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Organic Traffic Vs Direct Traffic: The Difference

In this article, I am going to compare Organic Traffic Vs Direct traffic. I know you are aware of these terms – organic traffic and direct traffic. But do you know the difference between organic traffic and direct traffic?

Here you will go through all the aspects of these two kinds of traffic. Here I will also show you why organic traffic is considered as the most important traffic for your website.

So let’s dive deep into it.


Difference between organic traffic and direct traffic

The whole internet marketing is based on one thing – traffic. The no of visitors and unique sessions on your website is called traffic. The traffic is a Goldmine of the internet world.

As more traffic, a website receives, as more products it could sell to its users. That is the reason why a traffic called as Goldmine in the internet world.

Generally, there are 4 types of internet traffic exists.

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Direct traffic
  3. Social Traffic
  4. Referal traffic

But today I will dig deep into only two types of traffic – organic and direct traffic

Organic traffic

organic traffic

When a user comes to your website through a search engine, it is called organic traffic.

Search engines have special bots to crawl the web all the time. They register all new web pages according to topic and website authority. When a user input his query to the search engine, sees your link listed on it and comes to your website then this type of traffic is called organic traffic 

Direct traffic

direct traffic

When a user directly input your website URL on his web browser or opens your website through a previously saved bookmark then this type of traffic is called direct traffic.

As there is no third party(search engines, social media) involved in the search, this type of traffic is referred to as direct traffic.

But sometimes some bots and other factors register as direct traffic report in website analytics. Like, if someone uses his web browser in incognito mode then the traffic is registered as direct traffic. Some bots like Amazon Inc bots register as a direct traffic in analytics.

Google Analytics traffic report

google analytics

To analyze the traffic coming to our website, we can use Google analytics tool which is a totally free and very effective tool.

Though there are paid tools available in the market Google analytics is worth to do analytics correctly. It has a tag feature too which is quite useful for tracking affiliate link clicks.

Connect Google Analytics with your website

Connecting Google analytics through a website is very easy. When you signup for Google analytics account, You will find a javascript code in the admin panel. You just have to put this link on your website header.

In WordPress, you can use Headers an footers plugin to do this easily.

How to view Organic traffic report in Google Analytics

I have a list of processes which you have to do to view the organic traffic report in Google analytics.

  1. Sign in to Google analytics.
  2. If you have already connected your website with analytics it has been registered as a web property and shows at the upper left corner of the analytics dashboard.
  3. Click on the web property name and click on the behavior > Site Content > All Pages which is visible at the left menu in the dashboard.
  4. Click on the add segment option showing as a grey circle at the top of the dashboard, select organic traffic in traffic filter menu and click apply.
  5. Analytics will filter out organic traffic coming to your website and shows you the report.

How to view Direct traffic report in Google Analytics

If you wanna view the direct traffic instead of organic traffic, just follow the steps from 1 to 3 and then select direct traffic in the traffic filter menu and click the apply button.

Google analytics will filter out and show you the direct traffic coming to your website. You can follow the process to filter all the traffic channels.

Organic Traffic or Direct Traffic: Which is better?

If you ask an SEO specialist to give his opinion he always favors organic traffic as organic traffic is like as Goldmine. It has several benefits which I will discuss in this section.

Targeted users

targeted users

Every marketer wants targeted customers. Targeted customers are those who visit you with a tendency to buy your product. As they are mentally prepared to buy the product they are searching for, with just a little marketing push, you can easily sell your products to them.

Suppose, you want to buy an iPhone then what you do at very first. You do a Google search for some reviews, rates, and pre-guide for your product.

Now, when you input a query on Google it gives a bunch of results at front of you. You scan the results and click on a result which you like could solve your problem. If this website has an affiliate link for your iPhone model, there is 90% chance you click on the link.

You make the purchase and the website gets the commision.

This is the power of organic traffic. You get the very targeted traffic on your website.

SEO benefits

seo benefit

SEO is the base of organic traffic. If you do a good SEO at the initial stage of your website, after a certain amount of time you will see an exponential growth in organic traffic. organic traffic starts a chain reaction process. Let me explain this chain reaction process.

Google tracks and registers every visit on your website. It uses tools like Google search, Google analytics and Chrome browser to track these visits.

Your website’s overall search engine performance depends upon the bounce rate of your website. When a user comes to your website via Google search and Chrome browser and clicks the back button within 10 seconds Google trace it and rank down your website.

On the other hand when Someone spends time on your website Google up-rank your website. If your website has well optimized and useful content your bounce rate will be minimum and you will perform well on search engine ranking, then you get even more clicks, and Google up-rank you more.

This whole process is exponential and you will get more and more traffic with time So the organic traffic increases your organic performance hence it is far better than another kind of traffics. 

