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Siteorigin Widgets Bundle: A Brief Introduction

You know the fact that WordPress is the best CMS for content creating and marketing on the internet. The secret behind the huge popularity of this CMS is the support of 40,000+ free plugins and widgets. Siteorigin Widgets Bundle is one of the most downloaded plugins in WordPress plugin directory.

You are probably using this widget bundle with your existing sites. If not, then you are missing a great opportunity to take your website off to the next level.


Wondering Why? here is the answer – Siteorigin widgets bundle is a bundle of 22 most usable widgets. The best thing is that you don’t have to install separate plugins for these 21 features. Just install Siteorigin widgets bundle plugin and use these widgets wherever you want them to use across your website or blog.

Here is the list of Widgets, you get with Siteorigin Widgets bundle.

  1. Google Map Widget
  2. Button Widget 
  3. Image Widget 
  4. Call To Action 
  5. Slider Widget 
  6. Price Table 
  7. Post Carousel 
  8. Features Widget 
  9. Video Widget
  10. Headline Widget
  11. Social Links Widget 
  12. Accordion Widget
  13. Contact Form Widget 
  14. Editor Widget 
  15. Hero Widget 
  16. Icon Widget
  17. Image Grid Widget
  18. Layout Slider Widget 
  19. Masonry Widget 
  20. Tabs Widget 
  21. Taxonomy Widget
  22. Testimonials Widget 

In this article, you will get brief information about all the Siteorigin Widgets. So without wasting time let’s dive into the ocean of widgets.

Siteorigin Widgets Bundle Detail Overview

siteorigin widgets plugin

Siteorigin widgets bundle is equipped with total 22 widgets. You can use them anywhere on your website. These widgets are compatible with default Wordpress sidebar, Siteorigin page builder as well as other page builder plugins.

#1 Button Widget 

If you have a product or a page where you wanna your user to land then call to action is a very important tool. Generally, call-to-action is implemented by a button on your webpage. Siteorigin plugin has a decent button widget. You can customize the appearance of the button and use it anywhere on your website with a branded feel.

#2 Image Widget 

Without images, A webpage is like a dull research paper ;-).  Though decade before, there was research paper like web pages existed but now without images, you can’t compete on the internet.

Someone told that an image can tell us 1000 time more than the words.

You must have an image rich website to grow your audience. The Siteorigin widgets bundle has an image widget with customization feature to use it on your website.

#3 Call To Action 

Just like a button, you can use it to create call-to-action on your web pages to increase your user engagement. The main difference between the button widget and the call-to-action widget is the design. You can create a high CTR call-to-action with this widget which would never be possible with buttons.

#4 Slider Widget 


Sliders have been an important part of websites for many years. Sliders create a professional look for your website. It attracts your visitors. Though there is 1 demerit of sliders. They slow down your websites. They have javascript codes to implement the action which affects your page loading speed.

However, if you have travel, photography, product based websites you can use sliders to showcase your images and products.

#5 Price Table 

A price table is important if you have a product based website or shopping website. Siteorigin price table widget helps you to show your product price in a new way.

#6 Post Carousel 

Have a blog and want your post to be showcased in carousel form on your homepage? This widget really helps you lot to achieve this. Simply use it with any page builder plugin when you will be designing your homepage.

You can also use this widget wherever you want to use it on your website – header, footer, content area, sidebar anywhere.

#7 Features Widget 

Features widget is helpful when you wanna show your service features or list of your other websites. You can create attractive features list with this Siteorigin widget.

#8 Video Widget

In this youtube era, we all consume a lot of video content on daily basis. Videos are becoming an influencer in the publicity of products and services.

Using videos on your website can dramatically decrease the bounce rate and increase user interaction. Thanks to Siteorigin video widget, now you can embed videos anywhere on your website.

#9 Headline Widget

The 1st thing anyone notices when land on your web pages is the headline of your page. Design your headlines with Siteorigin headline widget and engage your audience with your blog posts.

#10 Social Links Widget 

Social media play a big role in making or cracking a website. Today everybody does social media and this opens a door of opportunity for our online business.

You must put social links on your webpage to grow your social media audience. Siteorigin widget bundle has a social link widget which can be configured with your social media profile and pages. You can use this widget on your sidebar to increase social media engagement.

