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Thanksgiving Prayer guide for 30 Days

Thanksgiving is an event which took place on the fourth Thursday of November. Did you know The origins of Thanksgiving date back to 1621 when a group of English pilgrims Shared feast and offer Thanksgiving Prayer. The First Thanksgiving took place in October and last for three days.

In this blog, we will share thanksgiving prayers for 30 Days. We list them out and divide one for each day so it will be easy to follow.

DAY 1 – Thanksgiving Prayer for My Salvation

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I thank you Lord for my salvation, purchased with the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Once I was dead and a slave to sin. Now I thank You for your regenerating grace to make me alive to the message of truth, the gospel, seen in Your Word, embodied in Christ, and believed on by me. Thanks for your Love that made of an enemy, a friend and adopted child. I love you Lord and thank you for the salvation that made me new. It daily sanctifies, and will one day raise me to glory, where I will dwell with you forever. This is my hope, my joy, and my victory: To be literally, now and forevermore, eternally grateful.

DAY 2 – Thanksgiving Prayer for The Love of the Father

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love – love which precedes the foundation of the world! I give thanks to you, for you are good, and your lovingkindness is everlasting. When I am distressed, afraid, or overwhelmed, your love is faithful. In your goodness, you created everything, from the farthest star to the nearest molecule. You sustain all things, and nothing moves independent of your sovereign will. Overall peoples throughout all history, and for your people from every dispensation, God is love, and I thank you for infinite and limitless lovingkindness, available to me even today.

DAY 3 – Thanksgiving Prayer for the Love of the Son

Lord Jesus, thank you for your love for me… for me! I, the sinner who would have scorned, blasphemed, or abandoned you at the scene of Your cross. Yet you “made Yourself of no reputation” and died for our sins… my sins! There is no greater love than that of sacrifice, to lay down life for a friend. Yet you died for enemies. How I thank you that, though an enemy, I have been brought close by your blood, shed… for me! The Father calls me a son. You call me a friend. I call myself blessed. Thank you Lord Jesus.

DAY 4 – Thanksgiving Prayer for the Love of the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit of the Living God, who lives within the believing heart to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord, thank you for the eternal abiding presence within me. Thank you that by you, I have been baptized into Christ’s body, the church. You are the unity of the Church, making us one with the Father and the Son, and with every believer of the church-age. You are Christ’s Spiritual Gift to me; thank you for the giftedness to serve the church and the world around me. Please cleanse me, fill me, and use me as You restrain and convince the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment, loving the world with the truth of the gospel. Thank you for using me today.

DAY 5 – Thanksgiving Prayer for the Word of God

Quick and powerful and deadly to sin, how I love your Word O Lord! Perfect and sure, right and pure, more than the value of gold is the Word of God. It teaches, reproves, corrects, trains and equips me to do what is right and good. The weakness of my flesh is exposed. Thank you, Lord for the Living Word, Jesus Christ, who shines the light of transforming truth, the gospel of my salvation. Thank you for the message that calls me to life, to love, to knowledge and praise of my triune God, graciously revealed on the pages of my Bible. I cannot thank whom I do not know. Thank you that you loved the world enough to write it down: Every word true. Every word faithful. Every word revealing the wellspring of eternal life.

DAY 6 – Thanksgiving Prayer for Pastor Jesse

Lord, thank you for Pastor Jesse. Thank you for his love for you and your Word, the example he sets and the enthusiasm he brings to ministry. Thank you for your sovereign movement in his life to bring him to Immanuel. As he studies and prepares to preach, move upon his mind to understand your message for him first, and then for Immanuel, and give him boldness to preach it. Thanks for your grace to daily conform him to Christ – how we benefit from that! Please strengthen Jesse and bless he and Deidre, and their daughters Maddie, Savannah, and Geneva. Please protect and preserve them so that Jesse’s ministry continues unhindered, to your praise and our blessing!

DAY 7 – Thanksgiving Prayer for Immanuel Bible Church

Thank you, Lord, for Immanuel Bible Church. Thank you for Immanuel’s long history of powerful preaching, inspiring worship, and creatively effective ministry to children and students, and adults of all ages and life stages. Thank you that you have raised up so many godly men and women to lead her, people who are devoted to you and the faithful teaching of the Scriptures. Thank you that Immanuel’s elders are committed to being men of character.
Thank you that you have gifted her with pastors who sincerely love you and are devoted to serving you and your church. In your kindness, Immanuel has become a place that welcomes our military and a haven for those who love learning, people who have cast our quality and forged the imprint of this ministry.
May that continue. By your mercy, we have overcome trials due to the weakness of our flesh, and I give you thanks for your sustaining grace through them. By your sovereign will we have endured the sickness and death of many of our leaders; I thank you for their ministry while we enjoyed it, and I thank you for Your comfort and sustaining grace when we lost them.
Thank you, God, that, whether, in blessing or adversity, your loving hand has not lifted from Immanuel. May our faithfulness, devotion, and honor of you as Lord and Leader of this church never waver, that we might experience your blessing in the days ahead.

