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The Weekly #8 – Wisdom Teeth Pain Wrote Me Off

Last weekend was when I first felt the Pain. Well, it wasn’t quite a pain at the time, more of an ache that gradually got worse. After a couple of days, the ache had moved from a generalised jaw ache to a certain spot and that spot being both of my lower Wisdom Teeth.

My wisdom teeth haven’t come through on the bottom. However only a couple of months ago I had wisdom tooth pain in my right rear on the top side as it came through. Having experienced that so recently I thought I was in for a similar experience again and wasn’t all that worried.

Boy was I wrong. Fast forward to Monday and a mild fever had set in, I had barely slept, I had a constant headache, I felt sick, my neck ached and my jaw was not only tender too but also in a lot of pain. This obviously wasn’t normal and seeing as though I had generalised pain in my wisdom teeth (which didn’t come through by the way either) I realised it was probably best to get to the dentist to see what was going on.

There was only one problem. I am not currently registered at a dentist which made things really difficult. I had been meaning to register to a new dentist after being unable to afford private dental care anymore and also for the last couple of years being agoraphobic I was unable to get to a dentist as well. But now I am getting better it has been on my list of things to do as keeping on top of my teeth is very important to me.

I found a local dentist and applied. Unfortunately, there is a 10-week waiting list for a new appointment and they don’t offer emergency appointments either. Given the pain, I was in and I resorted to ringing NHS 111 for some advice and hoping they could get me an emergency appointment somewhere.

After spending some time going over all my symptoms and explaining my current dental circumstances finally they gave me the number for an emergency out of hours NHS dentist which I could ring at 6 pm to try and book an appointment.

When 6 pm rolled around it took me a while to get through as the phone line was particularly busy. I did, however, get an appointment for half 7 to my relief.

This is when my anxiety really kicked in. The emergency dentist is somewhere I have never been before and on top of that, I’m having to go whilst being unwell and in a considerable amount of pain. On top of that, I had no fuel in my car so a trip to the petrol station was needed beforehand increasing my journey time and adding something extra to worry about.

I had considered getting a lift due to how I felt and having periods of light-headiness. But I was told on the phone there was a possibility of having to wait 2 hours and I don’t particularly like getting in other peoples cars so braving it on my own seemed the only real option.

The journey was surprisingly easy. A quick stop off for fuel and to use the bathroom and I made it on time. Unfortunately, I was the last to arrive and so, in turn, I was the last to be seen. The first few people were in and out quickly. It really did seem like the possibility of waiting 2 hours was a precaution until the last two people before me were in their 45 minutes between them.

An hour and a half later it was my turn to be seen. The paracetamol had worn off and the pain had once again increased. This time getting worse on the right side of my lower jaw and more specifically my wisdom tooth.

I explained what was going on to the dentist and they had a look around in my mouth and explained things were a bit inflamed and given my symptoms and tenderness of the underside of my jaw that I probably had a small infection underneath the gums where my wisdom teeth are. I was given five days worth of antibiotics which I was okay with. I was more so just happy there wasn’t anything seriously wrong and didn’t have to have any teeth removed.

Several hours later after a quick stop off at a pharmacy that was open late and I was back at home, even more, exhausted than when I had left.

The rest of the week I wasn’t able to do too much. It wasn’t until the weekend when I finally started to feel like myself again.

There was the odd moment throughout the week when my mental health got a little shaky. I found myself back in a place I would rather not visit. However, I meditated, wrote in my journal, talked to my younger self and put things in perspective and sure enough, I soon found myself returning to a better place.

This is one of those things which came out of the blue and couldn’t have been foreseen. In a time when I think I am plateauing, this pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to react to a situation to prevent it from getting any worse.

This really is another example of how far I have come and proof that all the stuff I have done and am currently doing it pushing me in the right direction.

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The Weekly #8 – Wisdom Teeth Pain Wrote Me Off


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