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21 of the Best High Paying Weekend Jobs To Make Extra Cash

Are you looking for the top ways to make extra money? If so, Weekend jobs may be the right side hustle for you. Finding the best weekend jobs is the perfect way to make extra money on top of your full-time job. You can find a good side hustle by finding a remote job or a smart way to make extra cash, whichever works for you.

However, weakened jobs are generally initiated for many reasons. You may be a student looking to support yourself, maybe gain some valuable work experience, or perhaps you’re an at-home mother looking to boost the family’s income or pay down some debt. Whatever your reason, maybe I have you covered.

high paying weekend jobs

Today, I’ve listed down the following home-based weekend jobs around, with which you can earn some extra cash.

So without further ado, let’s discuss them!

The Best Weekend Jobs to Make Extra Money

Most of the below options will allow you to make $200 a weekend quickly, and some are from the comfort of your home!

1. Freelancing

If you’re looking for ‘how to make $200 on the weekend,’ then the best option is freelancing. Yes, with freelancing, you can earn money online with your skills without any investment. Freelancing allows you to utilize your free time at the weekend and make some cash.

Whether you’ve data entry skills, digital marketing skills, video editing, or any other, there’re many platforms where you can sell your specific skill and find reliable clients. However, earning depends on how much you can work or how many orders you can take; roughly, you can make from $200 to $500 weekly depending on your skills.

The best freelance websites;

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • People Per Hour

These sites allow you to set up free profiles, and start seeking work immediately.

2. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the best and reliable home-based weekend jobs. If you think you’ve enough knowledge and valuable skills to share, tutoring could be an excellent reward-giving side job.

You could find multiple options, which typically don’t require any formal teaching qualification.  However, you may need to have practical knowledge of a chosen subject. Online tutors generally get paid $20/hour, depending on the qualification.

The best online tutoring jobs;

  • TutorMe
  • Tutor.Com
  • Studypool
  • OutSchool

3. Food Delivery

Here comes another one of the best weekend jobs— food delivery job. Usually, people order more deliveries during the weekend and Friday evenings than during their weekdays.

If no one, at least I do! So yes, here is an excellent opportunity based on demand: you can opt for weekend food delivery. Several companies such as GrubHub or DoorDash are always looking for part-time weekend employees for deliveries. The average food delivery driver pay ranges between $15-$25/hour depending on a company you’re working for or various other factors

4. Dropshipping

One of the fantastic ways to make money is to start a drop shipment business. Drop shipment is selling products online. You can also sell your used items online. You can have fun with it, take nice pictures of the items, and post them in selling forums on sites such as Facebook. All of which can be done on the weekend. It could be one of the best home-based weekend jobs you can opt for!

15 best apps for selling photos online

5. Blogger

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online; it could be full-time or even part-time. However, especially if you have a super busy schedule already, working as a blogger on the weekends is the recommended option. You may not need to publish new blog posts daily if you’ve built a good audience. 

So if you’ve time available on the weekends, then you can start writing for the weekdays. Internet is full of the best tips, tricks, and ways to start your blogging career so that you can consult any reliable source. And the great thing about blogging is it is super inexpensive to get started. You can start a blog for less than $5.00 per month.

6. Photographer

Becoming a photographer was a side hustle I started over 8 years ago. It has since become one of my steady sources of income that earns me over 3,000 per month. There are several ways to make money with your photography skills, especially for the weekend fighters. However, wedding photography is the most lucrative way to make instant extra cash as a photographer, and as we know, most weddings are at the weekends.

 Another amazing option is to take portraits or weddings on the weekends. This could include family portraits, newborns, maternity, kids, seniors, and various other types of portraits. You can collaborate with any of your friends and family members and can split the profit. However, a professional freelance photographer’s average salary is about $30 to $100, depending on experience or expertise.

There are tons of free courses to help you get started with becoming a freelance photographer, so you can start earning over $200 on the weekend.

7. Help People Move

One of the best weekend jobs, especially if you’re male, is working as a mover. Not only can you make up to $25 per hour, but it’s also a great way to stay fit. Generally, people prefer to move on weekdays to have a better opportunity to find clients.

And when it comes to paying movers, I think it is the most highly paid part-time job. Although it’s tough to move furniture and pack other house stuff, I think the answer is here when making $200 on the weekend.

8. Working in Events

Another fantastic choice for people looking to make extra money is to work in the events sector. It could be any event, sports venues, theatres, stadiums, concert halls, and of course, exhibition centers; all take on additional working staff at the weekend.

Those event sectors offer various roles, including food & beverage service, catering, merchandise sales, and marshaling. One positive aspect of working events is you get access to free entertainment, and you get to meet new people!

high paying weekend jobs

9. Self-Crafts

Do you know you can still make money by selling your hobby? Yes, you have heard it right! You can easily turn your hobby into a good selling side hustle and make money. You can sell pixel art, fabric wall art, pillow cover, seashell mirror, and various other crafts.

There are online courses such as Printables By Numbers that teaches you how to make thousands of dollars per month by simply selling digital products online!

10. YouTuber

In many ways, starting your own YouTube channel is similar to starting blogging; the only difference is for YouTube, you’ve to create video content instead of writing content. YouTube is considered one of the best ways to earn money online, as it allows earning money in multiple ways.

You can start making money by using ads, affiliate programs, and even go with sponsorships. The best thing is you can work around your interest, which could both be entertaining and profitable.

11. Podcaster

Just like YouTube and Blogging, Podcasting is one of its type where you create audio content. You can podcast on any topic of your choice and record those episodes on the weekdays. This is the best weekend job you could opt for only if you’ve looking to work from home.  

