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More of / Less of

A little more reading & a bit TV.

My family is a TV family. When we’re home our TV is pretty well always on. We use our wifi devices while we watch TV! I love to read, I really do, and I wish I read more. Making a point to read, for our whole family, is something I’d like to do more of.

A lot more action & fewer excuses.

To be perfectly honest – I’m all talk and no action! This is a personal thing that I need to work on. I have the best intentions and then just don’t follow through. I have a excuse for everything that I say I’m going to do and then either don’t do or give up on. Work in progress.

Save A LOT & spend less

Sometimes I think I shop just for the sake of shopping. Getting something new and not really even needing it. Spending for the purpose of just … spending! Sure, we have RRSPs, TFSAs and RESPs, but not a whole lot of savings. It’s important to save for the future and I would like to focus on that in the coming months.

More plans & less sitting around.

We don’t do a whole lot on the weekend and that drives my husband nuts. He goes shopping just to get out of the house and usually comes home with more than we need and definitely crap we really don’t need. If we had more solid activity ideas or plans ahead of time we’d be more satisfied with our down time (or at least he would).

More working out & less couch time.

More confidence & less weakness.

Confidence is not a trait that I exude, but I wouldn’t call myself weak either. I used to be very weak, years ago, when I never stood up for myself and let my emotions take a dangerous turn for a short time. But I’m better now and the strong and powerful woman inside me is growing more and more every day.

More tea & less coffee.

This would be extremely challenging for me to say the least. I love coffee and drink it every day. But I have reduced the number of cups I drink in a day. I do definitely drink more tea than I used to as well, which is easier on my stomach for sure. Coffee wakes me and gets me going, but tea is so soothing any time of day.

More salads & less junk food.

Junk food is delicious. I crave bread, pasta, chocolate bars, cheese, and chips – even though I know we have Healthier Options in the house and that my tummy will hate me after. It’s comfort food and makes me feel better (wow, that sounds terrible) and it tastes soooo good! However, healthier options are what I’m trying to achieve for my meal choices. A salad at lunch, especially at work, is all I really need and can be more than satisfying. Again, a work in progress.

More encouragement & less complaining.

Lifting one another (let’s go ladies!) is much more productive than bitching about our problems and day of the week. But I bitch and moan a fair bit and I am a very opinionated person. Be it work, social, home – I have a view and it’s not always a nice one. Speaking up and saying your peace is one thing, but complaining will not get you what or where you want in life.

More guiding & less punishing.

My daughter is at an age where she does not like to listen and I really lose my cool – really fast! I’m quick to send her to her room (with her TV removed), take away her tablet for a week, deny her something she loves, and say no to play dates. I over react constantly and immediately punish her for, pretty well, just being a kid. I am learning to try to reason and talk to her about what’s going on inside her head. Why was she behaving the way she was, what was she feeling when she had a tantrum – and I’m changing my habit of yelling at her so much (trying to anyways).

More face time & less screen time.

“Mom, will you play with me”, my daughter asks. “Give me a few minutes to finish the dishes”, I reply. “Go watch TV or something”. I’m busy. In a minute. Go ask your Dad. I’m into this show right now. Please leave me alone. Lord, forgive me for telling my daughter to go away and leave me alone. I try to make an effort to read together, go for a bike ride, play cards, play barbies – anything that doesn’t involve screens.

Cheers to a adding a bit more good and putting aside the bad (habits)!

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More of / Less of


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