DAY 8 – Thanksgiving prayer for the USA & the Leaders in My Country

Thank you God, that at this time and place, you chose that I should be born, and that I should enjoy the freedoms and abundance of the United States of America. Thank you for our government, the President, Congress, and Supreme Court, men and women who serve by Your sovereign will. By your Holy Spirit, please restrain sin and corruption in the halls of government, and give us leaders who promote righteousness, justice, and graciously wise leadership in our land. May they use your gifts of common grace for the benefit of those they serve.
Thank you for men and women who serve in our military to protect the freedoms we enjoy. I pray for your protection over them. Lord, please prolong our right to worship you freely, and grant that we may continue to see an open door for the gospel in America.

DAY 9 – Thanksgiving Prayer for Being Alive

Today I am [your age] years old. Thanks, Lord for my physical life, and the relative strength I have to live it. Every breath and every heartbeat is a gift from You. Whatever physical, intellectual, emotional, and relational stability I have is proof of your goodness. Even now I remind myself not to take my body for granted! When my strength wanes, or my health falters, when I know the aches and pains of age, you remain good, wise, and sovereign over all – even me.
You move by Your own good pleasure, without obligation to anyone or anything, and I trust you Lord. My life’s tenacity testifies to the Lord of Life and it cries “More! More! More of life!” So I am unashamed to ask for one more day, that I may live and give thanks to the Lord of my years.

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DAY 10 – Thanksgiving Prayer for My Family

I give thanks to you my God for my mother and father, grandparents, siblings (if you have them), and others in my family. By their example, or even lack of it, I have learned to love You. The ups and downs of those relationships shaped my course to you.
In many ways, even those unknown to me, you worked through my family to mold my character, expose my talents and abilities, shape my sense of right and wrong, and prepare me for life. In the intimacy of home life, I confess that there are those whom I have wronged and some who wronged me. Grant your grace to forgive and be forgiven. Thank you even in this, since it is evidence of how desperately I need salvation! For the joys I have received, I smile at your goodness. For the hardships, I bow to your sovereign, though severe, love towards me. And I thank you for it all, my Heavenly Father.

DAY 11 – Thanksgiving Prayer for My Spouse

Thank you God, for ____. A better husband/ wife I could not ask for. Thank you for his/ her love and commitment to me, these ___ years. I consider how he/ she ____ (name at least one quality you appreciate). I thank you for it. How it blesses me and it blesses others! (If your spouse is a Christian) Thank you that you regenerated his/ her heart, gave him/ her a new life many years ago, and that he/ she now lives for you. Grant him/ her grace for this day, and your abiding presence to comfort and guide him/ her. (If your spouse is not a Christian) Though ____ has not yet trusted in you, I continue to bring him/ her before you. Save ____, O Lord! Give me an opportunity today to show the Love of Christ to him/ her, to be faithful to live my witness to him/ her. Grant ____ grace, even for my sake and as evidence of your love for me.

DAY 12 – Thanksgiving Prayer for Children

(Insert the names either of your own children, or children who are important to you.) Lord, I thank you for ___________. I thank you for the joy they have brought into my life, and how you have moved me to mature because of them. Thank you that, in spite of my sin and shortcomings, you still work in their lives. I pray that they would love Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. May they know the joys of salvation in Jesus Christ. I thank you, God, for their unique gifts and personality (recall what those are). I thank you for others you have placed in their lives (grandparents, mentors, coaches, teachers, friends). May they shape _ for the good and your glory, and may I have an ever-increasing reason to thank you for these children whom I love.

DAY 13 – Thanksgiving Prayer for Steve Holley

Thank you for Pastor Steve, our much loved “pastor of pastors.” Thanks for his good humor, his wide range of experience, and his wisdom. Thanks, Lord for his great heart, his faithfulness to the Immanuel body, and Steve’s great love for you. Thanks for his tender side, moved often by the beauty of your sacrifice and the impact of the gospel in the lives of our church. Thanks for his love for all of us and his passion for the ministries of Immanuel, and most of all the people served by those ministries.
He is a great man and I pray for your protection over his life. Please give your constant care for his wife Kathy and children Michael, Drew, David, and Meredith. Lord, you have sovereignly moved in the joys and heartaches of Steve’s life, he has grown, and I have been blessed. Please give him the strength to persevere, and please shower him with great mercy and kindness!

