Press'N Seal
  • Two bowls - one small, one slightly larger than the small bowl
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • X-acto Knife
  • Small piece of yarn


  1. Go on a nature hunt to find items you would like to use to decorate your mandala craft. Collect leaves, flower petals, small twigs or any other items you find beautiful in nature.
  2. Using the medium size bowl, trace a circle with the pencil on the scrapbook paper. Then, using the small bowl, trace an inner circle inside larger circle.
  3. Cut out the large circle with the scissors or X-acto knife. Then cut the inner circle out with X-acto knife so that you create a circular frame.
  4. Roll out Press'N Seal and place frame on top. Use X-acto knife to cut around the ourside of the fram.
  5. Press the frame down onto the Press'N Seal and ensure it is sticking well.
  6. . Begin pressing the petals, leaves or other nature findings onto the Press'N Seal in a symmetrical pattern making sure to fill entire frame.
  7. Finally, tie the piece of yarn around the frame to create a hanger and enjoy your nature mandala!

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How To Make A DIY Nature Mandala Craft


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