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9 Pandemic-Proof Tech Businesses You Should Begin Today

The world is still grappling with the devastating effects of the Corona virus pandemic. There’s no better moment to rethink your investment strategy than today. Now you have realized the kinds of businesses that were still operating at the height of the pandemic because they are essential. Depending on the current and upcoming trends, your choice of Business now should be for business of all seasons.

Here are a few ideas for pandemic-proof businesses

1. Social Media Management

The business world now acknowledges the importance of Social Media than before. At the height of the pandemic, everything was on lockdown including non-essential businesses. This made business owners realize the importance of going online. The use of social media is a cheaper way to embrace digital marketing, especially for small business owners. In the saturated market, a social media manager is essential to market and advertise brands.

Becoming a social media manager is an easy way to make profits today. All it takes is social media expertise backed by technical skills. Over time, there’s potential for the business to grow as you sign up more business owners. Here, you can make a team of professionals with skills including marketing, content creation, algorithms, and analytics.

2. Chatbox Developer

It is a good thing that many business owners are online now. However, they might not have enough time to juggle handling business operations and responding to customers promptly. This is where you come as a chatbox developer. A chatbox allows efficient interaction with customers while products, services, and giving feedback on websites.

You can get a business opportunities magazine for insights on business prospects such as choosing a niche. With the demand growing steadily, having a niche allows catering to clients in a familiar market. Success in this business requires strong programming skills to develop the chatbox. 

3. E-commerce distribution platform

There has been about $450 billion in e-commerce growth in the USA since 2016. Amazon is the market leader but statics are optimistic. Small business owners are beginning to realize the need to get a “piece of the pie” in the industry. Competing and thriving in e-commerce requires a strong platform for seamless shipping, storage, and distribution. Dropshipping has now attracted interest in the end-market as small business owners now manage online sales independently.

4. CyberSecurity software

There has been a surge in cybercrime  over the years. Facebook became a victim and about 50 million profiles were exposed. Everyone now uses a smartphone. However, there’s no guarantee about safety from cyber-attack when online. Depending on whether for personal or business protection, people need security from cybercrime.

So, they can pay a premium price to get peace of mind. If you have tech skills, creating software for online protection is a lucrative business idea today. Consumers are doing most of their shopping online but would want their online transactions to be safe and secure. Retail businesses and online banking platforms also need similar protection. Software that guarantees protection from hackers will make you good money. 

5. Drone-powered security

Social distance is at the forefront of fighting the pandemic. However, there is still a need for security without putting the lives of the guards at risk. Drones are sophisticated innovations that were released in 2002. There perform various security functions including surveillance of large areas especially inaccessible spots. A drone with HD, no-noise and thermal features is a wonderful asset today. This spares human lives from exposure to viruses and threats.

6. Virtual doctor services

The healthcare sector is the most important during pandemics and other difficult times. People especially with emergencies and chronic ailments have to talk to a doctor regardless of current circumstances. Virtual Doctor Services bridge the gap. Patients can talk to a doctor without stepping out of their homes.

The service is very convenient and doesn’t put the lives of patients at risk. Seniors and those with mobility problems can easily talk to a doctor anytime. Offering virtual doctor services requires strong computer programming skills to create a user-friendly application. Additionally, the app should be easy to navigate for seniors and handicapped patients.

7. Digital assistant integrations

Business executives and high-profile individuals need personal assistants to keep their daily schedules in order. These require assistance for tasks such as making appointments, booking hotels, and checking emails. Well, a digital assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) can perform some of those tasks. Creating AI is great potential for IT developers. People who need assistance can interact with the digital assistant through voice to have their problems solved.

Other important tasks the digital assistant can do include:

  • Image classification
  • Image caption generation
  • Customer service
  • Set alarms and reminders
  • Hold a natural conversation
  • Give recommendations

8. AI content creation

Businesses need content to enhance their online presence. Well, AI is now making a great impact in the custom content creation industry. Companies such as Netflix use consumer data and algorithms to predict movies a customer is likely to choose.

Other companies are using AI to create content that gives desired results by just analyzing texts, images, and images through algorithms. You can create a software tool for marketers to study the market and create content with a human touch.

9. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is not for gamers alone anymore. The technology offers various opportunities in different sectors including health, training, education, real estate, and tourism. This technology allows creating a realistic experience using senses. With social distance amidst the pandemic, the real estate and tourism industry rely heavily on virtual reality.

Virtual tours become the order of the day for clients to tour properties without being onsite. Hedging your finances from difficult periods like the pandemic requires having a business that survives all seasons. When planning to invest, the ideas above will give you a head start.

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9 Pandemic-Proof Tech Businesses You Should Begin Today


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