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Quietly Moving 'When My Love Blooms' Kdrama Quotes for Those Attracted to Second Chance Love Stories

As the night came,
snow starting pouring in the valley.
I am sure my love
will certainly cease somewhere as well.
(Hwang Tong-gyu's “A Joyful Letter”- This epilogue poem is a smooth blend into the sadly beautiful scene of the present-day Ji Soo and Jae Hyun sharing a sunset kiss)
Being alive itself is a sin and debt, so I cannot ever be happy nor complain. I have kept myself so busy, but I still cannot pay for the sin nor the debt. I really want a break now. I want to let it all go. (Ji Soo)
Be nice to yourself if you want others to value you. (Neighborhood grandma to Ji Soo) 
For I have lived for waiting for you,
And my heart was only your footsteps.
(“Les Pas” (The Footsteps) by Paul Valéry)
Hi, this is Yoon Jisoo’s boyfriend, Han Jaehyun’s pager. If you are a guy, press 1 or 2. If you are a girl, just hang up, he was taken. (Young Ji Soo)
Humans should never step on another human being. That is one of the reasons why I protest. And although I am not religious, I believe in God and I think we are all his children. To God, every human being is precious. Do not let anyone treat you poorly. Even if it is your family. (Young Jae Hyun)
... because you are precious.
I am facing the dream I had lost, so I cannot leave it... nor run away from it. Because that is my dream. (Jae Hyun to Ji Soo as his dream)
I found you, Yoon Ji Soo. (Jae Hyun)
I do not reminisce about my past either... because it has never become my past even for a moment. It is a rock, dangling on my heart... and a bone stuck in my throat. How can they be my memories? (Jae Hyun to Ji Soo)
I do not worry. The smart and kind you are doing this, so it must be for something good. But even if it is not for good, that is okay. Must children only do good things to be loved.
In 1, 2, 3. Even when we take photos, we get three seconds to get ready. But this kind of farewell does not give us any time. And there is no warning or hint. We are helpless. (Ji Soo about her past breakup with Jae Hyun)
In this world of seven billion people, there are seven billion kinds of love that bloom. That means everyone has a love that bloom... There is no need to be sad if the moment when life turns into a flower has not come or if it has already passed. All of yesterday is in today. I am connected to you, as you are connected to us. Life is always flowing by, and the flower is always ready to bloom.
I will date you even if it is the last thing I do. (Young Ji Soo to young Jae Hyun)
I will not give up. So you should give up instead! I will date you even if it means death! (Young Ji Soo to young Jae Hyun)
I wish there were only one season, but there are four. They come hand-in-hand with him. On some days, he comes with the wind. On some days, he comes with the flower. On some days, he comes with the rain. When I close my eyes not to see him. I can remember him vividly. (Ji Soo's monologue about Jae Hyun)
I always admire a love like that~

Young Jae Hyun: Stop loitering around our department room and go study.
Young Ji Soo: But no one was studying.
Young Jae Hyun: What?
Young Ji Soo: The sunbaes are doing protests all the time, and the freshmen are drinking. No one is studying.
Young Jae Hyun: You only learned the bad things, I see. We study a lot. We read books and go to seminars every day.
Young Ji Soo: Then if I also study diligently, will you date me?
Right now, I do not know when to get off the bike or where to go, so I am just pedaling with all my strength... because I do not want to fall down. (Jae Hyun)
She still sweeps with her foot. (Jae Hyun)
Fall for someone who still remembers seemingly small little things about you even after a million years.~
Since I have to be happy, I do not want to repeat the most painful mistake I made in my life.
Thanks to those moments that are as beautiful as flowers, we could go on.
The reason I still long for the past, even though so many years have passed, I think it is because we never properly broke up. A real breakup. (Jae Hyun)
The tree didn’t crumble
even after a series of storms.
Like a shower of hail,
I hung red flowers.
That summer, I was in the middle of a storm.
That summer, my despair bore red flowers like they were mocking me,
but after several storms, they didn’t fall.
When they fell, they clung and climbed up.
The stubborn flowers of the fire-breathing crape myrtle,
covered a small garden with blood.
And my despair vanished like magic.
(Lee Seong Bok's "The End of That Summer" poem - Sent by young Jae Hyun to young Ji Soo. He also added the message, "Ji Soo, you must be going through a very difficult time now. I pray with my whole heart that it will end hopefully tonight or tomorrow at the latest like magic. Until we meet again, continue to be yourself.")
Those who fade away heartbreakingly leave a scar-like light in the hearts of those who knew them. (from Choe Yun's book The Gray Snowman - Ep.1 epilogue)
We met as the flowers bloomed, and parted as the flowers fell. That was not our first encounter, and that will not be our last farewell. 
- Were not we a little cute back then?
- No. we were very cute.
You cannot have everything in life. If you choose one, you must give something up. (Ji Soo's father)

You know what, Jae Hyun? There are some people that are destined to cross paths again, no matter what they do. I think that is us. (Young Ji Soo)


You taught me that I should side with the people who always end up losing. That is what I learned. (Ji Soo to Jae Hyun)
You told me that I am your belief and your world. There is something I could not say back to you. To me, you were my dream. (Jae Hyun)
You were a ghost story. Unbelievably haunting and still lingering around my heart.

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Quietly Moving 'When My Love Blooms' Kdrama Quotes for Those Attracted to Second Chance Love Stories


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