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Lucer: Contemporary Rock With Old-School Energy (Video Interview)

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Incredible new music keeps finding me suspiciously often this year. I also had the privileged to talk to a big part of the artist behind it so far. That always makes me feel honoured and gives me interesting insights about their world.

One such experience was with a Danish-based formation playing the most addictive modern rock I have heard in quite some time. With over 250 concerts worldwide, Lucer earned their reputation as an explosive live band that never disappoints. I want to point your attention towards them and share a video interview I did with them for Lunastone Pedals – passionate producers of highest-quality guitar effects.

I was quite surprised when I first heard Lucer. They are a band that perfectly fit the prevailing type of music I usually enjoy and dig into. Needless, to say I was very happy to finally get my hands on their work – better late than never.

Lucer have the irresistible charm of true rock stars. The band continues merging the old-school values of the scene with their unique contemporary interpretation. Their music is highly energizing, easy to sing along to, lyrically thought-provoking, accompanied by spectacular instrumental build-up.

The origin of the band can be traced back to 2014 when they made a memorable entrance grabbing the opportunity to establish a solid foundation of fans. The band continued their impressive run with several captivating singles and their debut full-length Bring Me Good News (2015).

The music of Lucer hits close to home due to the universal topics explored in the songs. They speak about things we all go through and contemplate about. Each track helps you find comfort and stimulates understanding and empowerment. Somehow, it also sounds fun and exciting.

The lyrics can have many meanings depending on personal understanding, and they seem to be constructed in a way that does not tie them to a certain time-frame or situation. The music is timeless.

And it is delivered with the right sound – the energetic guitars and drums, easy to follow build-up, explosive choruses are nearly impossible to resist.

Lucer is one of the few bands that can confidently say they overcame the challenges of having a concert on a moving truck and having people chase after them to experience more of the thrill. One of the many accomplishments they can tell you about if you ever happen to have a chat with them. 

Currently, the band is preparing for the launch of their third full-length. It is expected to arrive in the fall of 2021, and there are many reasons to be excited about it.

So far, the band has shown steady development by playing around with different sound inspiration and themes for each album (even for each song). Their journey is a consistent evolution supported by some of the biggest names in the Danish rock/metal world. Mike Tramp assisted the band in their early stages of development, Thunder & Lightning Music and Tue Madsen took part in the production process later on.

For the new album, Lucer is working with another iconic name for Denmark – Christoffer Stjerne, the frontman of H.E.R.O. By the band’s own words this helped them explore a new approach to making music and is bringing results we should all be looking forward to hearing.

First single from the new era!

I had the incredible pleasure and privilege of discussing music, rock star moments, inspiration, and future plans with the band. It is something I own to another fundamental presence in the rock sense – Lunastone guitar effects. I was lucky to have a chance to collaborate with them, and they were kind enough to introduce me to the band and set up an interview.

Of course, I also want to thank Lucer for being so welcoming and approachable – they may be rock stars, but they are certainly as grounded as can be. It was a great experience to visit them in their rehearsal space and have a lovely chat. I hope you enjoy this interview.

Don’t forget to follow Lucer on Spotify and Facebook. The new album is fast approaching with dates for live shows being announced bit by bit – don’t miss out.

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Lucer: Contemporary Rock With Old-School Energy (Video Interview)


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