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Snatch expired domains and pull out added value

Snapping domains

The upswing of the niche pages brought in the last months again a topic very forward: Domains snapp. Where real Expired Domains tend to be in short supply, today one plumps at those who will expire in the next seven days. To snag a domain, one uses providers such as Nicsell and backorder,

You can promote existing websites with a “used domain” that has not expired yet, but is taken over directly by you when you release it. There are different ways to do this. I would like to introduce and explain it to you.

Note: Before you snatch a domain, you should always do a trademark search in order not to violate any third party rights!

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Snatch and forward

The most convenient solution, and by far the most widely used one, is direct routing of a domain to an existing project. It makes different sense. In principle, the new domain won should be topic-relevant. She also had best rankings in the same subject area and has a clean, own link profile.

Then the Expired Domain can optionally be redirected to the start page of an existing website – all URLs of the snapped domain must lead to the new homepage – or, you make a little more effort and build a special subpage in the existing project. As far as possible, this subpage resembles the former contents of the new domain. There leads then via 301 redirect the captured domain and all its URLs.

URLs of the snapped domain that have significant links should be treated differently. Here it is important to consider whether the new sub-page further sub-levels are added, where then the corresponding old URLs are routed. On the new subpages, the content that dealt with the snapped domain is again dealt with thematically.

To this point understood? From the newly created content you can of course set links to your other content. And because you have largely integrated a former project directly into your existing page using this method, you will also be able to achieve very good results.

Snapping and profit is nothing that just happens in 5 minutes. At least not if you do it for long-term enrichment of existing projects. As I said, you can add suitable domains Nicsell and backorder to snap.

Domain snaps and rehabilitate project

The rehabilitation of former projects is the method by which you best recover the former values ​​of a domain. So if you want rankings and traffic in an area where you can Snatch Expired Domains, then you should not forward them but build them directly. It is important that you make a complete picture of the former contents and structures. helps you find the old content. Sometimes even a “site: query” in Google and Bing is enough!

You can either build the old URLs 1: 1, or you can create new URLs for the old URLs, but redirect each old URL to the corresponding new address via 301 redirect. For example, if the old website had no speaking URLs, it's a good idea to create the new one, at least in a modern way.

Of course, you are not allowed to copy content from the old website. You would have to process these in their own words, analogously again. After all, you have no copyright on the old content and certainly no rights of use. The same applies to the former logo and other images. Of course this is not legal advice!

Incoming links, especially those that lead to 404 pages, you will find at best or another tool. I think as the most sensible solution and recommend you to take a closer look.

Of course, you can also link your own websites from the rebuilt project, provided that they have relevance to the topic. Many site owners also use strong snapped domains to rent / sell subpages with links. Sounds like 1997, but it's also 2016 and will continue to be current in 2017 as well, to get a few extra Euros with an Expired Domain.

However, in my opinion, the focus should be on meaningfully strengthening one's own network with newly landed domains. And selling links is not a healthy mix in my opinion. However, I would never deny not to do it here and there. 😉 Experience shows that you are better served when you use Google AdSense or affiliate programs on your newly built website. You simply save the potential conflict for unnatural outbound links.


Domain snapping makes sense, but to add value, you need to invest a bit of time. Simply register domain and forward is usually not a solution. And if, then only a short-term. If you want to be successful in the long term, you should actually think about the full rehabilitation of the Expired Domain or at least carefully integrate it into your existing project. Only then will you exhaust the maximum.

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Snatch expired domains and pull out added value


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