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'Start-up' (tvN Kdrama) Quotes That Give You Energy to Live, Work, and Love

Can you show up like that time again? You know, like at the networking party. You erased the most miserable period of my life. That day, you were my trophy, my pride, my comfort, my wings… You were my dream. Show up like that time again. It will give me back my confidence and I will be myself again.
Dad, I learned an expensive lesson thanks to you. If the start is easy, then it will be taken away easily as well. (In Jae)
Dad said that if every day were clear, the whole earth would be a desert. And it must rain and snow so that the grass sprouts from the ground, and such delicious tangerines grow. (Dal Mi)
Dad told me that deserts would cover the entire world if it was sunny every day. We need rain and snow for plants and delicious fruits, like this tangerine, to grow! (Dal Mi)
Dal Mi, stop crying. Please stop crying. It was just for one day. I just wanted to make your dream come true for one day and stop. But that one day felt so nice that I missed my chance to stop... Dal Mi, I am sorry, so please. (Do San)
Does my dream have to be success? Cannot it be a person? (Do San)
Every day, I am grateful for the choice I made that day. So you do not need to be sorry. And from now on, you should not worry about me because my life will get even better. I will be honest. At the moment, I am not as successful as In Jae is. I admit it. But In Jae is three years older than me. So give me three years. I will outdo her by then. (Dal Mi)
Grandmother: What about Do San as you know him now?
Dal Mi: I am still getting used to him. He is like a different person at times But for some reason, those few odd moments here and there excite me and make my heart flutter.
Have you ever wandered on purpose? Today, I aimlessly wandered on purpose. Have you ever let yourself get soaked even though you had an umbrella? That was what I did today. It was a sweltering day, and the rain totally cooled me down. After walking for 30 minutes like that, the rain stopped, and an unbelievably beautiful scene unfolded before my eyes. I saw a huge rainbow. It looked as though it would grant me any wish. Then it suddenly hit me. It is actually nice to wander aimlessly every once in a while. From time to time, it would be wonderful to sail off without a map. (Young Dal Mi)
I am not worried about such anti-comments. Someone said that the best revenge on such paltry things is indifference. So I stopped caring about it to get revenge. (In Jae)
If you know why, you will overcome any how. (Sun Hak)
If you cannot win, be an ally.
I know that she is too good for me, but I keep wanting more. I keep getting more desperate. (Do San)
I met someone from the company that day. You took a nap after the Hackathon, but I met the man who was there as a judge. Then I contacted him and submitted a proposal. And my father was not involved at all. You had your chance, too. You are too incompetent for not seizing it. Try to learn from my accomplishments. Luck? Connections? Stop listing excuses already. I am tired of it. (In Jae)
I never regretted it. But I wish things could have been different. I always wished I had met you sooner. Then, we could have played cards on the holidays, and I could have made Gimbap for your school trips. If anyone had bullied you, I would have met their parents, yelled at them to teach their kids better, and fought for you. I know I cannot replace your parents, but I could have at least been a nosy old lady who lives next door. That makes me a bit sad. (Mrs. Choi)
I only say good things to companies I am not interested in. Why bother to check and criticize the condition of a car if I am not going to ride it? (Ji Pyeong)
It could be something important. What is usual to me can be something very precious to others. (Dal Mi)
It is very tiring to live as someone’s pride and joy. You are afraid of disappointing the person, so you pretend you are strong and competent. Let’s not be each other’s pride and joy. (Do San to his dad) 
I think I get it. You want to be as bright as the moon but you feel as though you are just a star as tiny as a dust particle. Is that it?... You are that star over there, the one that looks like a tiny dust particle. A fixed star that is much bigger than the moon. So do not run away. (Dal Mi to Do San)

I want to be on the 32nd floor. The elevator we take will not take me there. I should get on one that will. That is why I am quitting. (Dal Mi)
I want to be the person that comes to mind when life gets tough. (Ji Pyeong wants to be the 1st person his loved one runs to when she is in trouble)
Life is not a dream, you know. It was a good dream, and she seems to have slept well. It is time to wake her up. (Mrs. Choi)
Opinion of others should never become your reality. (quote on Do San's firm's note)
Promise me. If you become successful, do not call me. Do not call me if you become rich and get married. Do not call me if you are happy. I do not want to feel jealous. But call me… if you are going through a rough patch. Come to me if it is raining and you have nowhere to go like you once did. Do not just stand in the rain. You know where to find the keys.
She will not get hurt. I will make sure she does not. (Ji Pyeong promised the grandmother that he would protect Dal Mi)
The longer the wandering, the less confident it is. It is difficult, but you have to decide. Only then you will overcome it. You can do it.
The time spent together seemed to me so granted that I did not notice its value. And after all, every moment was a gift, so I made a decision … No longer to fill moments of my life with regrets. (words from the 1st letter of Ji Pyeong (who pretended to be Do San) to Dal Mi since they were kids)
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"What makes a great CEO?" There is no such thing. That is as absurd as asking what makes a great politician. There are no right answers to politics or management. Why look for answers that do not exist? So, instead of looking for answers, make choices. Whatever you choose, you will be criticized. You cannot make any decisions if you are afraid of criticism. And if you cannot make decisions, you cannot be a CEO. What do you want to be? A good person or a CEO? Do not be greedy. You cannot be both. Choose one. Just one. (Ji Pyeong)
You are a cosmos flower. And it is still spring. Wait until fall, and you will bloom beautifully. Be patient. (Mrs. Choi)

 - Why do you like me?

- Do I need a reason? I just like you. I do not need a reason to like you. Because it is you. You are the reason.

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'Start-up' (tvN Kdrama) Quotes That Give You Energy to Live, Work, and Love


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