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Good Quotes From the Smash Hit Korean Drama 'Mask' That May Fit Your Life

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I am now officially addicted to 'Mask' Korean drama. After all the depression and craziness 'Mouse' and 'Penthouse' have brought to me (lol), 'Mask' is exactly what I need.

On the one hand, it is a quite dark melo with some insanity. On the other hand, practically everything about this TV series is seriously down-to-earth, alluring, and heart touching - including its line. As a bonus, Ju Ji Hoon is an all-in-one package (say, handsome, cute, and sexy at the same time.~~)
Are lies always such bad things? Wear a mask, then the world will be on your side.
Because living is so busy and hard. You could not see the flower that was right in front of your eyes. (Min Woo)
Because you did not tell me your inner feelings, I wanted to be next to you. You must have had such a tough time. (Min Woo)
- Cannot waltz?
- You do not seem to waltz that well either.
- That is because your body is so tense! Just follow my moves. Do not put your feet too close. One two three... one two three.

Do not hurt yourself again. It hurts me to see it. (Min Woo)
Do not seek revenge and call it justice.
Do you know what is the most foolish emotion in the world? It is love. (Suk Hoon)
Have you ever heard that you can see yourself reflected in someone else's eyes? If you look carefully into another person's eyes, you can see your own reflection in them. Regardless of how near you are, if they avoid looking into your eyes, you cannot see your own reflection. (Min Woo)
If you are looking for the word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality and wanting them to have everything they want, no matter how much it destroys you, it is love. And when you love someone, you just, you do not stop, ever.
I am not confident about reaching the end, but let’s start with one step first. So what if we cannot reach the end? So what if it takes a long time? The important thing is that we are going together.
I do not like you. I do not like how you keep saying thank you and I do not like you sleeping on the sofa. I do not like you being sick and you mingling with other men. Your facial expression. Your gaze. Your breath. and your lips. (Min Woo to Ji Sook)

If you wear a mask, you can never be happy.
If you do not wear a mask, you can never survive. (Eun Ha)
I have worked hard to gain the power to create heaven. What the ones with power say is true. What the ones with no power say is false. (Suk Hoon)

It is night time. I heard people get sentimental at night time. (Ji Sook)
I will not say I had no other choice. I will not make any excuses. But… everything I have done with you was my choice. It was my decision. Come back home. I will wait for you.

I will tell you once again, so listen carefully. I love you, Byun Ji Sook. (Min Woo)
Let's forget about everything and just think about today. Let's just be very happy for one day. (Min Woo to Ji Sook)
- Min Woo: Is there anything you want for your birthday?
- Ji Sook: There is something.
- Min Woo: What is it?
- Ji Sook: I want to see you smile.
None of the marriage contract clauses is valid anymore. Will you be my real wife? (Min Woo)
Other than children, everyone is wearing a mask. Ultimately, everyone cries and laughs alone. It is hard on them because they pretend otherwise. (Min Woo)
Regardless of who you are or whether I die just because you are by my side, I will not care anymore now. It will be okay as long as she is Byeon Ji Sook who is in front of me. Please do not leave in order to save me. Byeon Ji Sook disappearing in front of me is killing me as well. (Min Woo)
Suk Hoon-shi, by the time you are reading this letter, I wonder where we will be. Are we on the plane, or are we already in Cuba? Do you remember the town called Cojimar in Cuba? We went there for our honeymoon. Let's sit at the beach and go fishing like we did back then. Let's drink the mojitos Hemingway enjoyed. If we feel good after a few drinks, we will dance together and lie down at the beach and sleep in all day. Nobody will nag us for sleeping in, and you will not have to go out in the middle of the night for work. Let's laugh all day like we did at that time. Ahh... I am happy just thinking about it. We will start there. Suk Hoon-shi, from the moment I saw you and up until now, I have always loved you. I will always love you. Thank you for being my husband. I love you, Suk Hoon-shi. (Mi Yeon)
Thanks to that clean person, the marriage life was not difficult. Being next to that person who kept on screaming, I wanted to learn about the reasons. (Ji Sook)
The best present I got was... you. (Ji Sook to Min Woo)
The dog with the loudest bark is the most frightened one. (Suk Hoon)
There is a saying, write a note and keep it in each pocket. In one note, it says, "I am no different than dust or ashes". On the other note, it says, ‘This world is created for me." The world was created just for you, Min Woo. So do not be scared. (Ji Sook) 
A legit relatable quote~ Some people will try and make you feel like you are like ashes or dust. But in my observation, unless you think so too, it is not true. I mean you become what you believe you will become.

To climb up the tall mountain called life, we all think about the top and struggle all our lives. We could have looked to the side at the flowers and smell the scent of happiness. I wanted to climb to the top in order to be happy, but now I am happy just walking and smelling flowers with my loved ones. (Ji Sook)
To those walking in the rain, instead of an umbrella, they need someone to walk with them. To those crying by themselves, instead of a handkerchief, they need someone’s shoulder to cry on. (Ji Sook)
- Will we be able to be happy again?
- Of course. We have that right.
What is love? What is happiness? What do we all live for? Now I know I am happy when I am with my loved ones, walking slowly and smelling the flowers along the way. Now I know that should be the goal of my life. I will live my life that way. I will be happy like that.
When people die, they go into the hearts of the people they love.
Wherever you go, I will follow you. (Min Woo to Ji Sook)
You are only disappointed when you have expectations. (Doo Hyun)
Great comeback, Min Woo!!!~

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Good Quotes From the Smash Hit Korean Drama 'Mask' That May Fit Your Life


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