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Am I feeding cancer?

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Sugar Ant.🐜
A lot of people love all things sweet. Be it from salt or sugar. But the body is one strange thing; it has ways to tell you when you’re treating it right or wrong.
    Sugar is sweet yet dangerous when taken in large doses. So, in the spirit of good will, I’m bringing you some ways to know that the sugar intake in the body is much; here are a few pointers to know;
1. Bad Breath
       In the first place, sugar itself is a major cause of bad breath and it is bad for your oral health. It is also responsible for tooth decay, cavities and gum diseases. That is why eating too much sugary foods increases the activities of bacteria in the mouth. The best ways to deal with this is to start taking little or no sugar at all, brush after eating anything sugary especially before you go to bed at night.

2. Weight Gain
     Sugar also contains a lot of fat so it is only natural that the body will increase in weight when it cannot break down the fat. Besides, if you overly consume sugar, you’re fast getting on your way to being obese!

3.Poor memory
       Lack of concentration and poor memory/memory loss come as a result of high sugar consumption. High sugar intake fires up the sugar level which slows down the brain after cutting down on the energy it needs to function properly. In the end if sugar consumption is not controlled, this can be a major issue.

4. Immune system
      Eating too much simple sugar can negatively affect your immune system for up to 5 hours after you eat it , according to AskDrSears . com . An excess of sugar blocks your immune system from functioning properly and diminishes the ability of white blood cells to fight bacteria . In contrast , complex carbohydrates do not have these effects . Dr . Sears reports that just eight tablespoons of sugar , or 2 1/2, 12- ounce cans of soda , reduces your immune system 's ability to fight germs by 40 percent .
Almost everyone has experienced energy surges and dips after eating simple sugars as they are broken down quickly in your body . While not everyone has the same reaction to sugar , sugar - sensitive people have drastic “ sugar highs ” from adrenaline surges after eating sugar and “ sugar lows ” associated with low blood sugar . These effects can lead to behavior problems , difficulty paying attention and trouble learning .
5. high blood pressure
       Similar to consuming too much salt , an excess of sugar can lead to high blood pressure in men , according to the American Heart Association . These results are associated with fructose , the type of sugar found in table sugar and added to many products , and are not related to another type of sugar : glucose . However , high blood pressure from sugar occurred in men consuming much more fructose than the amount found in the typical American diet.
6. Lastly it affects our back and cuts short the life span of a person, I could remember back in school, during the heat period, I find myself taking up to 3 bottles of soft drink a day,  "coke cola" to be precise, "my goodness" the relief it gives when the sweet coldness hits your tongue and goes down your stomach, ahhhhh! I thought I was enjoying,  little did I know I was killing myself, I found out the sugar goes to my back and breaks it down, I had waist pain, back numbness, dizzy spells  and weak bladder due to the amount of sugar in my system, it can kill literally! Also sugar is the number one food for Cancer, the more sugar we take, the healthier the disease becomes while the host withers.
   So next time you go to the restaurant, request for water instead of soda!
Eat lots of complex sugar instead e.g fruits and ceareal.

And forever live a happy healthy life! 😊

Information Nigeria.
Dr Sharon therein

P.s will be having a busy day guys, I will enable comments when I'm less busy, thanks for your patience! Xo.

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Am I feeding cancer?


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