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Top 21+ Inexpensive Toddler Stocking Fillers Ideas

Are you wondering what to put in a toddler's stocking? These popular, inexpensive toddler stocking fillers ideas will delight any 2 or 3 year old! 

Whether you are buying gifts for your own toddler or someone else's, they can feel like one of the hardest age groups to buy for!

Some days, a cardboard box is all they need to be entertained for hours yet, other days, you can try everything to keep them happy and still end up with a tantrum.

Buying gifts for Toddlers can cost a small fortune, and if saving money on gifts is top of your to-do list this Christmas, it might seem impossible to find affordable gifts for toddlers.

But here's the secret to buying for toddlers if you want to give them a magical Christmas morning: a Stocking or Santa sack full of smaller, affordable gifts can do the trick.

21 Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

When it comes down to it, what makes the best stocking stuffers for toddlers?

Honestly, this all just depends on your child. Some toddlers like toys while some would prefer candy or chocolate. 

Fortunately, toddlers are easier to shop for than you may think… they LOVE trinkets, things that make noise, candy…bouncy balls, anything that surprises them, temporary tattoos…things that let them mimic mom and dad, wacky socks…you name it.

They will literally love anything they can call their own. 

Don’t spend a fortune filling your kids' Christmas stocking this holiday season. Instead, use the ideas here to find some inexpensive stocking stuffers for toddlers they will truly love!

Toddler boy looking into his Christmas stocking for one of the top toddler stocking fillers ideas on this list.

1. Toddler Cookbook

A toddler cookbook tops my list of toddler Stocking Fillers Ideas because it gets kids and parents cooking or baking together and having great conversations around food, health, choices, and more. It’s full of toddler-friendly recipes so the whole family can choose something together and everyone can help make dinner.

2. Bubble Shooter


Do you live in an area where it’s not freezing cold on Christmas Day? This bubble shooter is perfect to use outdoors to burn some extra energy. (Well, actually if it IS freezing where you are (but warm enough to play outside, frozen bubbles are pretty cool tool!!)

3. Alphabet Magnet

These alphabet magnets are a cute little gift that will easily keep toddlers entertained and they are a great way to start learning letter recognition. Magnets are also a great thing to have on the kitchen fridge to keep youngsters busy in the Kitchen so parents can get the cleaning or cooking done without a toddler under their feet.

4. Bath Toys

Bath toys make terrific inexpensive stocking stuffers for toddlers as they are usually small and fun. This bath fishing set would make the perfect stocking stuffer for toddlers and comes with a fishing rod and three cute, underwater animals. The creatures have magnets attached and float on the surface of the water for easy fishing.

5. Play-Doh

What toddler doesn’t love play-doh?! It is fun, interactive and toddlers can really let their imaginations run wild at playtime. Collect a whole load of different textures and patterns from all around the house and let your toddler experiment creating pictures or just let them mold and build to their heart's content. Either way, play-doh is sure to be a huge hit on Christmas morning.

6. Play-Doh Tools

If you really want to set a toddler up with a great play-doh area, they definitely need some tools! This set comes with animal and object shape cutters, multiple rollers, squeezers, stamps, safety knives and much more. Gift this to a toddler this holiday season and they will have enough to keep them occupied for ages.



7. Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is an easy and fun activity for toddlers and a great way to encourage them to get outside in the fresh air. They love the freedom of being allowed to draw without the restriction of staying within a piece of paper. Best of all, once they are finished, you can just spray the whole thing down with a hose and they get to start again.

8. Toy Animals

Small animals make for a really great multi-use gift for toddlers. This pack of toys is a huge selection and encourages imaginative play in toddlers. They don’t have to just be used for play though, they can also be a great educational resource – woohoo!

Take photos of each animal and create flashcards and toddlers will love matching the photo to the animal and naming each one. They work great for memory and language skills.

9. Picture Flashcards

Picture flashcards are another great way to encourage language development and memory skills in a fun and interesting way so toddlers don’t even realize they are learning. Best of all they are affordable and small enough to fit into a Christmas stocking.

10. Finger Paints

If play-doh or sidewalk chalk is not what you are looking for how about gifting some washable finger paints? Toddlers love getting messy and finger paints are a great way to let them show their creative side.

