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Top 10 Best Led Night Light Bulbs in 2019 Review

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There are so many options available of led night light Bulbs in the market. If you are looking forward to investing in this product of a light Bulb, then you will need to consider many options. Led night-lights function is simple and choosing the best quality of light bulb cannot be undermined. The available plenty of options in the market makes it overwhelming and tiring for one to get the best model.

You need to get the right bulb that fits well for your fixture. That said, we evaluated different light bulbs that are available in the market and came up with the best models for you. This article is to help you make the best choice of led night light bulbs to purchase. As far as this year is concerned, we have given you the best available models that with surely impress you. I mean, with this article review we believe that when it comes to purchasing a led night light bulb, you will be able to make the right choice.

List Of Best Led Night Light Bulb Reviews in 2019:

Image Product Price
G7 Power Boulder LED 0.5 Watt (5W) 15 Lumen C7 Night Light Bulb, 2900K Soft White Light, E12 Base 2-Pack
Buy on Amazon
Anyray LED Night Light bulb, 0.36 Watt C7 (4W 5W 7W Replacement) E12 Candelabra Base, 110V Warm White Color
Check on Amazon
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Feit Electric BPC7/LED Three LED Night Light Bulb with Candelabra Base, Clear, 2 Pack
$5.98$6.99 (14% off)
Buy on Amazon
Triangle Bulbs 0.5-Watt C7 LED Night Light Bulb, Clear, 2-Pack (4 bulbs)
$7.99$9.99 (20% off)
Buy on Amazon
LED Night Light Bulb
Buy on Amazon
Night Light Bulbs, C7 Candelabra Bulb, Emotionlite LED Light Bulbs with E12 Chandelier Base, 0.5 Watt (4W 5W 6W Incandescent Equivalent), 50LM, Warm White, 2700K, Clear, UL Listed, 8 Pack
Buy on Amazon
Anyray (2-Pack LED Night Light bulb, 0.36 Watt (4W 5W 6W 7W Replacement) E12 Candelabra Base, 120V Warm White Color
$8.99$9.99 (10% off)
Buy on Amazon
Sylvania 78563 0.6 Watt Accent LED C7 Night Light Bulb, Pack of 2
Buy on Amazon
Maxxima LED C7 Candelabra Night Light Replacement Bulb 12 Lumens, 2 LED - (Pack of 4)
Buy on Amazon
Feit Electric BPC7/LED C7 LED Night Light Bulb 2 Pack
Buy on Amazon

#10. G7 Power Boulder LED 0.5 Watt Led Night Light Bulb

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By: G7 Power Led Night Light Bulbs

Starting in this review is this great product by G7 Power. This is a non-dimmable product that is featured with a cool color temperature of 2900K. Additionally, the light bulb is ideal for use with manual on/off switches. The fantastic thing about this product is that is featured with light sensors that can last from dusk till dawn.

I mean, the 15 lumen of a warm white light that is generated from this light bulb is great for a warm atmosphere. This is one of those amazing products that you can make an instant turn-on at full brightness. Why go for another product that is energy consuming? The G7 Power Boulder-led light bulb consumes minimum energy of 0.5 watts hence ideal for you to make a lot of annual savings.

Furthermore, with this bulb, you will be able to enjoy an extended period of lighting as it can last up to 25000 hours. Of course, when it comes to light output in lumens, quality and efficiency this product byG7 is the preferable choice by many customers. Lastly, this amazing product that weighs 1.6 ounces is not compatible with motion sensors or automatic switches.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The product measures 2.2× 0.8 ×2.2 inches and has a boulder item model number.
  • It comes in a candle shape featuring a soft white color and a voltage of 120 volts.

#9. Anyray LED Night Light Bulb E12 Candelebra Base 110V Warm White Color

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By: Anyray Led Night Light Bulbs

Next in the list is the Led night light bulb by Anyray that scoops the 9th position. Unlike many other light bulbs, this model by Anyray produces a high brightness. Again, it is perfect for energy consumption as it is designed in a simple way that makes it energy efficient. The great thing about this light bulb is that it works with different levels of voltage.