Sales Conversions

As I have told above, organic traffic gives us the most targeted traffic. This results in more sales conversion. We get real fruits with organic traffic. This is the only reason that why all the internet marketers want this.

Do you want to work hard without getting fruits for your works? No, actually nobody wants to work without a benefit. So your aim is to get organic traffic with time.

Organic traffic is totally free

The cool part of organic traffic is it’s totally free of cost. If you would be able to please Google and grab the 1st page you are a very lucky person. You will get totally free targeted traffic for a long time depending on your niche.

This is the 3rd reason why internet marketers love this traffic. You don’t have to invest a penny in the ads etc. Just do a proper SEO and create great content and wait for a while to get the organic traffic.

Long-term traffic from search engines

long term traffic

Yes, organic traffic is a long-term traffic. If you would be able to grab the 1st position on Google search, you will get traffic for a while. Depending upon the popularity of content this time will be from 3 months to 10 years.

If you write in an evergreen niche then you will expect to get organic traffic for years.

What is Direct bot traffic

bot traffic

There are two types of direct traffic we can see in our analytics dashboard. Real user traffic and Bot traffic.

If you have a good amount of real user direct traffic then it is a good sign because they access your website directly means they remember you as a brand.

From the branding point of view, direct traffic is a good signal that your brand is getting popular among users.

But what about Bot Traffic?

Analytics also registers bot traffic as a direct traffic. Search engines and different analytics tools crawl your website time to time to acquire the proper information of your website.

This traffic also registered as direct traffic in Google analytics.

The impact of bot traffic on Google Analytics report

If you have a small website a small amount of traffic then bot traffic will spoil your analytics report. Actually, the internet is full of different type of bots and they come to your website to crawl your entire website.

You can imagine if you have a 100-page website then a single bot could crawl all the 100 pages in just one session.

If you have a 100 per day real traffic then analytics show you just double traffic report and misguide you.

But there is a good news. You can get rid of this type of traffic. See how?

How to get rid of bot traffic in Google Analytics

To get rid of bot traffic Google analytics provides us with 2 features on their admin panel. Let us see how to access these features on the admin panel and implement them to get rid of false bot traffic.

Implementing the 1st feature

  • Sign in to Google analytics dashboard.
  • Select your website in the upper left corner of the dashboard.
  • Go to the admin section as the last option on the left side menu.
  • Click on View setting on the right side menu which is the 1st option in the menu.
  • Now find “bot filtering” checkbox and enable it.

Google analytics doesn’t stop some type of bots by this feature. So we have to stop them directly to register in analytics. Here is the procedure.

  • First, we have to know which bot is impacting the analytics report. To do this we have to go to Audience > Technology > Network from the left side menu.
  • You can see and analyze the network from where the bot traffic is coming.
  • After catching the bot network which is affecting your analytics report go to the admin panel.
  • Click on “All Filters” option on the left side menu.
  • Click “+Add Filter” button.
  • Name the filter
  • Select the filter type custom.
  • In the exclude filer field search for ISP Organization and select this option.
  • Here you will also find filter pattern, you have to put the web address of the network in the filter pattern just like this format – amazon technologies|amazon\.com
  • In the apply filters to view select all website data and add this.
  • Press the save button. That’s it.

Your custom filter is now working and you won’t get bot traffic from the ISP in future.

Note: Do this carefully. If done wrong you would lose also real traffic from this ISP. Analyse carefully all the things before applying the filter.

How to increase organic traffic

The whole game of increasing organic traffic relies on the SEO and user experience. There are many things to apply for a better organic traffic growth.

In this section, I will describe all the things which affect your organic traffic growth. You should implement these things to grow your organic traffic faster. Let see these things.

Create Great contents

create great content

When a user Google for his query, the main goal of that user is to obtain as much and quick information on the topic. I highlighted “quick” here because nobody has a much time to read a bunch of information on a topic.

the just want a quick information. They come to your website scan for his query as your content matches or not and leave. In these 2-3 seconds, you have to give a buzz to them that your web page has this information.

Wait, I don’t tell you to create this content as it will negatively impact on search rankings. People don’t have time to read a bunch of content but Google has. Serve a lot of authentic content to Google to rank better.

But, create your contents quick scannable.

If you create your content scannable then when someone comes to your webpage, they see that your web page has the genuine information on that topic and as a result, they stay to read your article.

Here are some quick ideas to make your content Eye-balls friendly.

  • Give a compelling title of the post as the title appears at the top of your page and every user first read your titles. so give an attractive title to your content.
  • Provide a straight answer to the question in the first few lines of the content.
  • Highlight your quick answer as it will gain traction of your visitor.
  • Derive your answer with using subtitles, bullet points, tables etc.
  • Your content has to be well-formatted free of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors.
  • Give a conclusion at the end.
  • Use internal and external hyperlinks to the relevant articles as this will help you in 2 way. 1st – It will help users to gain further knowledge of the topic and related topics. 2nd – It will help in SEO. Hyperlinking is a part of Slio Structure which will increase ranking in search engines.

