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How can i make money in a 3rd world country?

ways to make Money in Nigeria.

This is one of the  burning question, asked consistently by Nigerians, how can I make money in this country? A country where there is no constant electricity,  cost of shop rent skyrocketing, bad roads, and high cost of foreign exchange and bank interest rate.
Well after a few research, I was able to draft a few!

1. Event planning business
This agency provides a full range of services for ceremonies, do you know the rate at which one can get that major bucks with just one good deal? It is usually stressful and you might end up catching sore throat but at the end? You get to smile at the bank, but hey, you have to start by getting that little jobs to build up your portfolio,  what do you need as an event planner
1. Contacts of vendors who are into rentals of equipment and materials needed
2. Contact of a good dj on speed dial
4.caterers, you need at least 2 contact, tested and trusted
5.contacts of  good sound systems guys
6. And you need to print out your cards and lastly open your business page online to promote your job
7. Lastly, and most important in promoting your business page, a good phone or camera. Everyone is a  lover of good pictures, it catches the eyes like sugar to ants.

2. Horticulturist
flower growing business is now the new big deal, omg! Do you know how the craze for flowers for events are now? Flowers for birthday parties ,  flowers for bridal showers,  flowers for bridal showers, flowers for weddings, engagement and the list is endless.
things you need to know and how to start.
1. Have a natural skills a florist require or hire one
2.learn the trade of florist, even if you hire a good florist, you still need to understand the business
3.learn the risk and benefits of opening a flower shop
4 learn how to control your temperature in your location, the optimal temperature to store flower shelves is 34 to 36°F but some flowers do best at 30°F
5. Picture, pictures, pictures.... u can never overestimate the immense importance of good pictures, this will attract your potential buyers.

3. vendors and event coordination
This is one of my favorite, tho it cost much to start, but the end game is a total pay off... smiles* you can make cool cash on these rentals weekly   without lifting a finger.

Things you need.
1. A good space with air and also well secured, you don't want to wake up one morning to find out all your items are gone oooops* faints*
2. You can start with 30 chairs, 5 round tables, 2 big cooking pots, 2 big spools, two long wooden food stirrer, 5 metal food server trays, 5 metal food dishing spoon's, 5 metal food table server plate trays, 2 canopies, 5 food preservers aka (coolers) 50 ceramic breakable plates, 50 metal eating spoons, forks and knives.
3 chair clothing's, you need to get a good tailor who will make you the table clothes and chair clothing , pick two unique colors that catches the attention of people that they can't resist e.get black and gold robe tie, burgundy and pink is another to die color,  army green and mustard Yellow.
4. You will need help from people setting up these items and also a reliable driver who will help deliver the items
5. Put a sign post ,this will let people know about your business, print out cards as well.

5. Online shop
The virtual market could be interesting even in an economic meltdown. People won’t stop buying food, clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. Experienced businessmen recommend trading both online and offline. This expands the circle of customers and allows you to increase sales.
However, for the beginner entrepreneurs, it’s highly recommended to start from online. In this case, you can try to find your target audience and figure out, what kind of goods you would sell. If you see that you have some additional resources, and you have a strong demand, then you can try to go offline. A small showroom in the shopping center is a nice offline extension of your online business.

6. Mini-importation business
Importing products from different countries is an excellent option for personal business. Obviously, considering the fact that Nigeria imports literally everything we consume.

7. Blogging
Among the many types of Internet earnings blogging (the creation and promotion of a blog or website) has gained maximum popularity. Although both the site and the blog is an intellectual development in which the owner invests his emotions, ideas, time and money, it requires much more attention, and the level of profit from the blog will be directly proportional to the efforts spent on it.
To develop, create and promote your site or blog you have to put maximum creative efforts. Quite frankly, this goal is entirely achievable, since this business is very lucrative, and brings an average of several thousand to several million Naira a year.

8. Lounge
Formally, a lounge bar is a kind of mini hospitality business, especially for stand-alone lounges that are not part of hotels. The word lounge can be generally attributed to anything from bar to billiard room. Lounge bars are usually designed for wealthy customers and offer refined drinks and expensive dishes, they often organize VIP rooms, live music etc. Talk about a money maker!
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9. Bookmaking business
You can start in the bookmaking business, having an area of ​​only 6 square meters. So you open one window with a cashier. It is quite enough to try your hands in this business. From the equipment you will need:
1. A computer.
2. A printer.
3. A copier.
4. Internet access.
Also, you have to think about software for receiving bets. Here there are two options, either the licensed program is bought or the program is written by the skilled programmers. A bookmaker's office is nothing more than a sports exchange game. This type of operations is one of the most profitable of all known short-term financial instruments.

10. Transport business
Buying some types of freight vehicles can automatically make you owner of a small business involved in the freight industry. Of course, you still have to find your clients and make some investments in the advertising. But, the main point of this business is that your wheels can make you lots of money.
What kind of car you have to buy depends on what kind of cargo you will be transporting. Therefore, in the very beginning, you have to probe the nearby market: what is carried more often? In prospect, you can hire additional drivers, buy new freight vehicles, and expand your business through different regions.

11. Travel agency
Tourism business is dominated by two kinds of players: tour operators and travel agents. The first is engaged in the development of tours, and form a price for them. Travel agents are doing less work, selling ready tours.
For a beginner travel agency, it is important to determine the target market which it will work with and the specialization of the tours that it will sell. According to experts, at the initial stage, the main thing for the firm is to survive the off-season. Send at least 500 tourists abroad, then, in the second year of operation, the client base will grow.
It is better

I hope you enjoyed reading and you were able to find your perfect niche.

* written and edited by sashakaychronicles, while some content were culled from opera google ad*

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How can i make money in a 3rd world country?


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