#11 Accordion Widget

Accordion widget is a useful tool to compress your content into a title bar. When someone clicks on the title, the content extracts like under the curtain. This widget is a very stylish approach to show your contents under different titles.

As well Siteorigin accordion widget helps you to put much more content in a decorated way which helps your user to easily read your content without more page scrolling.

#12 Contact Form Widget 

A contact form is an essential tool to interact with your users. You should use contact forms as your customers and also sponsors could contact you. Siteorigin widgets bundle has a contact form decent widget which will help you to put stunning contact forms on your website.

#13 Editor Widget 

Do you have a message for your website visitors which you want to publish on your site’s sidebar? Editor widget can help you to achieve this. You can use it to put texts not only on your sidebar but any area of your website including header and footer.

Not only that, you can style your texts with Siteorigin editor widget. Now change the color of texts, background, font size and position and give a brandable touch to your texts.

#14 Hero Image Widget 

If you didn’t use hero image widget in past, I want to tell you that it is a large image with Call-to-action and texts and slider feature and gives a professional look to your website.

Siteorigin widgets bundle has this widget also. You can use this widget on your homepage to showcase your service related images. This is very useful for corporate and travel websites.

I have a travel blog and I use Hero image widget on the homepage of my website to showcase my travel services. You can also do this with your website or blog.

#15 Icon Widget

Remember? I told something above. Images are the very best way to explain your work. Icons are a type of image and are a very common tool to tell your website visitors about something.

If you have a beach travel website, just put an icon on a beach and the visitor will understand the rest.

So, Siteorigin widgets bundle has an Icon widget which supports

  • Elegant Themes Line Icons
  • Font Awesome
  • Genericons
  • Icomoon Free
  • Typicons
  • Ionicons

You can change the icon color, size, and alignment. As well as you can hyperlink that icon. It can be used any widget area of your website.

#16 Image Grid Widget

Image grid is just like an image album where you can show your images as a grid. You can use the image grid widget anywhere on your websites. As well as, you can customize the images in images grid widget. You can add a hyperlink, change image size, add image title etc in this widget.

#17 Layout Slider Widget 

Layout slider widget is useful when you want to add content over the sliders. You can add text, a color layer and many more with layout slider widget. You also can add animation on your sliders. Layout slider widget also supports video sliders so you can add inro videos on your homepage.

Though, I don’t suggest to add videos on your sliders as it will slow down your website and ultimately affects the user experience.

#18 Masonry Widget 

Masonry layout widget can stylize your image content like Pinterest style layout. You can use it to create image galleries so your user could enjoy your images with a new look.

You can create a separate page for your masonry image gallery.

#19 Tabs Widget 

Tabs widget is just like an accordion widget but the tabs are vertically aligned. You can use it to give additional information about your service etc. I have used it to describe my travels website’s itinerary.

The main motive of using this kind of widgets is to save the scrolling area and stylize your content. These particular things could increase user engagement on your website.

#20 Taxonomy Widget

taxonomy widget is used to show your content as categorized form. Sometimes you have to show your content category wise. In this case, the taxonomy widget can be used in your widget area or with a page builder.

#21 Testimonials Widget 

Testimonials are very useful as they build trust among your clients. Let me show you how?

If you have an existing reputed client and he is satisfied with your service then you can ask them to give a review on your service and publish those review on your website.

These reviews can be arranged on your website by Siteorigin testimonial widget. You can use your client’s image and name along with the review he gave to your company.

As well as you can add a link to their websites. You can change the text formatting image style etc on testimonial widget.

#22 Google Map widget

Today Google map is very useful for finding locations. If you have a local business and want to show the exact location of your address on your website then Google maps widget is very useful to you.

You can embed Google maps on any widget area on your website as well as with page builder plugins


I have used Siteorigin Widgets bundle with my 2 websites and find it user-friendly and very useful for my website. These websites are travel and finance related websites and performing well after implementing Siteorigin widgets on them.

The best thing I like that there is no need to install separate plugins for each widget. Just install Siteorigin widgets bundle, go to options and enable the widgets from there. I think if it worked for me, it will also work for you. Go give a try this totally free plugin.

If you have a question regarding this article the comment box is waiting for you. Share this article in your social circle as it will encourage me to write more valuable content for my readers.

Don’t forget to check out my Resource and Create Website pages. These pages help you a lot in your journey towards Webpreneurship.

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