DAY 14 – Thanksgiving Prayer for those who Teach Me

Lord, I thank you for _____ whom you used to share the gospel with me. Bless them today O Lord. Thank you for ______ who guided me in spiritual things along the way. Thanks for Jesse Johnson who teaches me right now, who teaches in my ABF and/or small group, and others who mentor or influence me to walk in a manner worthy of my Lord Jesus Christ. There are many who taught, guided, and influenced me in my education and current vocation as well Lord. Thank you for ______. I would not be who I am today without their guiding experience and wisdom. What blessing I have from You O Lord, in the people you have placed in my life! Please let what I do today reflect their powerful investment in me.

DAY 15 – Thanksgiving Prayer for those who Teach My Children

(If you do not have children, pray along these lines for teachers you know.) Thank you, Lord, for those who teach (or have taught) my children. I recall who shared the gospel with them, and who is teaching and guiding them right now. Thanks for Jenny Britton and her leadership in Children’s Ministry, and Ryan Morris, Holly Smith and Ryan Francis in our Student Ministry.
Thanks also for the elementary, middle, and high school teachers whose impact cannot be measured. (Name several you know.) Please guide them for good O Lord. Thanks for those who love my children, and thanks for Your provident hand which directs these people in my child’s life. Give them diligence as they prepare, wisdom for the difficult situations, and joy in being used by you.

DAY 16 – Thanksgiving Prayer for My Body

Lord, thank you for the body you have given me. I confess that sometimes I take it for granted. Thank you for the straight bones – may I stand tall for you. Thank you for my back – may I bear the burdens of others without complaining. Thank you for strong muscles – may I use my strength for good that honors you. Thank you for a good heart – may it love others the way you love them.
Thank you for nimble hands – may they be quick to grasp your will. Thank you for my legs – may they not fail me as I serve you. Thank you for my feet – may they not grow tired of following you and walking your path for my life. Thank you for my stomach – may I desire only what is good.
Thank you for my mouth – may I have the ability to speak words of kindness, encouragement, truth, instruction, and inspiration. May my lips form a smile that invites others to imitate my enjoyment of your goodness. Thank you for my mind – keep it sharp, O Lord, to think your thoughts after you, to dwell on your goodness and the goodness I see in others, and dream of your Kingdom extending throughout the whole earth.

DAY 17- Thanksgiving Prayer for God’s Provident Gifts

Heavenly Father, who causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and unrighteous, who furnishes seed to the sower and bread to the eater, thank you for your many gifts of common grace. How you watch over this world, blessing it even even through the hands of those who do not love or fear you! Let my thanks rise in their silence. For the song of a bird, the joy of a child, the beauty of an Autumn afternoon, the light setting russet leaves to dance with fire, eyes to see all this and ears to hear the music of life – for all this I give you thanks.
For the love of family and friends, for the work that supplies a home and a table, for the grace that fills my every breath, for the billions of unseen evidences of your gracious care, in all this I recognize and praise you as my sovereign Lord. I shall sleep tonight under the watchful eye of the God who sees all, knows all, and hears the thankfulness of my heart.

DAY 18 – Thanksgiving Prayer for God’s Spiritual Gifts

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I thank you for my spiritual blessings and gifts. Even if I don’t see them, I believe in them by faith: “As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” (1 Peter 4:10) By your indwelling Holy Spirit, I confess that I am rich inability to serve, and I pray that you would confirm it in a harvest of spiritual fruit. May I work to the salvation of souls today, and invest in the building of a fellow believer. Should the brokenhearted cross my path, please give me the strength to heal in Jesus name.
Where I am responsible for ministry, give me the wisdom to complete the task with success. May my gift(s) promote unity in the church and exalt the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With strong hands to serve and the word of truth on my lips, make of me more than I am, and for this, I will give thanks to you, my gracious God.

DAY 20 – Thanksgiving Prayer for the Immanuel Pastors

I thank you, God, for my pastors and executive leaders at Immanuel. For Juan Ancalle, Michael Connor, Alex Hairgrove, Bob Hartman, Steve Holley, Jesse Johnson, Tom Joyce, and Jordan Standridge. For Administrative Executive Director David Leach, ICS Head of School Steve Danish, and Executive Director of Care and Counseling Rob Williams, I thank you God for them. They are educated, experienced, and gifted, and each is a gift to Immanuel Bible Church – and to me too!
I thank you that they devote themselves to study, prayer, teaching, shepherding, and the care of this church. My pastors are evidence of your love for this congregation, and my soul in particular (and the souls of my family). Oh God, would you protect and keep these men from temptation! Keep their hearts pure, devoted to you, devoted to their families, and devoted to us at Immanuel. May they continue to serve us (and so you) in strength and integrity, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and for your own glory. Amen!

