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Top 10 Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits in 2019 Review

A Paintless Dent Repair toolkit is a vital tool that every owner should always have in the car. The tool allows you to restore your vehicle to the factory-fresh look without incurring service costs of a professional mechanic. And as the name suggests, this kit comes equipped with tools required to remove car dents and perform other works in your car.

However, if you go out looking for the best paintless Dent Repair toolkit for your car, you may find it a bit challenging since different kits come with various tools and varying price tags. Luckily, if you want to rid yourself of the turmoil, we have provided a reliable buying guide that will help you get that perfect repair kit for your car without flipping a thousand pages in search of the best.

List Of Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit Reviews in 2019:

Image Product Price
GLISTON PDR Tools, 31pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tools Kit PDR Golden Dent Lifter + PDR Glue Sticks + PDR Glue Tabs Auto Body Dent Removal Tools Car Dent Removal Tool Kit
Buy on Amazon
Yoohe PDR Tools – Pops a Dent Bridge Dent Puller Kit with Hot Melt Glue Gun Glue Sticks for Car Body Dent Repair
Buy on Amazon
GLISTON Pops a Dent Puller Bridge Dent Repair Tools Pdr Kit Paintless Dent Repair Remover for Auto Body Motorcycle Refrigerator Washing Machine
Buy on Amazon
Togyoo Pops a Dent Puller Bridge Dent Repair Tools PDR Kits Paintless Dent Repair Remover for Auto Body Motorcycle Refrigerator Washing Machine
Buy on Amazon
YOOHE PDR Paintless Dent Repair Kit – Dent Bridge Dent Puller Kit with Hot Glue Sticks for Car Dent Removal and Hail Damage
Buy on Amazon
ARISD 32Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit Glue Gun Dent Lifter Bridge Puller Set For Car Hail Damage And Door Dings Repair
Buy on Amazon
Fly5D 53Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Removal Tool Kits Dent Lifter Bridge Glue Puller Kits with Tool Bag
$53.88$55.88 (4% off)
Buy on Amazon
Mookis PDR Tools Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kits 34pcs with Dent Lifter Suction Cup Hot Glue Gun Sticks Pro Tabs -Tools Bag Included
Buy on Amazon
ARISD Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit - PDR Puller Grip PRO Slide Hammer T-Bar Tool with 16pcs Dent Removal Pulling Tabs for Car Auto Body Hail Damage Remover
Buy on Amazon
AUTOPDR 40pcs DIY Paintless Dent Removal Tool Kit for Automobile Body Motorcycle Refrigerator Washing Machine …
$49.99$79.99 (38% off)
Buy on Amazon

#10. GLISTON PDR Tools, 31pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit

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  • By: GLISTON PDR Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

This is another fantastic product that will not only ensure user’s safety but also protect the original paint of the car so that you do not incur additional costs in repainting. The tool comes with all the necessary tools that you need to work on dents with ease effectively. For example, it comes with 24 dent pulling tabs that are of different types to let you work excellently on different sizes of cuts. Furthermore, the six pieces of glue sticks ensure effectiveness and efficiency when repairing dents.

And since it is an easy-to-use tool, you do not need to have the knowledge and skills of a professional mechanic to use the tool effectively; it works alike for both the experts and the first-time users. The devices are housed in a heavy-duty kit which offers perfect storage and lets you conveniently store it in the car trunk so that you can use it anywhere and anytime.

And since the manufacturer has the confidence in the quality of the tools, the manufacturer stands behind every kit with a two-year warranty to let the car owner buy without the worry that the product may fail and with the assurance of recovering the money should the tool have any quality issues.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • The excellent 24-7 customer service helps to address customer issues in real-time to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • The kit comes at an affordable price that suits almost every pocket of a car owner.

#9. Yoohe PDR Tools – Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

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  • By: Yoohe Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

If you still pay for dent repairs, it is time you save the cash and work on the dents by yourself using this user-friendly dent repair toolkit. The kit comes fully equipped with all the tools that’s let’s you work with ease whenever you come across the frustrating dents on your beautiful car. And although some tools are only useful in removing the small cuts, this exceptional repair toolkit handles both the minor and the large dents with equal perfection allowing you restore the brand-new look of the car at a low cost in no time.

