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Learn Korean Through 'Doom at Your Service' Drama Dialogues (Episode 1)

Tags: kyung
Tip of the day for practicing Korean through dramas and movies: You may want to choose 'rewind 10 seconds' and 'forward 10 seconds' to listen to some lines again.

1. 0:21: 3:39 - Dong Kyung and the doctor


Doctor: 교모세포종 입니다. 다발성 종양분포 예요. 어지럽고 구토하고 그러는 것도, 다 이것 때문 입니다. 자세한 건 조직검사를 해봐야 아는데. 아무래도 위치가 안 좋아요.
Dong Kyung: 네...
Doctor: 네.
Dong Kyung: 조직검사... 그거 주말에도 하시나요?
Doctor: 주말에는 안 합니다.
Dong Kyung: 검사하는 대는 며칠이나?
Doctor: 최소... 일주일 정도.
Dong Kyung: 그러면 안 되는데.
Doctor: 뭐가요?
Dong Kyung: 그럼 저 못해요.
Doctor: 조직검사를요?
Dong Kyung: ... 네... 연차를 며칠 써가지고 일주일이나 휴가 못 내요.
Doctor: 아니 지금 휴가가 문제가 아니지 않아요?
Dong Kyung: 모르겠어요.
Dong Kyung: 일주일은 휴가를 못내요...
Doctor: 그럼 하지 맙시다... 검사. 수술하면 일 년 삽니다. 안 하면 삼-사 개월 정도. 그 일 년도 정상적으로는 살 수 없을 겁니다. 편마비가 오거나 언어장애, 인지장애가 올 수도 있어요. 조직검사 자체도 위험할 수 있고.
Dong Kyung: 위험해요?
Doctor: 네.
Dong Kyung: 죽어요?
Doctor: 네.
Dong Kyung: 아... 그렇구나... 네...
(닥터 염라대왕 (정당면 작가님) 이벤트 진행 계획 보고서)
Dong Kyung: 이벤트 참고 사항은 서류 보시면 참고 되실 거고 제가 메일로도 보내 놓을게요.
아까 말씀 드렸다시피 플랫폼 쪽이랑 약속한 날짜가 있으니까. 바쁘시더라도 칠십 까지 연재분, 다음 달 초까지는 넘겨 주셔야 되요 작가님.
Doctor: 네.
Dong Kyung: 업으로 조금, 바쁘시겠지만, 그래도 이벤트까지 얼마 안 남았으니까,
조금만 더 힘내 주세요.
Doctor: 예, 연락 드릴게요.
Dong Kyung: 네.
Doctor: 편집장님도 연락주세요.
Dong Kyung: 네. 작가님, 파이팅!
Dong Kyung: 오늘 진짜 의사 갖고 멋있었어요. MRI 순서 빽 써주신 것도 감사합니다.
Doctor: 아니에요 뭘. 의사니까 진짜.
Dong Kyung: 그럼.
Doctor: 편집장님, 파이팅!
Dong Kyung: 네, 파이팅!

Doctor: It is a glioblastoma. You have multiple tumors. It is all because of this that you feel dizzy and vomit. I will find out more with a biopsy. But the location of your tumors seems to not be good.
Dong Kyung: I see...
Doctor: Yes.
Dong Kyung: Biopsy... Do you do that on the weekends?
Doctor: Not on weekends.
Dong Kyung: How many days will it take to do the biopsy?
Doctor: At least... a week.
Dong Kyung: That will not work.
Doctor: Pardon?
Dong Kyung: Then, I cannot.
Doctor: You cannot do a biopsy?
Dong Kyung: ... Yes... I have already used some of my vacation days, so I cannot take a week off from work.
Doctor: Taking time off work is not the issue now?
Dong Kyung: I am not sure.
Dong Kyung: I cannot take a week off.
Doctor: Then. let's not do the test. If you get the surgery, you will live a year. Without it, you will have about three to four months. You will not be able to live normally for that year either. You may suffer from hemiplegia, a speech disorder, and a cognitive disorder as well. Getting a biopsy itself can be risky, too.
Dong Kyung: Is it risky?
Doctor: Yes.
Dong Kyung: Will I die?
Doctor: Yes.
Dong Kyung: Oh, I see... Yes...
(Dong Kyung gave the doctor the Event Planning Report for Jung Dang Myun's "Dr. Yeomra.")
Dong Kyung: You can take a look at the report for the event schedule. I will also email you the report. Like I told you before, we made an agreement on the date with the platform. I know you are busy, but you must send us your writing up to the 70th episode by early next month.
Doctor: Okay.
Dong Kyung: I know your day job keeps you busy, but the event is around the corner. Please work a bit harder.
Doctor: Okay, I will contact you.
Dong Kyung: Yes.
Doctor: Editor, please give me a call, too.
Dong Kyung: Okay. Mr. Jung [the doctor cum writer's name], fighting (aka you can do it)!
Dong Kyung: You looked like a real doctor today and were cool. Thank you for letting me skip the line for the MRI today.
Doctor: That was nothing. I am a real doctor.
Dong Kyung: Bye.
Doctor: Editor, Fighting (aka hang in there)!
Dong Kyung: Okay, you too!
(to be continued)

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Learn Korean Through 'Doom at Your Service' Drama Dialogues (Episode 1)


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