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Top 50+ Easter basket Ideas for Boys (updated)

More than 50 of the best Easter ideas for boys to set you up for major success this Easter as you search for Easter basket stuffers for boys. The best part: all of these ideas are under $20!

How to Save Money on Your Easter Ideas for Boys

Ok, have you noticed how expensive Easter Basket stuffers for boys can be? If you have more than 1 child, filling up all the Easter baskets could definitely break a family’s budget for the month.

There’s gotta be a way to grab Easter toys for boys that’s more wallet-friendly, right?

There is!

The Dollar Store and dollar bins at Target are my go-to spots for the majority of my Easter toys for boys. I hit Amazon for everything else (if I even need to get anything else).

When I am searching for Easter Basket Ideas for boys, I want to find:

  • Things they will actually enjoy
  • Ideas other than candy
  • Toys and goodies that are affordable 

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My TOP Tip For Saving on Easter Ideas for Boys

However, if you REALLY want to save money, the BEST tip I can give you is to start shopping for next year the day after Easter. That's the time to grab as many discounted items and toys on clearance that you can.

If you have space in your home to store the items until next year, shopping the day after Easter will give you the very best combination of selection and price.  

I hope that this list of Easter basket ideas for boys inspires you to find something your kids will love that will make not only Easter, but also the start of Spring and Eary Summer, a fun time!

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Creative Idea for an Easter Basket That Does Double Duty

In addition to these filler ideas that boys will LOVE, a huge bonus tip is to get a monster dump truck and use it as the Easter basket. Fill it with different fillers – but the REAL FUN is in the truck!

The Easter basket becomes a prized toy! And that toy is the perfect indoor OR outdoor toy! This is seriously one of the BEST Easter basket ideas for toddler boys 😘

Top 50 Super Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

1. Kite

Spring is the best time for flying kites! With the changing seasons comes wind, and the warmer temperatures make it fun to be outside again.

Cure cabin fever by putting a kite into your child's Easter basket!

2. Books

I am ALWAYS a huge fan of books and can't emphasize enough just how important reading is for your child's development.

Thank goodness books are cheaper now than they used to be! Grab a new book or two as an Easter basket filler to add to your child's home library.

3. Nerf Easter Basket Ideas: Football

I personally love giving my kids toys that they can use to have fun and get exercise!

A Nerf football is the perfect Easter basket idea for boys: it's affordable, the perfect size, and provides lasting fun!!


4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are super important for keeping UV rays out of your child's eyes and protecting their eyes from sun damage.

Verify that any sunglasses you choose provide UVA and UVB protection, then add them to your child's Easter basket!

5. Kendama

I love this toy! It provides such great work for hand/eye coordination while being super fun at the same time!

6. Summer shoes: flip flops, Crocs or sandals

The perfect, on the run, summer shoes! My kids always had a pair of traditional Crocs (the sturdy version so I could pass it down to younger kids) and a pair of flip flops or sandals.

For sandals, I tried cheaper versions but had the best success with Keens. They are more expensive (I buy them on sale), but they are perfect for running around outside – in the water or not – and having some protection. And THEY LAST.

I have been able to pass down a pair of Keens (I've done this multiple times) to all 3 of my boys. Then I can turn around and sell them because they are still in ah-mazing shape.

So it's worth it to me to pay $40 for a pair of Keens one time and then sell them for $25 because that's WAY cheaper than paying $20 three times.

If your kiddos need any summer sandals, put a pair of Keens in their Easter basket!

7. Frisbee

So. Many. Syles!

With so many options available, this classic toy still feels fresh and new. And it makes for excellent outdoor, healthy (FUN) exercise!


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8. Hat: Baseball Cap or Sun Hat

Great sun protection starts with wearing the appropriate clothing and head covering. Having your kids wear baseball caps or sun hats helps protect their heads, faces, necks, and eyes from sun damage.

If your son doesn't have a favorite hat, buy one as an Easter basket filler!

9. Lego set

I personally prefer to keep Easter baskets on the cheap end of the scale, so a small Lego set is the kind that I would give to my own kids.

10. Sidewalk Chalk

I love giving my kids tools to use for being creative. I think it's important to inspire creativity in both boys and girls. It'll help them in life 🙂

Sidewalk chalk is perfect! It lets kids be creative in SO MANY ways (drawing, making maps, creating hopscotch boards and more) and it isn't permanent!

