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How To Tell An Unsuitable Suitor You Are Not Interested

How To Tell An Unsuitable Suitor You Are Not Interested

Everyone is created with a natural desire to like things. This explains the reason God creates and created things in their various colors,shapes and sizes,taste and textures.It's for us to make our choices according to our desires. This also goes down to love.

I have never seen anyone who loves someone without any reason. Love goes with attraction. Attraction is based on desire ;And choices we make are based on our desire and attraction.

When you have someone who is interested in you ,who says he loves everything about you,that you are just the picture of the woman he wants for a wife and you don't feel the same way about that person, what should you do? How should you do it?  Should you tell your Unsuitable suitor the ugly reason why you won't reciprocate his love? How to tell an unsuitable suitor you are not interested!!

You know it could be very annoying and painful when someone who loves you gets this in reply: ''You know you are short and short people don't suit me'' or you find out he has low IQ or an illiterate and you say to his very face: '' I can't deal with illiterate people they irritate me. How much more having them as suitors...'' sister,is that being smart or intelligent? Is it the right thing to do? Click to read more here: Should I Marry The Man Who Stays With Me When I Have Nothing Or The Man Who Makes My Dream Come True?

I know we have right to make a choice of a marriage mate. I know you have the right to say NO to anyone who does not measure up to your desire. I also know it is very injurious to the heart,mind and soul to accept someone off your heart desire for marriage out of pity but how should you say NO to such one? How to tell an unsuitable suitor you are not interested!!

Don't tell him that you love him but you can't marry him because he is short,tall,illiterate,he has low IQ,and all of that undesirable things to you. The truth is that you can't love somebody and still say no to him because of your weightless measurement of him. You can't love someone without any reason. You love someone because of his possessions-qualities and personal makeup so why lie ''I love you but I can't marry you because you are...''

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The good book the Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. We are not saying that someone being what you don't desire or like is a sin. After all,that person is just the perfect picture of someone else's heart desire.

Simply tell him you appreciate you are loved by him but ''you see,my heart is not in this at all.'' You could also say something like: ''Maybe we should give it sometime to see if my heart will knock towards you. If it does,you will surely know''. Don't you think it is much better than the former way of using a sharp sword to slaughter someone who does you nothing wrong but loves you ??  Don't tell him your choice. Let him find out your choice by himself!! How to tell an unsuitable suitor you are not interested.

However,there is something worse than telling unsuitable suitor to his face the unpleasant ( to you) reason why you don't love him. Collecting and accepting gifts from him or asking him for financial help and assistance when you know you are not going to build a future with him. If you know he is not your suitor,completely go away from him. Leave him and leave his resources for him!!

How someone is created is not a fault. Whether someone is short or tall,black or fair in complexion,pretty or what appears ugly in your eyes is good and perfect in its way. If you are not attracted to someone it is not because that someone is casually made or lesser than anyone else,it is because that person is not your choice!!

Worst of it all moreover is condemning someone to his very face telling him how unsuitable he is to you I repeat,don't tell him. Let him find out himself. This is character assassination,reducing a perfectly made man in God's image to nothing . It is not just unfair but also rude and senseless thing to do. How to tell an unsuitable suitor you are not interested. Now you know how!!!

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How To Tell An Unsuitable Suitor You Are Not Interested


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