You could even make the whole Christmas stocking craft themed and also gift them a full apron and wipe clean table protector so parents don’t have to worry about the cleanup.

11. Activity or Coloring Pack

A quick and easy stocking stuffer that is sure to entertain any toddler for a while is an activity or coloring pack. There are endless options with sticker books or puzzle games but I love this mess-free coloring pack by Crayola.

The colored pens will only work on the special paper making ita totally mess-free gift, perfect for traveling in the car without toddlers being able to draw on the seats.

12. Bead Threading

Bead threading is a great activity to develop fine motor skills, and this Melissa and Doug kit is also useful for teaching colors and shapes. If you want something a little more difficult for older toddlers, gift them a kit with beads that get gradually smaller and smaller. That way, once they have mastered the skill, they can keep refining it further.

13. Zen Pig


The Zen Pig books are a relatively new find for me. I absolutely LOVE them because they talk about REAL stuff on a toddler's level. Every page has a short poem with an adorable drawing, and every page is powerful. I can totally imagine toddlers memorizing these short poems and spitting them back out at random times – my toddlers would have done that!

I always feel that books make terrific toddler stocking fillers ideas, and this year, Zen Pig tops my list! Plus, I love that it's a father and son company, and every purchase goes toward helping someone get drinking water for a year.


14. Small Musical Instruments

Most toddlers seem to have fun making as much noise as possible. Dancing, singing and playing music will bring them hours of joy and entertainment (it sure did for all of mine!). This pack has a great selection of toddler-friendly instruments to get them started.

There are a few to choose from so whether you decide to gift them all at once or break them up into smaller gifts, your toddler will love them.

15. Washable Ink Stamps

Here’s another great (more unique) idea that would go well in any crafty and arty themed Christmas stocking! These particular stamps are pictures of everyday items and even come with colored pencils so you could use them for the very early stages of writing.

16. Play Money

Many toddlers love playing shop. They see their parents buying things at stores all the time, and they become intrigued by the process of exchanging money for things.

Gifting a toddler some play money gives them the chance to use their imagination and create a store of their own. It’s also a great way to start teaching little ones how money works, putting this item one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

17. Smart Learning Phone

If you know someone who struggles to keep their toddler away from their parents iPhones, gifting them this cute learning phone as a stocking stuffer could really help them out. Most people don’t like the idea of their toddlers having screen time, but in today's society, it's hard to avoid!

Give this gift so toddlers can feel like they are copying mum and dad. I bet that shortly after, the novelty of playing with Iphones may wear off.

18. Unicorn Poop Slime


Oh yes, my friend, you read that right! Toddlers love anything messy, gross, and having to do with poop. Just watch their faces light up and listen to their shrieks of excitement when they find this in their stocking!

19. Water Activity Pack



I think this is one of the best stocking fillers ideas for toddlers because it pretty much sums up everything a toddler loves: drawing/creating, exploring, and playing with water. It makes my list of great stocking stuffers for kids because it does all of that without being messy!

20. Fake Coal



Sometimes a parent just has to have fun too, right?! Have you ever told your children that they’re getting coal in their stockings? Now you can make it true with this delicious treat. I love pulling small pranks on my kids, and this is right up my alley – plus, it's chocolate candy, so they can eat it as a treat!

21. Favorite Movie DVD or Blu-Ray



This may not be for you if you don't allow your kids to watch TV. Even though we follow safe screentime rules for kids, I just LOVE cuddling up on the couch together and watching a movie!

22. Memory Game



Test your toddler's memory and make it a game for the whole family. Kids LOVE to compete and especially delight in beating their parents at something! Create some crazy good memories together with this activity 😉

Stockings hanging over the fireplace waiting to get filled with one of the best toddler stocking fillers ideas on this list!

There ya go! 21 amazing ideas of toddler stocking fillers ideas that will delight your toddler this Christmas!

What are some good stocking stuffers for kids? This list is chock full of cool stocking stuffer ideas that kids will love! I hope you find some ideas here that you love!

Tell us in the comments: what are your favorite inexpensive toddler stocking stuffer ideas? Maybe I'll add your ideas to the list!

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Top 21+ Inexpensive Toddler Stocking Fillers Ideas


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