And although these tools are tough on removing dents, they remain gentle on the original car painting which eliminates the price that could result from the need to repaint the car. Additionally, when it comes to versatility, this repair toolkit is made to deliver perfection on all dents in different metal surfaces such as refrigerators, tents, washing machines to restore the full functionality and beauty.

Additionally, since the tools are free from any chemical content, they 100% environmental friendly hence does not release any toxic elements into the environment. Furthermore, the cost of the kit is pocket-friendly thus bringing a cost-effective solution for dealing with car dents within half an hour. And since there are no costs for sanding or labor costs, this kit reduces the cost of dent removal by up to 90%.

Why you should get one:
  • The can also be used as a DIY repair tool at home which makes it a must-have for any car owner and homeowner.
  • The inspired design lets you use bridge dent puller in hail damage repairs.

#8. GLISTON Pops a Dent Puller Bridge Dent Repair Tools Pdr Kit

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  • By: GLISTON Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

If you are looking for the best deal in the market regarding price, you should hold onto this high-quality dent repair toolkit tight. The amazing unit comes equipped with different tools that make dent removal not only practical and less time-consuming but also more fun. The bridge comes with an improved design which prevents further damage to the car. Additionally, adhesive system design lets you eliminate the annoying dents without leaving traces that are left when using other tools.

Additionally, these tools are environmentally friendly since they are free from any chemical substances. Therefore, they do not emit poisonous gases when in use. The five tabs are of different sizes which allow for versatility since the tool can be used for all automobile, motorcycle body, shopping carts, and many other metallic surfaces without causing a damage on the original paint.

And since many fake models flood the market, the customers are faced by the fear that the product may fail. Having that in mind, the highly-reputable manufacturer backs each dent repair toolkit with a two-year warranty which boosts the confidence of the customer by providing the opportunity for customers to get their money back just in case the kit doesn’t meet the anticipated dent repair needs.

Why you should get one:
  • The manufacturer provides excellent customer service with 24-7 customer support to help address customer issues in the shortest time.
  • It is a cost-effective option that will save you the cost of paying for dent repair service in the future.

#7. Togyoo Pops a Dent Puller Bridge Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit

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  • By: Togyoo Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

This high-quality paintless repair kit is yet another great option you can opt for if you are looking for the best one for equipping your car. The bridge comes with unique design fitted with feet made of rubber which prevents damages to the area around the dents when working on the cuts. The adhesive system design allows you to eliminate the ugly dents without leaving a messy trace on the surface of the car which creates a difference between this repair tool and most of the other kits outside there.

Additionally, since the tools of this kit are 100% environmentally friendly, they will not release any toxic emission to the environment or release chemical toxins that can affect the original painting of the car. The multiple tools with different shapes allow you to enjoy the full application of the kit letting you quickly remove dents from any part of the vehicle as well as from other metallic surfaces that have cuts.

The five different tabs of different sizes let you handle a dent of any size with perfection. Also, the Toolkit comes accompanied by a two-year warranty which provides a refund should the tools fail to meet your quality needs. The 24-hour customer service allows for a timely response to customer queries, complains, and claims.

reasons I picked Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits:
  • This premium-quality toolkit offers excellent dent removal results without reaching deep in your wallet.
  • The toolkit has a lightweight design that will not slow you down.

#6. YOOHE PDR Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

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  • By: YOOHE PDR Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

If you are simply interested in the best paintless dent repair toolkit for your car, this should be the perfect option for you. The kit comes with plenty of equipment all tailored to make dent removal not only a piece of cake but also exciting. All the pieces of equipment are of best-in-class material that stands the test of time letting you handle any dents on the car with great effectiveness for years. The toolkit is made with both the experts and starters in mind, and therefore it is easy for anyone to use.