Spring rains will wash those pieces of art away (take pictures if you or the kiddos love the work) and provide a blank canvas to start all over again.

And it's affordable – I love that!


11. Sand toys

Another way to encourage creativity is to give your kids sand toys. Throw them into a mesh bag (so the sand falls out) and take them with you to the park.

My kids play with them for hours – creating structures and fun shape then having a blast tearing them down and starting all over again.

12. Water toys

Similar to sand toys, water toys can provide lots of fun. Pair them up with the pool or even a small kiddie pool in the backyard for hours of fun!

Play some pool basketball or practice diving. The possibilities are endless, and you and your kids are only limited by your imagination in terms of what you can do.

These make great Easter basket stuffers for boys (and girls) because they are affordable and small! You can get a set or several single toys at cheap prices.


13. Squirt guns

What would boys be without something to shoot or throw? My boys love playing with squirt guns of all varieties (but especially the super soakers and water blasters) and seemingly never get tired of them.

Plus, I love that they can be taken to the pool or used in the backyard. Versatile, cheap and fun while encouraging exercise and fresh air. My kind of toys!!


14. Beach towels

Bright, colorful, fun, affordable, and useful. Beach towels make excellent Easter basket fillers (you can get creative on how you want to present it)!

With so many options (stripes, favorite movies or characters, hood or no hood, etc), you are sure to find one your child will adore!

15. Goggles

More fun in the sun! Some kids just love to have goggles so they can see underwater. Throw a pair into your child's Easter basket so they are ready for summer fun.

(They also come in handy when playing with squirt guns if your child – like mine – doesn't like water near his eyes)

16. Punching balloon

With my kids, anything with balloons provides hours of fun! They love to hit them up in the air, hit each other with them, rub the balloons in their hair to create static electricity, and more.

These punching balloons are great because they are more sturdy than a normal balloon (perfect for kiddos who are afraid of the sound when they pop), and with the elastic “string”, kids can bounce the balloons off walls or each other without losing them!

17. Whoopie cushion

Boys LOVE anything that sounds like a fart…am I right?!

Throw a whoopie cushion into their Easter basket and watch them laugh with delight when YOU sit down and “fart”.

18. Etch-a-sketch

Such a classic toy! It inspires creativity and was cool before video games showed up. My husband (!!) and kids still love the Etch-a-sketch.

They are perfect to take on road trips too!

19. Temporary Tattoos

One thing I have learned about kids…they LOVE to change themselves. Dress up, costumes, hair chalk, uniforms, hats, and temporary tattoos are all hits.

These make a great Easter basket stuffer idea because they are small and go a long way! Pick our your child's favorite character or cartoon or colors and throw some into the Easter basket!

20. Magnetic Drawing Board

Similar in idea to the Etch-a-sketch, but amazing in its own right. The Magnetic Drawing Board allows for drawing and erasing over and over again!

My kids LOVE watching how the magnet (pen) pulled the filaments together to create lines or shapes. They spend hours playing with this toy!

21. Glow sticks

Kids and adults can enjoy the futuristic shapes and designs of these neon glow party supplies.

Make every day a party when you put glow sticks into your child's Easter basket!

22. Yo-yo

A classic, fun, toy that kids and adults can enjoy together.

23. Bouncy Balls

Boys and balls go together like peas and carrots. When you add these little babies to your child's Easter basket, they will provide hours of fun and laughter!

24. Sticky Hands

These toys delight children because they stick to walls, ceilings, and windows.

25. Slinky

Another classic. I played with Slinkys when I was a child, my kids have tons of fun with Slinkys.

Their favorite thing to do is to take the Slinky to the top of the stairs and let it tumble end over end all the way down!

26. Board Game

In my opinion, nothing is more important than time together as a family.

Choose a board game as an Easter basket filler and make many happy family memories together!



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27. Fishing equipment

Love to fish? Introduce your kiddos to the simple joy of fishing with their own fishing rod!

Spring is the perfect time to begin a new hobby and a fishing rod makes a wonderful Easter basket stuffer.

28. Hopper Ball

I love hopper balls! I played with them when I was a kid and had so much fun on them. My kids get on them now and laugh and laugh and laugh.

29. Baseball cards

Generations of boys have loved collecting baseball cards and learning stats. I love the mental and memory work that this “game” provides!

Baseball cards are affordable and the perfect size to be Easter basket fillers!

