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PHP (hypertext preprocessor) is a script file on the server side. Dynamic websites can be created very Easily with PHP. The most important point in building a site with PHP is that there are abundant frameworks suitable for each category, such as CMS, e-commerce, open source Code structure. I say this and there are several reasons I want to set up your next website for project PHP:

Benefits of PHP:

Open source code and easy to learn

Compared to other languages, it is an open source Language, so it is easier to learn and implement PHP. Therefore, if you know the basic language such as C, you can easily complete all PHP functions.

Independent of the ship:

PHP supports almost all browsers such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, so it is a platform independent language.

Improved code control:

PHP makes coding much easier when using PHP and using just a few lines of code compared to other languages ​​that require more lines to write code with the same logic. Therefore, it is self-explanatory that PHP can easily change or change code.

Cost effectiveness and code efficiency:

We know that PHP is open source, so we can develop projects without costly and labor intensive. It is also scalable and highly reliable, so you can easily work with many websites.

Provide support for documentation and usage:

Millions of people have used the rapidly evolving PHP framework and extensions available over the past two decades. Therefore, for such a long period, a large-scale PHP community has been developed that positively provides support even if it encounters technical problems.

Supports all web services:

It supports all Web servers such as Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS.

Improve workload and speed:

As we know, PHP uses its own memory, which reduces the load on the server and automatically shortens development time. This is particularly useful for projects that require development of CRM or e-commerce.

Provide security and trust:

Various levels of security to protect websites and web applications supporting millions of people working extensively with this technology and PHP proved to be a technical option for security and reliability It is.

Fringe benefit:

In particular, you can easily operate MySQL database with mysqli_connect () in the WAMP / MAMP / LAMP stack.
Simple embedding by HTML. Php? > Tag, it is easy to embed PHP code between HTML.
With integration with technologies such as JavaScript, real-time updates can be made more easily.
Easy to use HTTP methods, $ _ GET and $ _ POST super wide area
Even though programmers other than programmers are ready to set up the WAMP stack within an hour and start programming, installation is not easy.

PHP is an open source, which makes it easier, more flexible and easier to learn languages ​​than other programming languages ​​on the market. In addition to making PHP a smarter programming language, many people (primarily developers) contribute to its extension, development, open library, API. The merit of using this appropriate language for the next project is enormous, and it is no wonder why this has led to an important market share of PHP development. So, taking these points into consideration, reaching out one of the most popular techniques in future Web site projects.

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