DAY 21 – Thanksgiving Prayer for Work

Thank you God, that I am a _____ by profession. Thank you for the gifts (whether intellectual, physical, emotional, or relational) you have given me to equip me for this work. That I may (supply that aspect of your job you enjoy doing or that satisfies you) is a blessing I don’t deserve, but greatly appreciate! Thank you for the income my work provides to supply my needs and the needs of others.
Help me to be a good steward of those resources. Whether in vocational satisfaction or times of difficulty, even drudgery, give me your strength to work for the profit of those who employ me. Give me the endurance to persevere when the doing of work is hard, and help me to resist complaining! Let me do good for those around me, both my coworkers and my customers. Give me joy of knowing the power of the Holy Spirit is at work in me to do all of your desire. Hear my prayers, O Lord, and I will thank you for the result!

DAY 22- Thanksgiving Prayer for my Co-workers

Thank you, Lord, for (name the people in your office or your co-workers). One, in particular, is ____, and I thank you for (name at least one quality you appreciate in them). By working with this team, you help me to grow. I pray that you would mature my character to make me a blessing to them. May I treat them with respect and kindness, forgiveness, grace, and mercy. Open my eyes to see the person, not simply the transaction, and open my heart to understand their needs, especially their need for you.
Please use me to share the love of Jesus Christ with them by my actions and words. Regardless of their spiritual condition, I thank you for the common grace you have given to them. Help me to recognize it, sincerely appreciate it, and thank you for it!

DAY 23 – Thanksgiving Prayer for My Neighbors

Lord, thanks for my neighbors and my neighborhood. Thank you for (name the families that surround you, at least one or two). I pray that you would give grace to them, that they would be able to work, make a living, provide for their household, and enjoy the benefits of our community. May they do their work well, love their children, enjoy good health, and delight in your many, many gifts. Please work in their soul to acknowledge you as the giver of good gifts, and be merciful that they may have eyes to recognize Jesus Christ as that giver.
Thank you for the kindness they have shown me and my family (think of a specific example). Thank you for the friendships we have developed over the years, built around common interests in some part of your common grace. They may not see you behind it, but I do. I know my friendship would not exist if you were not good. I delight in every aspect of it, even the joy of my neighbors.

DAY 24- Thanksgiving Prayer for Basic Needs, Food, Clothing, Shelter

Lord, I confess that I too often take for granted the abundance of living in the United States of America, to the point where I overlook the basic necessities of life: Food, clothing, shelter, clean water, and the protection of living in our land. I know that even here, some suffer want of these necessities. I pray that they would receive off your good grace today. Knowing this, please help be me be mindful and grateful for your undeserved care. Every meal is a gift from you. Thank you, Lord.
My bed is a place of rest and refreshment. Praise you, Jesus. My home is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, the lights are on and the water running. How good you are to me! Today, I do not fear the attack of enemies abroad, and you have raised up many who serve to protect our streets from lawlessness. All this strengthens me to love you, my gracious God. Oh stretch out my hands and use them as yours, sharing as a steward of the abundance I have received today.

DAY 25 – Thanksgiving Prayer for my health

Lord, I thank you for my health, even that I have breath today to speak words of gratitude. Each step, though strong or failing, is a gift. To have eyes that behold the faces I love is a delight. To receive the bread you supply (and enjoy it!), working through all my members to fuel every part one more day – this is a living testimony to the marvelous machine you created when you made me. My mind knows you today.
Thank you Father! O grant that it may increase to know you more tomorrow. And should my thinking slow with years, let my remaining memory abide by you. Skin to feel the warmth of your air, senses for the fragrant pleasures of life, may my stamina be renewed to enjoy this day! And even if I groan in pain, let it be a token to remind me that these years are few, but eternal life in Christ is many. O thank you God, for the grace to live today, not for the few, but for the many!