That is, it works with 110 volts, 120 volts, and 130 volts hence appropriate to be used for a long period without any defects. Again, the reason why this is the best choice of led night light bulb is that it is a universal bulb. I mean, you can use this bulb for Christmas lighting, restaurants, home, office, stores, and schools.

The bulb consumes the energy of 0.36 Watt, and when purchased it comes with 4 watt, 5 watts, and 7-watt replacement. However, this is a non-dimmable product that will ensure you have an extended period of lighting. Finally, this led light comes in a warm white color, and it measures 50mm× 20mm ×20mm.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • This bulb is perfect to be used as a door of a refrigerator as it does not put out a lot of heat when left on.
  • It produces the right and perfect brightness with no strange shadows.

#8. Felt Electric BPS/LED Three LED Night Light Bulb with Candelabra Base Clear 2 pack

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By: Felt Electric Led Night Light Bulbs

If you are looking for a LED light that is more efficient, then look no further. This perfect LED light is 90% more efficient than many models. When you purchase this product, you will receive the luminous LED three night light bulbs that do not consume a lot of energy. Sure, the amount of energy used by this particular item is 1-watt hence ideal for energy consumption.

It is equipped with a candelabra base that is clear and attractive therefore appealing to any customer’s eye. In addition, the bulb is known to use less energy when compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs. Another amazing thing about the light bulb is that it is designed to last up 50000 hours of lighting.

Again, it is featured with a glass that allows for pure light illumination, therefore, giving an observation of the object in dark hours. This light bulb by Felt Electric has life duration 45.7 years. Therefore, it is determined to be of good quality and design.

Why you should get one:
  • It is made with a flexible and lightweight design hence weighing 0.8 ounces.
  • It is perfect for instant on full light and has a color temperature of 2.15”H×0.95” D.

#7. Triangle Bulbs 0.5-Watts C7 LED Night Light Bulb clear 2-Pack (4 bulbs)

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By: Triangle Bulbs Led Night Light Bulbs

This review cannot be complete without looking at this great product by Triangle Bulbs. That said, triangle bulbs led C7 ensures that the light produced is crystal clear. Unlike many other options of led light bulbs available in the market, this product is great for night lights Christmas and night lights. Additionally, when you acquire this product, you will be able to reduce your energy consumption by over 90% compared to other bulbs.

The E12 candelabra base of this led light allows a wide variety of other applications. I mean, this product is ideal for most standard nightlight fixtures and will work well in your homes, office, stores or restaurants. It is designed to produce a warm white light for a night light while also running cool. If you are looking for a LED light bulb to use for outdoor purposes, then this particular choice is safe for outdoor use. Of course, it came in a pack of four and considered to be suitable for fixtures and standard switch night lights.

This is a CE and RoHS compliant product that has no glass to break. The wide application of this light bulb includes chandelier, signs, accent lighting and more. Again, typically you can use this particular product under a voltage of 120V with a lumen range of 15-20.

Why you should get one:
  • It has a weight capacity of 0.32 ounces.
  • It has an assembled height of 1 inch, assembled length of 1 inch and assembled width of 2 inches.

#6. LED Night Light Bulb

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By: Night Light Designs-LED Led Night Light Bulbs

Halfway in the list comes this product this night light bulb that is manufactured by Night Light Designs. The bulb is considered to be the best alternative to incandescent bulbs as is consumes little energy. The bulb fits all the normal night light C7 sockets as it does not generate any heat whatsoever. Again, this is an extremely efficient LED light bulb that consumes very little electricity, therefore, allowing you to make savings for other things.

Most importantly, the energy efficient product will enable you to spend only pennies per year unlike most of the light bulbs that are energy consuming. Of course, it is a very safe and excellent choice of product for the children night light. Basically, this bulb is cool to the touch, and all you need to do is turn it on and forget about it.

Unlike the normal incandescent bulbs, this model of night light bulb is made with a rustic style. The reason why you should consider this particular of a led light bulb as your best choice is because of the efficiency in it. It features an extremely long life of up to 100000 hours.

reasons I picked Best Led Night Light Bulbs:
  • It is safe to be left for 24/7 lighting and provide the right amount of light.
  • It is perfect for little night lights, and it is visible.

