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Record of Youth Kdrama Ep.3 - 8: The Most Meaningful and Beautiful Quotes That You Just Love

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Be stubborn. That's the privilege of youth, after all
Being trusting is good thing. Those who con others are the bad ones.
Days like these need to be recorded. Today was the perfect day. Excitement, injustice, suddenness, touchingness, and reality … (Jeong Ha)
Does it feel different when you are the one living in the moment instead of spectating it?
Do you know that when it’s hard you start to fuss even more so that others don’t know about your difficulties?
Even parents should apologize when they did something wrong. (Min Ki)
Feeling indebted is the worst. (Jeong Ha)
How dare can a person, without any reason, hurt another? (Jeong Ha)
I am alone, but it feels like with someone… it is so good... (Jeong Ha, after Hye Jun gave a scarf to her, telling herself like that)
If you do not change now, the future will not change. Just by being simple, honest, and good, you cannot win. (Hye Jun's manager)
I needed a room to cry out by myself without worrying about my family. (Hye Jun)
I said everyone "looks" happy. I never said they are actually happy. (Jeong Ha)
I should have a stable life myself before I support someone. (Jeong Ha)

Just thinking about love makes me happy. I do not want to fall in love but I want to be happy.
Life is like a race. You never know who is going to win until it is over.
Sometimes, my laughter is not real. (Hye Jun)

The most precious gift in the world is to live in the present, learn from the past, and plan for the future. (Hye Jun)
Jeong Ha: I used to hate rainy days. 
Hye Jun: Do you still hate them?
Jeong Ha: No. I do not even remember why I used to.
Jeong Ha forgot the reason that she hated rainy days at times she used to be alone since Hye Jun gave her a good reason for being fond of the rain instead.
The old man told the children to wait inside until it was no longer raining. Do you remember the first day we met. We are in the rain from the beginning... Grown-ups have to go outside even in the rain. When I am with you though, even the rain is enjoyable.
We both get a look at each other's pain... that is why we become interested in each other.
When you are not sure whether or not you should say something, just do not say it. (Jeong Ha)
When you are utterly focused on your job, you will not be distracted, but happy. 
Why is it only a man’s job to provide for his family?... You lucked out yourself, why can’t he? I want Hye Jun to choose his own path. Just like you said, it could ruin him. But at least he would have the chance to do what he likes. Have you lived your life doing what pleases you?... Let’s give our children some space to breathe. It is the only reason I am working. I may live doing manual labor until the day I die, but I want our children to have a better life than mine. Life rarely goes the way you want, still, I do not want to be the one who shuts down his dreams before he gives it a chance. I will not let you be the one either. (Ae Sook to her husband) 
You are in your own way, and I am in my own way cool. (Hye Jun)
You will not find anything if you think it is impossible.

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Record of Youth Kdrama Ep.3 - 8: The Most Meaningful and Beautiful Quotes That You Just Love


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