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4 Ways to Achieve Massive Amounts of Success

There is only one thing in the world you get to control and that's your Effort.When you put a lot of effort in and you do it consistently , you get a lot back such as more pay, more joy, better relationship and more fitness. When you constantly exude effort and you experience the results that make you grateful you start automatically associating with your effort gratitude. This help you become confident that your work will create amazing opportunities in the future.

If you want to be grateful and successful then start a gratitude practice.

Below are four different ways you can cement your gratitude practice and take your success to the next level.

 1- Start an "Amazing Efforts" note tab

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Most people stop putting in effort because they don't have enough positive reinforcement for the work they put in. They work, but they don't see results by the time they think they should have. Because they have not encouraged themselves or felt grateful for their efforts, they fizzle out. The simplest solution is to start an ongoing note tab for your amazing efforts.
This note tab will be populated with all good decisions you make from waking up and sticking with your morning routine even when you felt like hell to taking care of your body.

You feel grateful for doing  what less motivated people wouldn't and you feel empowered.All of this brings you a step closer to the person you want to be and the things you want to achieve.

 "For every disciplined there is a multiple reward."

2- Create a list of daily non-negotiables

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It's awesome to practice gratitude, but if you sit on your duff practicing gratitude when you should be busting to make things happen, you won't progress and your gratitude practice will not be effective.How can you get up and give your best when don't even know what you should be doing? My solution is draft a recurring list of daily non-negotiable goals.
Once a week sit down with pen and paper and think of your highest priority goals. Let's say you want to get paid for writing or for your design work- then writing, designing, pitching, applying for work and studying to advance your craft should be the things you are doing everyday no excuses.

There is not going to be one massive action you take that gets you there , it's going to be your daily effort towards small but important goals in your non-negotiable list. If you have that list written down
and imprinted in your brain, you wake up knowing exactly what must be done to give your best effort for the day.

3- Things you need to include in your non-negotiables list

Along with any daily action you need to take for your career, include your goals for health, fitness, happiness and any kind of self improvement that's critical to you for the next week. For instance mediating, journaling, practicing something you love and exercising will probably appears on your non-negotiables list.

Don't saddle yourself with too many goals- otherwise you will feel paralyzed and scared to even try. But at the same time time try to challenge yourself  and yourself out of your comfort zone. The most important thing is that you are putting in consistent effort towards the things that matter most.

4- Get someone to keep your accountable to your efforts

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It's is one thing to do less than what you expected of yourself, and to let yourself down. You are not affecting anyone else right? No one's is going to give you any guff about it and you can rationalize your effort with any number of excuses.

When you check in with your friend, mentor or coach you will tell them about the amazing effort that you made and they'll celebrate your efforts and give you a thousand times more positive reinforcement than you could experience on your own. You'll associate your efforts with an incredible person who cares about and who's excited about your progress which will help you make amazing efforts no matter how you feel.

If you don't have someone who can keep you accountable and celebrate your successes, it's extremely important to find a mentor or coach who can rely on.


If you've  practiced gratitude only to quiet or you didn't get the result you wanted, start putting in more effort today.

Which one of the above 4 tasks will help you on your journey towards success most? Let us know your thoughts below! 

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4 Ways to Achieve Massive Amounts of Success


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