#5. Night Light Bulbs C7 Candelabra bulb Emotionlite Led Night Light Bulbs

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By: Emotionlite Led Night Light Bulbs

Scooping the 5th position in the list is the Emotionlite Light bulb that has a warm light glow. The product features a color temperature of 2700K that is perfect and comfortable for your sleeping. The E12 candelabra base of this great light bulb is universal meaning it can fit plenty of functions with ease.

It is designed with a built-in filament that is equivalent to 4-7 watt C7 incandescent bulbs. Moreover, it will be able to cut up to 90 percent of energy saving hence making you spend little pennies annually on energy. Another wonderful thing about this product is that is made with a multi-usage design. It can be used as a salt lamp, nightlights, festival decorative strings, signs, and exits. This is the preferable choice of LED light bulb for many customers. Do you know why? Because it is reliable and convenient, unlike other light bulbs.

Most importantly, it comes in a four pack and has a lifespan of up 25000 hours. Based on 3 hours per day use of this light bulb it can last up to 23 years, therefore, reducing re-lamp replacement frequency. Finally, this is easy to use a light bulb as it installs into existing standard E12 base led light fixtures direct producing an amber glow light.

reasons I picked Best Led Night Light Bulbs:
  • It features 45 days money back and three years warranty.
  • It is ideal for a warm and cozy temperature.

#4. Anyray 2-Pack LED Night Bulb 0.36 Watt Led Night Light Bulb

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By: Anyray Led Night Light Bulbs

This product by Anyray pops out again in the review, but this time it scooped the 4th position. This is one of the amazing product that is currently trending in the market because of the uniqueness in design. It is crafted with E12 candelabra base that is functional and compatible to many functions. Of course, this is easy to use a light bulb that is crafted not to work on nightlights that are photocell.

Basically, this is a universal product that can be used for your home, night lights, Accent Lighting, signs, and Christmas lighting. Sure, this amazing led light bulb works with a different range of voltages starting from 110 Volt, 120 volts, and 130 volts. If you are looking for a no-dimmable product there, look no further.

The night light bulb by Anyray is made to produce high brightness. Again, it is an energy efficient bulb that uses 0.36 watts of energy. That is, with the use of this light bulb you will be able to cut your energy consumption up to 90%, therefore, incurring little annually payments on electricity bills. Of course, this great product is designed to last up to 50000 hours of bulb life hence giving you an extended period of lighting.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Led Night Light Bulbs:
  • The led night light bulb weighs 3.2 ounces and features a warm white color.
  • It is a great bulb as it illuminates light perfectly under a cool and cozy temperature.

#3. Sylvania Home Lighting – Best Led Night Light Bulbs

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By: Sylvania Home Lighting Led Night Light Bulbs

Coming at position 3 in the list is Sylvania Home lighting bulb that is perfect for indoor use. The light bulb features a color temperature of 65000K and 80 CRI. That said, this is perfect for giving a clear show of object without having any filters in dark hours. Moreover, the night light bulbs designed to last up to 15,000 hours hence giving you an extended period of lighting.

Most importantly, when it comes to power usage, this is the outstanding and appropriate choice of model for you. The light bulb uses only 0.6W of energy hence saving a large percentage of energy. This is one of the brightest led nightlight bulbs that enables the light to cut off sharply at the bulb base.

Again, for hallways, this is the right choice of product for use as it is mainly designed to suit small dark areas. The truth is, this is a decent light bulb that will last you for an extended period. If you are in need of the perfect bulb for your home decoration, then opt for this model. It is ideal for use in your home, kitchen, bedroom and dining room as it gives a good amber glow light. Lastly, for added safety, security and convenience invest in this nightlight bulb.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Led Night Light Bulbs:
  • It is easy to use by installing into existing E12 base.
  • It is of the best quality and design.

#2. Maxxima Led Night Light Bulb

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By: Maxxima Led Night Light Bulbs

This is one of the best top night light bulbs that scoops the 2nd position in the list. Basically, the product is crafted with a unique and simple design that distinguishes it from other models. That is, it features 7 lumens that enable emission of warm white light. Again, the color temperature of this particular product is 3000k hence ideal for a cool and cozy environment. This is an approved product that will last you an extended period of lighting.

