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What It Means To Be In Love.

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What It Means To Be In Love.

Do you know of anyone who says he or she is in love? Do you know of anyone who is truly in love? Do you think you are in love? Are you truly in love? You see,these questions are here because of so much confusions people in relationships have.

Truly speaking,thousands of women are in relationships with their heart desires but still feel the vacuum that only love can fill.  Does this mean they are in relationships with wrong persons? People who love some other persons while they pretend to love them?

You see,there is a huge difference between being in love with someone and having love for someone. Most people who have problems in their relationships,feeling empty and being in want of love even when they in relationships are those who simply have love for their partners or whose partners simply have love for them rather than being in love with them.

Do you know of anyone who is in a relationship? Is he or she in love or does he or she feel or have love for his or her partner? What it means to be loved!


Many people know the popular story of the Romeo and Juliet. You may have also heard of ''Love in Turkyo, These are examples of endless love. Inseparable love. Love in action. People in this kind of relationship are lovers and they are in love. They share,experience,and feel what it means to be in love. They don't wonder whether they are really in love with their partners. Yes,they know it is not just love they have for each other but that they in love.

  • When you are in love,your partner becomes your soulmate and not your bedmate. This is to say that even when your partner lives or stays a far distance,you both are not separated. You are ever close

to each other as if he is standing always,next to you. What it means to be in love.

  • Again when you are in love,you don't have or feel any doubt that he is the right person for you. Yes,he feels the same. Your heart,your mind and your soul are completely in agreement with him or her. At this time,you do not have a second man as option as much as he doesn't. Everything just take two to tangle for both of you.

  • When you are in love with someone who truly does the same with you,you do not have to beg for his or her attention even when he does not immediately give you the satisfaction you want from him. This does not mean he denies or have to deny you your needs. A man who is in love with you won't do that but a man who simply has love for you can. What it means to be in love.

  • Yes,when you are in love,you are filled and satisfied with the person you love. You are okay with everything he is or has. His wrong or imperfection does not hurt you. You accept his good,bad and ugly as fine and beautiful. And no chances,no ugly traits can take him away from your heart.

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The truth yet is that,every true relationship has pains and endurance. Stop being deceived by the movies you watch and fictions you read that depict that true relationships and love are bed roses. Look at real live experiences and true love stories and you will see that there is always Exodus after Genesis in every true relationship.

True love will sometimes make you cry and shed tears but will sure soothe your heart thereafter. That is what it means to be in love!!!

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What It Means To Be In Love.


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