Moreover, the dent puller kit is of rubber and sturdy plastic material to ensure maximum durability. The toolkit comes with five suction tabs that handle different handle removal needs. Furthermore, the bridge comes with a design that prevents additional damage to the car.

reasons I picked Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits:
  • The toolkit comes with an excellent price that can be affordable to any car owner.
  • The tools are easy to use and come with an ergonomic design to ensure maximum user comfort.

#5. ARISD 32Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit

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  • By: ARISD Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

ARISD paintless dent repair tool provides you with a convenient way to handle your car dents and other dents on metallic surfaces in your home. The repair kit contains thirty-two pieces of equipment which include a golden dent lifter, two rubber scrapers, an alcohol spray bottle, a tap down pen and many other tools you may need. The fully equipped kit allows you to work on dents from any area of the car in the shortest time win an inexpensive way.

Also, unlike the other repair toolkits out there, ARISD kit comes with clear operating instructions that eliminate the guesswork in handling dents so that you do not end up causing further damage. For this reason, we will be safe to argue that this is the perfect kit for any first timer who needs to get excellent results in their first interaction with the dent remover tools.  Moreover, the unprecedented versatility means that that the kit can be used in different settings whether in the repair shop, car, or any other place where there is the need for professional results in dent removal.

Furthermore, the kit comes with favorable terms with the triple 100% guarantee being the best assurance you can in the market. This guarantee lets you claim for a refund just in case you are not 100% happy with the kit, allows you to request for a replacement should any of the tools break and gives you an extra package just in case you lose the first repair kit.

reasons I picked Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits:
  • The 2-years product warranty acts as the best confidence booster.
  • The premium-quality tools will not catch rust or corrode with time.

#4. Fly5D Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit

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  • By: Fly5D Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

Taking the third position on the list, this is yet another great kit that will offer a long-lasting solution to all your car dent repair needs. The different paintless repair tools handle different types of dents for versatility in applications. The kit contains a total of 53 pieces- the highest number you will ever find in a single package to let you enjoy unlimited impossibilities- you can now handle line dent, angular dent, and other dents that are difficult to repair with great ease.

And just in case you are a new car owner, or it is your first time to use the paintless dent repair toolkit, this would be the best selection for you since it is easy to operate with the clear video and easy-to-read tutorials. All these tools are of heat-treated premium-quality stainless steel. This material offers superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistant letting you enjoy professional results for years to come.

The state-of-the-art design of the bridge allows you to successfully handle all dents on the car surface without leaving damages on the painting around the dented region. The multitude puller tabs handle cuts of all sizes with great ease. The tools are also environmental friendly for a sustainable dent removal solution.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits:
  • The tool bag is made of premium-quality material that ensures maximum durability of the bag so that the paintless dent repair tools remain correctly held in a central location for easy access and to avoid losing the individual tools.
  • The rubber hammer lets you handle the problematic dents with ease.

#3. Mookis PDR Tools Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kits

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  • By: Mookis Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

Forget about making several returns to the Auto body shop and still finding your car’s turn yet! Not just that; make paying the pricy amount for the car maintenance a history. Well, it is easy, all you need is to equip your car with this fantastic repair kit from Mookis.

Mookis PDR car dent repair kit is one of the best equipment you can get for your car. The kit comes with all the tools that let you handle both the small and big dents with high effectiveness in just less than an hour- no more waiting for days for the tiny cuts to be worked on! Just keep the tool in your car trunk and repair the dents as soon as you identify them from the place of your convenience.

The premium-quality dent lifter is strong enough to hold the handle tight. Moreover, it features padded rubber feet which helps to prevent it from removing the original car painting that is around the dent area. The tools are of different shapes to let you work in different areas of your car without causing further damage.

Best Mookis Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit

Moreover, two plastic shovels let you wipe off the residual glue after working on the dents to ensure that no traces are left on the areas worked on. Additionally, the Mookis bag is made of ramie cotton which is sturdy enough to keep all your tools excellently put ready for the next challenge- you won’t lose your vital tool anymore.

reasons I picked Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits:
  • This kit comes with 34 pieces of tools for enhanced convenience when working on your car dents or any other dents at home.
  • The screw allows for adjustment to fit glue tabs of all sizes.