Podcasting may sound like an interesting option as it allows you to work around your interest-related niche. With that, you can make money in many different ways, so yes, it increases your earning potential, includes, sponsors or affiliate programs.

Moreover, you may not require any equipment to get started! So the option is worth it!

12. Flea Market Flipper

Saturdays are undoubtedly perfect for going out to yard sales and flea markets; in fact, you can turn into a full-fledged side business. However, your goal is to find the good quality, low-priced terms you could sell to profit as a trained flipper.

It may seem a hard job, but it’s not as hard as you think in reality. You can find multiple deals at yard sales and flea markets. It may require a bit of your hard work during the week, like you may have to fulfill orders on time and require to answer all queries that you may receive from potential buyers.

There are plenty of resources that can help you learn the ins and outs of being a flea market flipper.

13. Dishwasher or Cook

Generally, restaurants need substantial help on weekends, and of course, serving is not an easy option. You can work on weekends as a dishwasher or a cook. The best thing is you won’t require to deal with the customers face-to-face and easily make $100 to $200 on the weekend. Restaurant owners often hire dishwashers or cooks to fill their busy weekend shifts.

14. Babysitter

Baby sitter is another weekend job option you can find around. Obviously, weekends are the busiest time for many families and couples, and surely, there’d be a need for a babysitter. Babysitting considers as the best way to start making money quickly.

You can set up your profile on babysitting websites such as to make yourself available in nearby areas. An average babysitter pay is $10.22/hour. However, it may not be much highest-paying opportunity, but it’s also a not bad way to earn extra cash. It would be considered as one of the easy and best weekend jobs!

15. Handyman

A handyman is one of the great service-oriented business which one could easily do on the weekdays. This could involve removing wallpaper from fixing things, installing light fixtures for painting, and various other odd jobs.

Research indicates a professional handyman charges about $80/ hour, depending on the level of expertise required. As handyman projects are likely to be unique, expecting a general range of $50-$100 wouldn’t be much. There are websites such as Thumbtack and Craiglist, in which you can post an ad advertising your services.

16. Language Teacher

If you think you’re fluent in more than one language, then why not utilize your talent? You can check out your local community center, which offers weekend language classes, and can look for a weekend job there.

Other than this, several platforms prefer Native English speakers with a TEFL certification. However, if you’ve good command of the English language, you can charge between $10-$40/ hour depending on your qualification level.

17. Valet Parking Attendant

A lot of restaurants, concert venues, and hotels use valet parking services. Often valet is done in-house but generally contracted out to valet company.

So the recommended option is to look around into valet companies in your nearby areas to see if they need drivers, which they usually need. The average hourly pay for a valet parking attendant could be between $10-$20 per hour, depending on the company, area, and the requirement.

18. Virtual Assistant

You must have a view of a virtual assistant, the one who helps in multiple administrative tasks from the comfort of his home. Even if you have a little experience, you could go with that option. You can be a virtual assistant for someone for weekdays and could charge anywhere from $1 to $100/hour.

However, the sweet spot is between $15 and $30/hour for executive virtual assistant services, and of course, $75 to $100/hour for a higher level of marketing and financial tasks. You can try your luck on Freelancer, Upwork, and various other platforms, where people always look for a virtual assistant from basic to the pro level.

19. Do Online Surveys

Why not opt for online surveys! Another one of the best weekend jobs to make extra money is doing online surveys. There’re various websites which pay you better. And the best part is you can earn between $1-$10, depending on the terms and conditions of a specific platform. So pick online surveys wisely!

The most reputable sites for making extra cash and doing online surveys are;

Prize Rebel– Is a legit online survey company that has paid out more than a million dollars and has been in business for over 9 years.

Inbox Dollars is an online rewards club that pays you to take surveys from your cell phone! You can also earn money by playing games and watching how-to videos! You can also make money when you refer your friends! Click here to collect your $5.00 signup bonus and start earning money with Inbox Dollars!

Swagbucks – My absolute favorite! I scored (4) 50 visa gift cards in less than 2 months taking surveys on Swagbucks! Get $10 now just for signing up!

20. Tour Guide

Tour guide job is one the beneficial and best weekend jobs to make extra cash. You can work as a tour guide, which will help you fit your bill. The job would be even good for you if you’re a people person.

Becoming a tour guide is a rewarding job as you learn about a specific place, culture, and history and share your knowledge with outsiders. Generally, a tour guide costs $10-$20/ hour, but it depends on the region you live in and the tourists’ type.

21. Earn Money Taking Pictures of Yourself

Do you enjoy taking selfies? If so, you can actually get paid by top companies for taking pictures of yourself. Here are the best apps for selling photos online!

How To Make $200 On The Weekend

Making $200/week is more than possible. Yes, but it all depends on you, what you choose to do as a weekend job. For instance, doing a service-based job means scheduling enough clients to reach around the $200 level.

Similarly, if you decide to work in retail, it means you’ve to be available for long shift to make enough money, and obviously, that won’t be possible, depending on the hourly rate. So choosing the job according to your availability and capacity is curial to earn good money.

Final Thoughts

So this is all you can do on weekdays, although the options are endless, you need to chosoe the suitable one wisely. Above some are the exclusive and best weekend jobs to make extra cash without putting much effort to balance your daily expenses, especially if you’ve many responsibilities to be fulfilled. Don’t forget to share the best idea if you have to benefit from that.

Share your weekend job experience with us by commenting below. We hope to hear from you!

best weekend jobs to earn extra cash.

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21 of the Best High Paying Weekend Jobs To Make Extra Cash


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