Of course, this night light bulb by Maxxima replaces the standard light night screw in bulbs hence working efficiently. Another great thing about this model o night light bulb is that it contains 3 white LEDs. This enables a clear and sufficient brightness from the bulb when switched on. Additionally, it features an E12 candelabra base that is compatible with many functions.

It is ideal for a voltage of 120, frequency of 60Hz and uses the energy of 0.8watt. For sure, when you purchase this product you will receive one-month money back and 1-year product warranty. That is, if you feel that you are not satisfied with the quality and design of the product then you will be refunded back your money fully. Finally, this is an affordable product for you that will guarantee you efficiency and generate a clear brightness in your home.

reasons I picked Best Led Night Light Bulbs:
  • It has a weight capacity of 1.12 ounces.
  • It is universal in that it can be used in your home, office, school or stores.

#1. Felt Electric BPC7/LED C7 Led Night Light Bulbs 2 pack

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By: Felt Electric Led Night Light Bulbs

This wonderful product by Felt Electric pops out again in the checklist, but this time it scoops the 1st position. This is the ideal choice of product that will cut up to 90% of energy consumption in your home. Felt Electric brand is known in producing a product of high quality and design. That said, this particular nightlight bulb is built with the leading technology that makes it outstanding among many other choices.

The reason why we highly recommend for this product is that it is compliant for low voltage and uses less than 1 watt. Also; this is a free-mercury night light bulb that has no warm-up period. Unlike many other choices of product, this bulb light by Felt Electric features the largest dimensions.

It has an assembled height of 7 inches, assembled length of 11 inches and assembled width of 9 inches. Sure, when it comes to shape, this is a standard light bulb that features a modern style and made from crystal materials. This is an awesome bulb for night lights as it does not get hotter and gives a perfect color. In conclusion, it is a universal type of light bulb that is ideal for use in the office, homes, hallways, schools, and restaurants.

reasons I picked Best Led Night Light Bulbs:
  • It weighs 0.8 ounces.
  • It is non-dimmable and compliant shock resistant.

Factors to consider when choosing a led night light bulb:

Color temperature:

  • you should be able to consider this factor before settling on any model of a light bulb. The color temperature is something to consider as is creates a picture of how the light appears when an illuminated bulb is observed. The best light bulbs are those that produce a yellowish white light with a color temperature of 2700K. This will ensure that you get a warm and cozy feeling.


  • you need to consider the voltage range of the light bulb to ensure that the bulb you purchase matches perfectly with your fixture. The reason why this is an important consideration is that low voltage draws more current whereas high voltage can reduce the life of the bulb.

Color rendering index:

  • this will help you know how the object will look like when the light source is projected on it. Moreover, the light source with a CRI of 80%-90% is considered to be good at color rendering. The recommended light bulbs for tasks requiring accurate color discrimination should have a CRI of 90% and above.

Light bulb base:

  • before purchasing any type of light bulb consider the base types as there are two main types of light bases. You need to evaluate which base will best suit your lighting source when making a connection. Choosing the correct bulb base is vital along with its size to ensure compatibility. Again, the shape of your light bulb is a key consideration. When choosing on the right light bulb ensure that the shape will function and fit properly with the fixture.

Watts and lumens:

  • this consideration will help you know the amount of energy required to light the light bulb and the amount of light produced. When making a selection always check at the lumens, rather than watts. When a light bulb produces more lumens the brighter the light will be emitted from the light bulb.

Why you need led night light bulb?

Security: the led light bulbs are ideal in maintaining security in your home area as they illuminate on the darkness.

Affordable: these light bulbs are affordable, unlike many other similar products that are expensive.

Final thoughts

As simple as night light bulbs are functional, do not let the idea of choosing the right model to confuse you. With the top best models of night light bulbs that we have reviewed for you, you will have no problem choosing the right light bulb for yourself. Hurry up and get yourself any of these models.

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Top 10 Best Led Night Light Bulbs in 2019 Review


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