#2. ARISD Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit

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  • By: ARISD Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

This paintless repair kit will handle dents of any size whether on your car or at home in your refrigerator, washing machine, and other metal surfaces. And since the price is pocket-friendly, this fantastic kit will save you money by allowing you to repair the small and large dents many times at no additional cost. Therefore, we will be definitely on point to say that it is a cost-effective solution that will eliminate the price you would have spent on the auto body shops paying for the repairs and also reduces the repair time since you will not need to queue for repairs like it is the custom in the service shops.

Featuring the inspired design, the T ball puller unit utilizes the lever-design to offer quick removal of dents. Moreover, this hammer offers great versatility since it allows for different applications. The package also contains sixteen pieces of professional tabs which let you handle different types of dents on any part of the car effectively and with unprecedented ease.

Moreover, some tools are made of high-carbon stainless steel while the rest of the pieces are of standard stainless steel material depending on the design and the work of the tools. These materials are very sturdy, and therefore you can buy with the peace of mind that they will not bend, rust, or corrode.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits:
  • The entire kit only weighs 1.48 kilograms to allow for portability.
  • The entire package constitutes of pieces that add convenience in dealing with the dents on your car.

#1. AUTOPDR 40pcs DIY Paintless Dent Removal Tool Kit

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  • By: AUTOPDR Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

When buying the perfect dent repair kit for your car, safety should be a priority. And yes, this fantastic kit gives you a safe avenue to work on your car dents. The kit comes equipped with plenty of tools such as the premium-quality glue gun, a rubber hammer, a dent lifter, a plastic scraper, a tap down pen, and many other pieces of equipment that will make working on the car dents easier and more fun.

The glue gun is high-temperature resistant to deliver great functionality for years. Besides, the dent lifter is made with your comfort in mind since it features an ergonomic design. This means that you can work with the tool for long when remaining comfortable in your palm. The dent bridge puller features an exceptional arched bridge which helps to adjust the spacing for easy dent filling.

Besides, this tool is made with sturdy stainless steel that will not bend or catch rust with time to ensure extended durability. Moreover, the high-carbon materials work excellently on the dents when protecting the original paint of your car. Also, the rubber hammer lets you work on uneven dents.

And when it comes to versatility, it isn’t only perfect for your car but also for motorcycle, tents, refrigerator, washing machine, and many other metal surfaces that develop dents. The premium-quality toolkit nicely nests the commercial-grade tools making it easy to carry and provides central storage to avoid losing individual instruments.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • This tool is affordable and can be used by both male and female.
  • The fantastic kit features high-quality materials that will let you work on dents with ease.

Factors to consider when choosing a paintless dent repair toolkit:

The tools: The toolkit contains different pieces of tools. Before spending on any kit, ensure that it contains all the equipment you need for the job.

The material: Consider the material of the pieces of equipment. Ensure that the material is sturdy, non-corrosive, and rust-resistant to give you peace of mind regarding durability.

The price: You don’t have to go for the relatively expensive kits if it is not planned for in your budget. You can still get a good repair kit at a relatively low price.

Why you need a paintless dent repair tool kit:

They are inexpensive: Apart from being less costly, these toolkits provide a low-cost alternative to removing dents since you will not need to hire a professional mechanic.

They are simple to use: The tools do not require extensive knowledge and skills to operate. For this reason, they can be used by almost anyone.

They are versatile: A paintless dent repair toolkit will not only remove dents from your car but also other metallic surfaces.

Final thought:

The fact remains that a paintless dent repair tool is a must-have tool for any car owner. However, due to the many models on the market, making the right selection for your car becomes somehow challenging. This is why we took it upon ourselves to rid you of the turmoil by unveiling the best ones out there. If you need a repair toolkit that you will always count on to get the job correctly done for years to come, our standouts will serve as a great option.

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Top 10 Best Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits in 2019 Review


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