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S’mores in the Oven + S’mores Bars Variations That’ll Blow Your Mind

S’mores bars have come a long way since the original graham cracker, Chocolate bar, and toasted marshmallow sandwich. From s'mores in the oven to fruity s’mores and everything in between, I’ll show you how to make s’mores and some fun variations of s’mores desserts.

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Ah, s’mores. Simply say the word and I start imagining laughing children around a campfire with sticky, dirty faces having the time of their lives. Can you hear the crickets and see the fireflies, too?

Once known only to kids around campfires, the simple s’mores Dessert has become a dessert staple, in campgrounds and households alike, all year long.

No longer relegated to only summer camping trips, s’mores are a hit all year long and in MANY different variations that will have you AND the kids all begging for ‘s’more!’

History of the S’more Dessert

Who invented the s’more? No one really knows how the perfect union of three simple ingredients came together to be the go-to campfire dessert that it is now. The word s’more is thought to be a contraction of the words “some more”. 

The earliest documented publication of “some mores” was a recipe credited to Loretta Scott Crew in the 1927 publication called “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts”.

How To Make S’mores: S’mores Bars Variations

Now it’s time to talk about the very best part of s’mores: making them and eating them! As desserts go, there really is NO easier dessert to make than the s’more. It’s 3 simple ingredients: graham crackers, Chocolate Bar, and a toasted, melty marshmallow.

Simply take put a chocolate bar square and a toasted marshmallow in between two graham crackers to make a sort of sandwich. Whether you make s'mores in the oven, over a campfire, or even in the microwave, there are few combinations that are better. Enjoy your s'mores immediately – this dessert is divine!

Easily Add Variety to Your S’mores Bars

There’s no denying the deliciousness of classic s’mores – they will always leave kids and adults too wanting some more. Every once in a while change is a good thing. Here are a few ways to add a little spice to your s’mores when you need a change.  

Change out the graham crackers with:

  • Sugar cookies
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Cinnamon & sugar graham crackers
  • Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker
  • Brownie Crisps
  • Fudge Striped Cookies

Replace the Chocolate with:

  • Cookies & Cream candy bar squares
  • Caramel filled chocolate bar squares
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolate Bar with Peanuts
  • White Chocolate Bar
  • Milk Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patty
  • Hazel Nut Chocolate Spread (Nutella)

Additional S’mores Dessert Ingredient Ideas:

  • Cream cheese
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Peanut butter
  • Jams and jellies

Get a week of recipes for classic dinners with a healthy twist kids will love.

S’mores Ideas: More Ways To Enjoy Your Favorite S’mores Dessert

Time to get creative! Mix and match any of the ideas above that you think sound amazing – they probably will be! Here are a few ideas of new and amazing s’mores dessert combinations.

Nutella Strawberry S’mores

This twist on the smores dessert just tickles me. I love Nutella (who doesn’t?) and fresh strawberries. The combination of the two is to die for! Graham crackers, nutella (instead of chocolate bar), marshmallow and strawberry slices…I’m not sure it can get any better than this.

Minty S’mores

Calling all mint-chocolate lovers: replace the chocolate bar with an Andes Mint to give you a minty twist of the s’more.

S’mores Cones

Here’s a mess-free way to enjoy a s’mores treat. Stuff a sugar ice cream cone with chocolate, marshmallows, and any other mix-in; wrap it all up in aluminum foil and heat over the campfire for gooey goodness. 

Fruity White Chocolate S’mores

Add a fruity twist with either fresh fruit or jam and replace the chocolate square with a square of white chocolate. Yum!

Extra Chocolatey S’mores

Replace graham crackers with Brownie Crisps to make an extra chocolatey s’more. Try lots of different chocolate variations in this too to find just the right combination! 

Let your imagination run wild to come up with new and fun s’mores dessert variations. Enjoy this classic camping treat in a whole new way!


S'mores in the Oven, S’mores Bars and Other S’mores Dessert Variations

Don't like making s'mores over a campfire? Make them in the oven! Not only can you enjoy variations of classic s’mores, but you can also delight in s’mores variations of other favorite desserts.

S’mores Rice Krispie Pinwheels | Mom On Timeout

Take the humble Rice Krispie Treat to a whole new level and add some visual interest as well by making them into pinwheels!

s'mores dessert variation as Rice Krispie pinwheels

Mini S’mores Tarts | Your Homebased Mom

The perfect grab-n-go version of kids’ favorite dessert. Take them to the beach or to a potluck. Delicious!

s'mores bars variation: s'mores mini tarts

S’mores Bars | House of Nash Eats

Start with a buttery graham cracker crust and fill it up with chocolate and marshmallows galore. Oh my – I’m putting it on my meal plan for the week right now!

s'mores bars

S’mores Monkey Bread | Our Table For Seven

I have a weakness for monkey bread. There’s just something about the ooey gooey, rich and moist pull apart bread that makes me want to devour it. Fogettaboutit.

S'mores dessert variation: s'mores monkey bread

Nutella S'mores | Made in a Pinch

Do you feel like the classic s'more has too much chocolate compared to the other ingredients? If so, you have to try this super simple swap out.

S’mores Crème Brulée | Dairy Farmers of Canada

Decadent chocolate brulée with an ooey-gooey delicious toasted marshmallow topping that kids and adults, alike, will love.

s'mores dessert variation: s'mores creme brulee

S’mores Cheesecake | Taste of Home

True magic happens when you blend two summer dessert classics together. A fusion of s’mores and cheesecake…now that’s an enchanting spell.

s'mores dessert variation: s'mores cheesecake

S’mores French Toast | Nutmeg Nanny

Over the top dessert or special sweet treat breakfast? You decide.

s'mores bars variation: s'mores French Toast

S’mores Milkshake | The Gunny Sack

Who says you can only eat s’mores? This is a decadent treat perfect for those sweltering hot days when you just need to cool off.

s'mores ideas: s'mores milkshake

S’mores in the Oven: S’mores Crescent Rolls | Lemon Tree Dwelling

This will become your new favorite way to enjoy s’mores bars – s’mores in the oven! Go ahead – stuff those crescent rolls and enjoy…nom nom!

stuffed crescent rolls s'mores in the oven

There ya go! With all these easy s’mores dessert ideas, you can re-energize your love for the classic s’more! I particularly love s'mores in the oven – SOOOO good!

I hope you love these new and interesting s’mores bar and s’mores dessert recipes too. My family has LOVED checking out these cool variations. The s’mores, the better, if you ask me!

Get a week of recipes for classic dinners with a healthy twist kids will love.

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S’mores in the Oven + S’mores Bars Variations That’ll Blow Your Mind


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