Implement all the things mentioned above correctly and your organic traffic will be skyrocketed in just a few months.

Attractive web design

web design

Your website template should be attractive. An attractive design increase the spending time on your website. If you are in WordPress, there are tons of free and premium themes available.

Just Google for the WordPress theme related to your niche and you will get a bunch of results. Compare those themes before use, See demo, check the loading speed and then implement on your website.

Remember, in a shopping mall you make a purchase because they showcase their products in an attractive way. They game your mind and get the purchase. Follow their rules and the success will come to you very quickly.

Mobile optimized website

mobile optimized website

Today 70% of all the searches on Google are done by smartphones. Every big website owner knows this fact and leverages this by transforming their website into a mobile optimized website.

You have to optimize your website for mobile search. You should use AMP(Accelerated mobile pages) plugin for WordPress and other CMS. These plugins optimize your website as a mobile-friendly fast loading website.

You should also choose a responsive theme which could adjust itself with any device size. Google knows the fact that mobile-friendly websites are more handy for users than traditional ones. So, it rank-up mobile-friendly websites and rank-down traditional websites.

Website Speed

website speed

After Google Penguin algorithm update it is now clear that website speed affects the ranking. So, how could you optimize your website speed?

Just refer to my website speed guide and implement that thing on your website. You will notice the boost in ranking within a month.

Target low competition keywords

target keywords

I know you are aware of this fact and nothing new to tell on this. But, here I want to add a most important secret for keyword research which many bloggers never tell you.

This secret sauce is especially helpful for new webmasters who are struggling to rank their website in the search results.

Target low competition keywords as well as low volume keywords.

Well, here is the catch.

If your website is new then whether you target low competition and high volume keywords Google doesn’t take chance to rank you on those goldmine keywords. If your website is old enough and has a good authority then you can use this approach to rank.

But, if your website is new, don’t target high volume keywords. Instead, target low volume-low competition keywords because Google could take chance to rank you on low volume keywords.

And, when you start getting clicks on your low volume searches, Google also ranks you on the related high volume keywords.

Every successful blogger and webmaster leverages this Google fact.

Improve on-page SEO skills

seo benefits

On-page SEO is a process which tells Google about the topic of your content. Informing about your content topic is very important as Google registers your web pages depending upon the information you provide.

But, many website owners don’t know to implement perfect on-page SEO. So, if you apply this perfectly on your web pages and website, there is a good chance that you could rank on your keywords.

On-page SEO includes optimizing homepage title and description as well as optimizing webpages title, description, webpage slug, H2 and H3 titles, using LSI keywords in the content and many more practices.

If you are in WordPress, you can use an award-winning free SEO plugin – Yoast SEO, which is very easy to use and guide you throughout the whole process of content creation.

Read my full guide on Yoast SEO.

Increase social media presence

social media seo

Social media is the most effective influencer in these days. Every single person is now own social media accounts.

Companies leverage this biggest influencer to sell their product. You can also use it to increase your reach. Create accounts on major social media platforms and do post your articles and products on your wall, groups, and pages.

You can use social media automation tool like Social Pilot to save your time and effort.

And the good news is, Search engines especially Google take social media engagements as a positive signal and rank you depending upon that. When your content gets more shares and like, Google finds that your article is important to rank well on the targeted and LSI keyword.

Don’t put much effort into off-page SEO

I don’t recommend you to put your sweat on off-page SEO practices. They are useless today. Google’s AI(artificial intelligence) now knows the difference between fake backlinks and genuine ones.

Especially if you have a new website, don’t go for off-page SEO. Instead of working on on-page SEO and above-given points transform your site into an authority website. Don’t be in hurry. It takes time. Usually, 6-12 months depending upon the competition in your niche.

Create great content and make the base of an authority site. Over time Google will give fruits.

Wrapping Up

Organic search is a goldmine and every webmaster is fighting to come to the top position. It is the most targeted traffic source. It is a long-term traffic source. And, it’s totally free. So, if you have a good and dedicated content creator, you deserve this traffic.

But don’t underestimate direct traffic as a failer one. If you are getting a good amount of direct traffic, it means your brand is popular among people. They directly approach you. Remember, Amazon gets a big percentage of traffic from their direct customers.

Even many small websites who build their brand, with time get a big amount of direct traffic too.

Online success is depending upon the brand value. The more brand value your website has the more traffic it will get.

If you have a question on this article, the comment box is waiting for you. Comment below and share this article with your social circle as sharing encourage me to create more valuable content.

Feel free to check out my ultimate guide to create a website and also check out my resources page to know which tool and techniques I use to run my website successfully.

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