DAY 26 – Thanksgiving Prayer for God’s Daily Protection

In a world fallen and in decline, at war with life as you created it, thank you for the moment by moment preserving care. Enemies abound, whether the smallest germ or a deadly holocaust, whether the devil and his demons or my own self-destructive nature – this world is a danger to my soul. Yet I do not fear. Rather, I confess that your omnipotent hand is strong to deliver me from evil. The world, the flesh, and the devil cannot overcome your effective and almighty will.
For what could have gone wrong, even should have gone wrong – and didn’t – I thank you. For the spiritual shield of your Holy Spirit to protect my vulnerable heart and enable me to do right, I am grateful. As one who is in Christ Jesus, let nothing separate me from your love. Always accomplished in heaven, may your will be done here on earth as well. May I see it done in my heart today, and for this I shall be thankful.

DAY 27 – Thanksgiving Prayer for the Immanuel Elders

Father, I thank you for the elders who lead Immanuel Bible Church. These are the men who oversee our various ministries: Administration, Adult Education & Groups, Care & Counseling, Discipleship & Family/ Next Generation, Immanuel Christian School, Missions & Outreach, Music & Worship, and Teaching & Doctrine. They lead to the benefit the people and programs under their care.
They seek to live lives that are “above reproach.” Grant them grace to do so, and protect them from pride and any other sin which would hinder the mission of our church. What they do benefits me, my family, and the whole church in ways seen and unseen. For this I thank you.
May I follow their loving leadership so that their work is not a burden, but a blessing. As they seek to promote order and unity within the body, help me use my gifts to promote the good of the whole. Hear my prayer O Lord, and for this we shall, as a body, give corporate thanks to you!

DAY 28 – Thanksgiving Prayer for my Dear Friends

How good is the love of a friend! Lord, I thank you for people in my life – even one in particular – who loves me enough to share their life with me, loves me enough to listen, and loves me enough tell me the truth. I thank you for the person who fills me with encouragement and strengthens my confidence. I thank you God for _________ (name someone in particular). I am a better person for having been their friend. I love them and am confident in their brotherly (or sisterly) love for me. I appreciate so much how they motivate me to live for Jesus Christ.
I thank you, Lord, just for their company, whether in leisure or service. Being together is a delight, evidence of your love and grace to me. And for those faults which familiarity magnifies, Lord please grant that my love may cover those sins. Make them little in light of the wonderful blessing I have in my friend. (And Lord, help my friend do the same for me!!) May our friendship bring glory to you, even as a reminder of the power of unity found in Jesus Christ. it is a powerful reminder of your grace and mercy to me, and I thank you for it.

DAY 29 – Thanksgiving Prayer for Various Trials

Your Word says that testings and trials produce patience and endurance, proven character and ultimately love. Thank you for the trials of work, ministry, and personal life.
I hate them Lord, and would want them easily resolved. The things that happen, whether financial, relational, circumstantial, issues regarding my health and of those whom I love, when the future is unclear and fearful, I confess that too often I succumb to worry and fear. I know I have little or no control, yet I recall even now that through previous trials You have driven me to You O God, my source of help in a time of trouble.
Thank you that through trials I am growing in dependence upon you, and becoming a better person, spouse, parent, child, friend, employer, and employee. And through trials you conform me daily to the image of Jesus Christ. For this, I thank you and depend on your grace which is sufficient for me.

DAY 30- Thanksgiving Prayer for Public Servants Who Serve and Protect

Today Lord, I thank you for the men and women who serve in our military, as well as public servants who protect and preserve our lives: police, firefighters, and rescue workers. They are willing to place themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedoms and the freedoms of others around the world. They uphold justice and execute the decisions of our lawmakers. They do it willingly, and for this I thank you God.
Please give them wisdom in their many decisions, and quick recall of their training to do their job well. Please protect them and preserve their life, enabling them to serve another day. Many do not know Jesus Christ, so please reach them with the gospel. To this end, please provide the ministry of chaplains who know and love you. Thank you Lord, for those who sacrifice their own peace and safety, so that I may enjoy it, even this day.

DAY 31 – Thanksgiving Prayer for Opportunities to Serve God

Thank you Lord, for opportunities to show the love of Christ, meeting needs around me. Thank you for your common grace in the lives of all people, whether believers or not, evidence of your great goodness and care. Thanks for your provident work in people’s lives, sometimes severe from our perspective, but necessary and loving from yours.
Give me the faith to appreciate more and more your gracious love. May I cooperate with the Spirit as he works all around me. Strengthen my hands to be used, serving where I can. Please use me in the lives of others, to the great end that they lift their voice to you in thanksgiving, O God who gives all things richly to enjoy, and salvation to those who call upon your name.

These are the top thanksgiving prayer, I hope you will follow them. Stay blessed.

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Thanksgiving Prayer guide for 30 Days
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