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Cell Phones Towers effect on Birds in our Environment

 Cell Phones Towers have been creating certain amount of Frequencies of Electro Magnetic Radiation (E.M.R.).There are Officially Standard and Recommendations for Emissions of Radiation in Permissible Level., for Mobile Networks and Broadcasting for TV & Radio Monitoring Frequencies of Tools.There are exceeding Limits of Radiation Emissions would be Risk in Health of Birds,Animals and Human. 

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Today, we are going to discuss about Effects of Electronic Magnetic Waves (E.M.W.) as well as Electromagnetic Magnetic Radiations (E. M. R.) on Birds in Our Nostalgic Environment.

There are various Types of Birds in our Mother Nature involving certain Birds have been disappeared in our Environment.In this Conditions, Nature would be definitely imbalanced in Ecological Environment for Living Creature ,which would be destroyed by Artificial Radiation Emissions Generate from Mobile Towers in our Society.EMR effective Factors would be certainly destroyed Healthy Scenario in Birds Physiology.,according to research due to the High Emissions of Radiation created Thermal Energy nearby Cell Phone Towers, which couldn't survive by Small Birds.Areas near by Mobile Towers would be exceeding rate of Thermal Energy from  Electro Magnetic Waves of certain rate of Frequencies in Environment.,causes Destruction of Living Creature Like Birds by Artificial Rdiations Emissions in particular Urbal and Rural Areas in Developing as Developed Nations have been certain Consequences by Mobile Towers inverse Effect on Birds, indeed.

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There are various Records in particular Nations where Cellphone Towers have been Potentially covered up by Electromagnetic Magnetic Radiations., which would be extreme effects on Birds.There are Electromagnetic Magnetic Fields which affecting by Radonations,.due to the Winter Season, Birds would be immigration,which would be certainly long distance from North Pole to South Pole.There are small Birds get train to amateurs Birds to prepare their Selves for Long Route of Immigration.Survival for Long Route of Immigrantion, Birds would be requirement more foods before week of Long Journeys.In this Process, Birds have been genuinely affecting Artificial Electromagnetic Radiation in particular Atmosphere.

In Ornithology considered, Neurons of Birds, Brain Design in the the Magnetic Fields N (North) Direactions to S (South)  Direction behalf of Earth Magnetic Fields, which Natural Customized in Brains of Birds, to protect their Thermal heat of Body from decrease Level of Temperature cause of Winter.In this Biological Functions of brains interrupted by Cell Phones Radiation to destroy their Brain Tissues for sustain Directions for Immigration to survive their Lives in Winter Season.In the Sense of Birds would have been lost their Brain mentally Functions after then termination their Lives in Rest of Peace.

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And other Facts According to research that Birds have been initially Prepare for Immigration to protect their selves, would be some of the birds could be achieve their Destination, other Birds have been failed to survive due to Immigration.Differentiate in weights of Birds, initially Weight in compare Final Destination of Birds, approximate quater Weight of Starting time Immigration.In this Journey Health, Survival of Featest could be fulfilled their Journeys, to Protect ,Conservation and Save their Selves in Survival of Environment.

There are Millions of Birds have been Killed due to the High Emissions of Radiation from Cellphone Towers should be regulate wit their certain Official Standards, Recommendation as well as Conservation of Eco Friendly Frequency Transmission.In the specific Terminology of Cellphones Towers should be execution Permissible Frequencies of Radiation, due to the survey of Environment Living Creatures more addictive to regulate thresold of Electro Magnetic Waves and Radiations in Frequencies for Broadcasting Signals for Mobile Phones, Televisions, Radios and other Gadgets, inward. In this Scenario of Emissions of Radiation created Thermal Energy Heat in Surrounding,which would be mentioned by Permissible Frequencies of Elctro Magnetic Radiations Configuration for Small Birds Conservation and Protection from Artificial Cellphones Towers.

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Today Cellphones have been Primarily Necessities for the Population of 7 Billions of People in this World.Mobile Phones require Frequencies from certain carriers of Towers, which would be provided sustain Signals for the Mobile Phones.In the Sense of Environment Innocents Birds, who affected by Emission of High Radiations from Cell phones due to the Signals of Towers, provide by Frequencies of Electro Magnetic Radiations and Waves,.

To create thermal Heating of Radiation to reach Harmful Actions on Birds.In this Condition, Birds have been lost their Biological Balance to Survive their Existence, consequences of Birds would be disappeared from Nature.Governing Authorities should be actions on Telecom Companies to regulate Frequencies of their Cellphone Towers in Permissible Ratios to keep equilibrium Environmental Strategies to prevent Radiations Pollution on Mother Earth.

Thank You Readers to View this Blog's Contents with sustainable affirmative Actions toward Harmful Radiations for Birds in Environment from Cellphones Towers to regulate., with permissible EMR Ratios in such Equilibrium Environmental Criteria in Nature. 

( Disclaimer : Above Contents have been Individual Opinion of Subjective formations of Subjects within the Logical Aspiration by the actual certainty of Theorems. If some of contents meet criteria regarding Individual ,Moral, Personal would be coincidence at all. This Blog does provide Information to Explore Knowledge for Students , Adults and Curious Fellows. Kindly suggest to Viewers Copy of any Contents from this Blog without Permission of Authors will Claim as Copyright Infringement.,Violent or Abusing Comments on Blog strictly Prohibited.Infringement of Individual Law will Liable to Legally Actions on particular Fellows.)

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Cell Phones Towers effect on Birds in our Environment


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