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The Best 'Mr. Queen' Kdrama Quotes That Will Always Be in Your Heart

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Episode 5 begins with:

Bong Hwan (voiceover): This world is similar to a minefield of weakness for ordinary people. We become one another’s weakness and drag everyone to hell. Even someone as perfect as me, Jang Bong Hwan, has a weakness. I cannot bear some other guy looking cooler than me. Especially when it is in front of a woman I am interested in. I need to look the best, or I am not satisfied. You could say it is the only weakness of someone who is so perfect.

And ends with:

Bong Hwan (voiceover): There was an immortal being called Achilles. But the heel was his only vulnerable spot. They say he died when an arrow struck that heel. That is the origin of the expression, “Achilles’ heel.” The actual reason for his death is that there was no artisan to make armor boots for him. If we did not have a weakness, we might not have needed each other. We are each other’s weaknesses, dragging each other to misery.

So Yong (voiceover): But we also make up for each other’s weaknesses and save each other.
Confucius said one's heart is more complicated than nature... and seeing through one's heart is harder than seeing through the sky. (Jwa Geun)
Do not think too much about it. Sometimes, thinking can put you in a swamp. The more struggle, the deeper you fall. It will be more painful. ( Byeong In to So Yong)
Even if I fail, I will do my best. Until this guy called fate gets tired of me. I will not let him eat me up easily. (Our King)
Even if our lives are unfortunate and pathetic, let us live longer.
Everyone in the palace has a secret. A secret concealed by lies. A secret that cannot be seen or heard. A secret that is waiting for the right moment. To keep the secret hidden deep in their hearts, they all wear masks. But the seal is bound to break.
Finally we meet after missing each other so many times. Those fleeting moments feel like an eternity, (Our King to our Queen)
How miraculous it is... that tomorrow comes every day? However, we do not realize it is a miracle until the day when tomorrow does not come. It is because we are foolish, and we only realize what is precious after we lose it.
I accept no compromise to do the right thing. (Our King)
I am perfect, except for the fact that I have many flaws. (So Bong)
If I were to compare her to an animal, she would be a wild horse. (Our Queen's father told about her)
I hope we could meet again, not as a king and a queen but as So-Yong and Wonbeom. (Our King)
Incompetence is a sin. (So Bong)
I remember everything that you said to me. (Our King to So Bong)
Cheoljong told So Bong that he remembered everything she said to him, which turned out to be true. Remembering them, he even wrote down every single word, let it be insignificant or having been mentioned in passing.
- Is she [So Bong] making you waver?
- Our King: Yes. She is. She risked her life to save her husband, who had tried to kill her, as well as the woman her husband is in love with. Not because she is boundlessly merciful, and not because she has forgiven me. She did it because she could not turn away from the truth. She never even expected me to apologize or thank her. She quietly did what she thought was right for justice's sake, and this crisis has befallen her now. So how could I not waver?
It is always you. I even see you in my dreams! (So Bong to Our King)
I want to put everything on the line for this man who is bound to lose.
Life is hard even if you live off your own pride.
Many people went out to find you, but the man who found you is the King.
Our King: No matter how much I think about it, I do not want to be born again.
So Bong: No wonder. If you pour so much into this life, you would not want to be born again. It’s okay even if it’s hard. I know you are trying hard. I know you are trying so hard not to crumble. Still, I want you to be reborn. I’ have learned something from living a second life. Trivial things that I would probably regret... if I had not known about them. Our King: Right. I would have regretted it so much... if my life ended without meeting... such a strange person like you.
People are afraid of darkness. So they try to chase it away by lighting it up with light. But the stronger the light is, the darker the shadow is.
People are the scariest things in the world.
She is my woman. If you touch her even with the tip of your finger, this sword will cut your throat. (Our King)
So Bong: Cheoljong ah. Are you dead? I do not know how to get home.
Our King: I thought you came back because you were worried about me. Did you come back here because you cannot find your way home?
:D :D :D
So Bong: Hold on. You heard me when I said I would betray you?
Our King: Ah.
So Bong: You said you had lost your hearing. Was that a lie? Do not tell me... did you orchestrate the explosion, too?
Our King: I did lose my hearing temporarily. It just so happened to come back when you were saying that.
So Bong: Are you crazy? You nearly died!
Our King: My Queen...
So Bong: Did you have to do something so dangerous?
Our King (tenderly hugged So Bong)
So Bong: I had no choice because without you at the palace, it felt like a blackout. Everywhere I turned was dark. Well, let me explain what a blackout is.
Our King: You do not have to explain it. I know how you feel. I felt the same way. I missed you.
So Bong: No way. Are you jealous? That is cute.
Our King: Cute?
(Leaning towards So Bong...)
Our King: Yes. I am jealous.
(Getting closer and closer to So Bong...)
Our King: You are not public property. I do not want anyone else to call you "my dear Queen" or even "my sister." ... Do you still find me cute?
Some people live in a nightmare. But they often find their own ways to overcome their nightmares.
So you are saying you have a very valid reason why you are trying to kill this woman? Is that it? Stop kidding yourself. Whether it is because I heard something or because you are madly in love with another woman, there is only one reason why you would kill me. It is because I am weaker than you. You would not have been able to attack me if I were stronger. It is because I am easy to kill! It is because I am weaker than you. That is the real reason. Here. Try again. Prove that you are just a murderer who would kill a weak person. (So Bong to Our King)
Special Director Hong: In my next life, please let me be born as a stone.
Prince Youngpyeong: Why do you want to be a stone?
Special Director Hong: So I do not have to do anything and live comfortably.
Prince Youngpyeong: Then in my next life, I will kick that stone.
(:D :D :D)
The best defense is a good offense. (So Bong)
The only consistent thing about me was my inconsistency. (So Bong)

When you tried hard to change your life, the world will change before you know it. Just like me, and Cheoljong. (So Bong)
Why did you do that? You did it in order to accumulate property to fill your storehouse. You sold your only daughter to satisfy your greed.... Why did you always tell me to become the Queen and the pride of the family? Why did you tell me that I can do anything if I become the Queen? To me who was struggling with the guilt about my mother’s death, why did you keep saying your dream? (Our Queen spoke her heart out to her father)
Why do not we make a hand signal that only we know? Like this. “what I am saying right now is a lie.” That is what it means.
Wow... Our King did remember everything So Bong told him.
Victim playing is scary. Because you are slowly turning into a monster every day, without even realizing it.
You are arrogant, selfish, and rough around the edges and you are never consistent. You are full of flaws. But I still like you. Even if you have more flaws than anybody else in the world, I still like you. (Our King's confession to So Bong)
You are my comfort. (Our King to So Bong)
You are not denying that you are in love with her. You are just saying that you must not love her. (Hwa-Jin to our King)
Your Highest, I do not rely on my clan or my husband. I am doing whatever I want because I know I can. (So Bong)
You said I would not be able to do anything even though I am the Queen because I am a woman. Just wait and see. I will show you what I am capable of. (So Bong to Jwa Geun)
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The Best 'Mr. Queen' Kdrama Quotes That Will Always Be in Your Heart


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