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My 2016 bucket list

Hey guys and welcome to my first blog post! I'm Karleigh, i'm currently 19 years old and I've been wanting to start my own blog for quite some time now so here we are. I thought it would be cool to start my page off with my bucket list for 2016. Hope you enjoy my page, and please feel free to leave any feedback or NICE comments/questions and i'd really appreciate it if you could let me know what you'd like to see me post, so ANY recommendations or ideas will definitely be taken into account. :-)

My 2016 Bucket List:

1) Finish TV Shows! - Okay so i am a nuisance when it comes to TV programmes. I am constantly starting new shows and i never get round to finishing them and then i usually get recommended lots more shows so this step is definitely going to try and be achieved this year! 

2) Harry Potter Studios! - I am a huge fan of HP (who isn't) but I've never been to the studios and i'm pretty sure i'm like the only person alive to have not lived the dream yet. This is a definite step I have to make this year! I will stop being a muggle and I will be in my rightful Gryffindor state of mind very very soon! (PS- i'd love to hear about your experiences at the HP studios; or even photos).

3) Start My Own YouTube Channel! - I have wanted to create my own YouTube Channel as well as a blog (mainly for singing various covers - because i enjoy singing) and hopefully sometime soon i will fulfill that and i will be posting regular covers. I'm also considering to start vlogging and doing makeup tutorials but who knows what will happen.- (if you have your own YouTube account then leave me your username in the comments box and i will be sure to check you out and share).

4) Complete my Lime Crime Velvetines collection! - I have come to the conclusion that I am obsessed with Lime Crime's Velvetines matte lipsticks. I NEED them all. I will be doing a blog post on my collection at some point in the near future don't worry! I have watched numerous videos on YouTube of swatches and i come close to dribbling every time. :)

5)  Attend a fashion show! - I was fortunate enough last year to attend a fashion show event in London where there were performances from artists such as Nina Nesbitt and me, my sister and some friends basically spent the evening in a photo-prop booth and having our makeup styled by upcoming makeup and magazine brands. (I can't remember any of the names off by hand but if anyone is interested just ask and I will try to find out for you). -- Fashion plays a huge role in my life so attending another fashion show would be incredible.

6) Singing career!  - If there is anything anyone should need to know about me, it is this section that you're reading. Music is everything to me and singing is a complete passion of mine and I am currently looking to pursue my happiness and dreams with achieving a career out of singing. I love to sing a wide range of music such as songs from; Fifth Harmony to Lana Del Rey, to Mystery Jets. I hope to do A LOT more blog posts on singing and hopefully in the near future I will have uploaded covers for my constant YouTube channel. I will place a link for this when the time comes. 

7) Doctor Who World! - Apparently there is a place alike the Harry Potter studios but for Doctor Who and it is another MUST see (for me). I will admit I did stop watching Doctor Who as soon as David Tennant (the one the only Dr) left, but to be able to get to witness Darleks and Cyber-men right in front of you must be something else. I will have to take an extra pair of trousers and pants! :-)

8) Festivals!!! - Unfortunately me and my boyfriend were unable to grab Glastonbury Festival tickets this year (his fault), but I am so determined to try to get some myself in the upcoming resale in April (omg that's soon I totally forgot). If all plans fail then I will either be definitely looking at other festivals or/and getting tickets to a lot of concerts where I will still be able to boogy my butt off.   

9) GROW! - I am unfortunately only 5'3 (exactly) and I haven't grown even an inch in the space of a year. I seem to find myself watching YouTube videos on 'tips on how to grow taller' but I still feel and look the height of a 5 year old which isn't good. (((( If anyone has any idea's on what I am doing wrong or whether there's some crazy ass tips that could seriously help a Karleigh out then PLEASE i beg you, tell me. 

10) Go to the London Dungeons! - Another place I haven't yet been to is the London Dungeons. I have wanted to go for ages but it always seems to be sold out. The whole idea of it actually makes me want to cry with excitement, like who doesn't like having their fears being played with. 

Thank You for reading my first blog post. I plan on making this a lifestyle routine of mine so please do leave any kind feedback or any requests of what kinds of things you'd like me to write essays about! ( joking, I will try my best not to do essays). 
I know this post has been long but hopefully it'll give a rough insight as to who I am and what to expect from me in the near future.

------- love Karleigh x

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My 2016 bucket list


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