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School Starter | Is your child starting school too?

I am BEYOND NERVOUS for Corey to start school!…

Corey is 4 and from 2.5 year he went to preschool it was around here we started to notice more signs of his Autism and after a hard time at 3ish he left. Well we pulled him out he wasn’t coping and his sleeping pattern was awful so between myself, teachers and health visitors we agree it was best for him to stay home till he was more settled in sleeping etc which we did. Ill leave a link here to Corey journey if you want to read that first and catch up a bit. 

Which now leads up to him being 4.5 years and about to start his schooling journey. He actually starts next Wednesday and every time I think about it my stomach knots half with excitement for him and half with nerves for myself and him! hah! I know this is a normal Parent feeling but im so worried for him like I think what if he can’t open his lunch box or what if he gets thirsty or can’t wipe his bum haha! Im sure I can’t be the only parent thinking these things for the new school starters.

I started my blog as a way of writing about my life as well as other bits and bobs but I wanted somewhere I could put down my own thoughts and if someone else read it and felt the same then I wouldn’t feel so stupid or alone haa! Are you a parent with a new school starter? I think ill do a little series of a first few weeks into the school journey.

Corey likes to repeat information and know what is happening and when. so for weeks we have been preparing him of what will happened and things like his teachers name. He now knows everything he could right down to what the colour of the floor in the big hal is haha!  The school he’s attending actual gave us a great pack where inside was a little book showing their classroom, cloak room, toilets etc and I thought that was a great idea so the children can visualise the new environment. We have already met his teachers. And another thing we brought was a chewy dude which his school also offer to children with additional needs which he will take for nerves

Part of me thinks god I can’t wait for some peace haha! Ill still have Derry at home but Corey is never from my side other than spending the odd few nights at his nans we are together 24/7, so a little break each day will do us both good. Well it’s not a little break he’s going 9-3 which he will get a shock about. But then the other half of me is upset at the fact for 5 days a week I won’t be spending any time with him till the weekend that hurts my heart so much! It just seems a lot for a little person to cope with. Theres probably parents reading this thinking I can’t wait for mine to go back hah! And im sure in the next few months ill be thinking that at Half term myself hah! But im still sad.

I’m sure the first few weeks will be difficult with a lot of tears with him being so tired and trying to settle into a new routine but as a parent you can’t say ok we wont go tomorrow, this is literally it and he has no choice other than to go. Which really scares me.  Im praying on a good experience it would shatter my heart if i had to walked away from him screaming for me or something. I wouldn’t be able to leave. Have you had that? How did you deal with it? He’s very “ready” as much as he can be so it’s all down to his own experience while there to whether he will be ok at going and settle in well.

We’ve got all his uniform ready including flashing shoes. Ive drilled into him what colour coat he has, what shoes, lunchbox everything! haha! We’ve practised sitting on the carpet for stories and to not play while he’s not supposed to be or when they go outside to not scream the place down when its time to come in. If anyone knows Corey he’s a massive outdoors kid, loves being outdoors he would happily live in a woodland if he could so coming back into the classroom i can imagine thats going to go down like a ton of bricks.

Im even worrying what I can pack in his lunch box hah! Like I don’t want to get in trouble from the head teacher for packing a cheeky choccy biscuit or packet of crisps haha!

What have you done to prepare your children? Or yourself? Are you and they excited? Ill leave a link to cute little video of Corey here and our conversation about school on our instagram. 

My tips for other parents

  • Get organised. Label everything. Have a clean uniform for everyday so there’s no stress or rushing around in the mornings or evenings.
  • Prepare. Tell your child all the relevant names of things he may need or teachers and things like sitting on the carpet and crossing legs, to be quiet in story time. Little things that may happen through the day that they will know from talking at home.
  • Explain. Explain you will leave and COME BACK! A big thing for children is knowing you will return to collect them.
  • Something ive been teaching Corey is what items are his. Theres no good handing them a brand new lunchbox, bag and coat on the day that they’ve never seen and then something goes missing or its time to come home and they haven’t a clue what is their item.
  • LABEL LABEL LABEL! If you’ve brought a pair of shoes that light up im pretty sure half the class or at least 1 other person has the same must have item and being the same age they are more likely to be the same size so label yours! I brought some stickers that are washer safe with his name and a monster truck picture on so Corey knows they are his as he can’t read haha!
  • Don’t make the mistake of saying im going to miss you gone all day. keep it positive everyone will be excited. You’ll meet so many new friends and all new toys etc. You dont want to attach any negative feelings or that being away will upset you (parent).

So for now thats how were feeling I think ill make this a little series and Link them all here and together so that any new school starting parents can follow the journey too!



Leave us a comment make me feel less alone in this schooling stuff?? haha!



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School Starter | Is your child starting school too?


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