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In G-20 Summit in Japan, the Russian president Vladimir Putin opined that the Liberal Democracy is getting failed across the world. He also argued that liberal democracy is no more advocating for multiculturalism. We may disagree with this statement. However, it is a fact that liberal democracy is losing against nationalism. The decline of liberal democracy is a reality now. Here we need to differentiate between the terms democracy and liberalism. So decline in liberal democracy does not mean the decline of democracy.

Results of recently held European elections are a clear example of the decline of liberalism. In these elections, conservatives and nationalist managed to achieve many victories against the liberal parties. 

Experts opine that traditional politicians are responsible for the decline of liberalism. Traditional politicians have been failed in fulfilling their promises. One of the reasons for the decline is that the liberals have preferred liberalism over democracy. They tried to impose authoritative liberalism on citizens. Authoritative liberalism is against the idea of multiculturalism. 

Compromises on national security and identity are also one of the reasons for the decline of liberalism. People do not want any loophole in national security affairs and identity. This behavior of liberal politicians paves way for nationalism and populism. 

It is also observed that ideas of liberalism are going against the desires of local masses. People believe that liberalism is suppressing majority population in various regions. 

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, liberalism became a force behind globalism. However, it created an identity crisis in many regions of the world. This identity crisis is the main force behind the populist wave. 

After USSR collapsed it was expected that American liberal order will survive around the world. However, with the emergence of China and Russia have failed that thought. 

Experts opine that liberal democracy guarantees peace and prosperity however people want more than that. Beyond peace and prosperity, people want their identity. They want their resources to be managed by them. People want that locals should be given first priority for jobs and other economic opportunities. 

Liberal democracies did not try to address the concerns of cornered majorities. Liberals tried to impose liberal thoughts on those who do not want to adopt liberalism. The alienated sections of society started joining populist movements. 

People feel that they are suffering from ideological crisis and economic problems due to globalism. Many populist movements in the west are impressed by the mixture of democracy, nationalism, conservatism, and authoritarianism in Russia. 

Even US President Donald Trump is also considered as a product of a rising wave of populism around the world. It seems that the world is moving towards authoritarian democracy. However, the populism gives rise to racism and anti migrants sentiments. 

Currently, Russia has a strong influence on far-right groups in Europe. These groups include anti-immigrants and Islamophobes. The rise of Russia is seen as a threat to liberal democracy. 

The phenomenon of rising populism is not just limited to Europe and America. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Modi in India, Erdogan in Turkey, Mahathir in Malaysia, Imran Khan in Pakistan are all products of populism. Corruption charges on traditional politicians also prompt the decline of liberal democracy. In fact, the entire campaign of Donald Trump in America was based on corruption charges on Hillary Clinton disclosed in Wikileaks. Imran Khan in Pakistan and Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia also started their campaign via slogan of eradication of Turkey.

Moreover, the nexus between mainstream media and liberal politicians suppressed the voice of the masses. This is why populist leaders effectively used social media to propagate their message to the masses.

Populist leaders maintained their distinction. They claim that they are not part of the liberal democracy brand. This offers masses an alternative to liberal democracy. 

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