30. Baseball Glove

A baseball glove provides the opportunity to enjoy a simple, affordable past time. Include a baseball glove in your child's Easter basket!

31. Pokemon Cards

My boys love playing with Pokemon Cards and will compete for long stretches of time!

32. Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are simply made of knitting yarn and food-grade wax. They are endlessly reusable, will not break or tear apart but cut easily with scissors.

They are excellent for learning letters and numbers. and they can be pressed together for 3-D creativity too!

We love taking them to restaurants and doctors offices to use when the boys need to be quiet and occupied.

33. Army Men

Classic and simple, little plastic army men are a wonderful toy for both solitary play and playing with others.

34. Flashlight

The perfect tool for boyhood adventures! A flashlight makes a wonderful Easter basket filler!

35. Magnifying Glass

Boys love using a magnifying glass to explore the world around them!

37. Bug Container

Besides dirt, rocks, and sticks, boys LOVE bugs! Giving your son a bug container will give him the perfect tool to collect and study nature up close and personal!

38. Butterfly catcher

Add a butterfly catcher to your son's Easter basket and have him wear a red shirt. Then send him out and let him thrill in catching butterflies!


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39. Marbles

Children have been playing with marbles for thousands of years – they are a toy that will never fall out of fashion!

40. Jax

A toy for all ages! Jax are excellent educational toys on many levels.

41. Soccer ball

A soccer ball makes an excellent outdoor toy – perfect for spring!

42. Playground ball

Playground balls were probably my favorite balls to play with as a kid. I love how bouncy they are and how many games you can play with them. My family loves to play a version of kickball!

43. Balloons

Simple. Classic. Oh so much fun! Stuff some balloons into your child's Easter basket as an Easter basket filler!

45. Water balloons

Water balloons are a sure thing for kids. Mystical, colorful and oodles of fun…they are the perfect outdoor toy.

I highly recommend getting these quick-fill water balloons. They are more expensive but will save you incredible amounts of work and time! In this case, the extra cost is well worth it.

45. Water bottles

Playing sports or enjoy spending time outside? I love giving practical gifts. Use Easter as an opportunity to give your child a new water bottle!

46. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is excellent exercise and great for the heart! Plus, it's affordable and easy to put into an Easter basket. And it's such darn fun! Win/WIn!

47. Card games

Card games are seriously one of the best things we have ever purchased for our family. They are cheap and provide endless fun times and memories!

And since boys, especially, thrive on competition, they are excellent Easter basket ideas for boys!

I keep a set of Uno cards in my purse at all times so we can pull them out at restaurants and any other time that we have to wait.

48. Mad Libs

Mad Libs are timeless. I loved them when I was a kid, and my kids think they are amazing now! Silly and funny, they provide loads of laughs and delight boys (and girls) or all ages!

Simply fill in the random blanks in the provided stories with the type of word indicated (noun, verb, etc). Mad Libs are both fun and educational. The final result will have you and your kids laughing!

49. Powered Character Toothbrush

Another practical Easter basket stuffer idea that kids will also love! A powered character toothbrush is affordable and will delight boys of all ages.


50. Micro Cube Robot

This is a special cube robot puzzle! It's a brain teaser puzzle robot, an action figure, a toy robot toy and a transformer – all in one. Show me a boy who wouldn't love this, because I can't think of one!

Fun, colorful, affordable, and great for brain development and hand-eye coordination. The perfect Easter basket filler!


51. Lewo Stacking Building Blocks

The new and improved Jenga…these building blocks are super fun, colorful, extra tricky, and color coded. Give your kids a mental challenge in their Easter basket this year!


52. Ganowo 3PCS Big Size Fidget Snake Cube Twist Puzzle

These snake toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress & anxiety, and can increase focus & attention. Whether in search of a new fidget toy or tactile or sensory toy, these snake cubes are perfect.

These snake toys also inspire your child's imagination and enhance their hand-eye skills. Because they are affordable and practical, they are excellent Easter basket filler ideas for boys (or girls)!

Whew! That was a lot of ideas! My boys have received and LOVED every. single. idea on this list at some point in their lives.

Grab some of the items on this list NOW and actually have some fun filling up your Easter baskets this year. Then watch your kids' faces light up with delight when they see what's inside!

I hope you found new favorites for your child in this list of Easter basket ideas for boys!

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Top 50+ Easter basket Ideas for Boys (updated)


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