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My makeup tips and tricks

Welcome back to my blog!
I recently created polls on all my social media accounts asking whether you guys would prefer me to make content based around two topics. One being Makeup tips or an Outfit of the day post. These polls resulted in the 'Makeup tips' winning overall. I will be sure to write many outfit of the day posts in the near future though!

On to the subject of makeup...
I have always been fond of makeup. I remember starting secondary school being 'the friend with the lip glosses'. It's only in the last few years that my knowledge of makeup has expanded and I have become fascinated with so many products that I never expected to use in the past. This also goes for makeup brands. 

In the future I also plan on doing a skincare routine but for now I want to include any products or strategies that I currently use and hope may be of use to someone else.

Now for the main reason you're viewing this post. You came here for tips!

In order to find the perfect skincare products you need to figure out what skin type you currently have. Whether that's dry, oily or combination. Mine used to be very dry until I got into a routine of using the correct equipment to protect my skin which has now balanced out to me now having combination skin. With all skincare products you need to make sure you're using nothing that will irritate the skin. If you find that using a new product 'breaks you out', don't automatically assume that the product is no good or will only continue to break you out. Sometimes this is the case and unfortunately you will come across skincare essentials that are more like skin-ruiner!!! BUT if you do use a new product and you notice your skin reacting with a hideous monster aka extra face on your face then this could mean that it is helping your skin instead. Sometimes your skin will react in this way due to new activity but once it is used to your new routine you should hopefully see the positives.

Products that I use:

  • Makeup wipes - depending on your skin type. I tend to stick with ordinary ones from a local drug store with the description of 'Dry Skin' just so that my now combination skin doesn't make a turn backwards. - £2
  • Garnier Skin Active - (Honey Flower) Toning Water - This is a step to deducting any left-over makeup that maybe left on the skin. I apply the toning water with cotton pads that you can get from you local shop or drugstore. - £3.49

  • Moisturiser - For me moisturiser's are an absolute must. I plan on doing a post in the future on my top recommended moisturisers but for now I use the new Garnier Skin Active Botanical Balm - in the scent Honey Flower. So basically this is a moisturiser version of my toning water. (Hallelujah)! - (I paid £9 for this but I think it's currently on offer for around £6).

  • Soap and Glory Vitamin C facial wash - In all honesty I don't tend to look into facial washes much myself. I'm guilty of picking any random one and hoping for the best but it is still handy to exfoliate. - £8

Foundations are a hit and miss for me at times and I tend to only wear it when I'm going anywhere other than work (which is barely ever). An issue I have found with foundations is trying to find one that matches my skin colour perfectly. Nonetheless, I have experimented enough to not only find my closest matches, but also my favourite foundations that make the skin flawless.

TIP- Remember to blend into the neck to help reduce a differentiation of colours.
        If using a beauty blender or sponge try to apply with a patting motion instead of spreading as this will help the product soak more onto your face and less into the sponge.

Product that I use:

  • No.7 Stay Perfect - This is the foundation I have stuck to lately because; I have fount it easy to apply, stays in place for an acceptable amount of time, whilst giving a flawless finish to the skin. It also doesn't stick to any dry areas which is a bonus. It is an affordable foundation that has lasted me a decent amount of time so I haven't as of yet had to re-purchase. - £15
I used to swear by applying my foundation with a beauty blender but recently I have re-visited brushes. I will reach for a foundation brush and spray it with a fixing / setting spray (to dampen the same way you would with a beauty blender or sponge) to help reduce any dryness whilst making it easier to spread the foundation as it doesn't soak into the brush bristles as it would without the spray.

Concealer is one of my favourite products to apply and is one I apply daily without a doubt (including work-days). I have tried more concealers probably more than I have biscuits! But this has enabled me to narrow down my top trusty concealers that I can count on to brighten my under-eyes, and to demolish any dark bags and blemishes.

TIP- To apply my concealer I now use my fingers. Doing so enables the product to cling more to my face rather than a brush or sponge and helps to get right into the corners of my eyes. I have also noticed a difference between applying concealer with my fingers to a blemish rather than a sponge or brush.

Products that I use:

  • Dermacol makeup cover foundation - Regardless of this being a foundation product, I use this for concealer instead because it is the most full coverage base I have ever come across to date. It really does brighten the face and works incredibly well at hiding blemishes or scars. The main reason I don't tend to use this as foundation is because of the very first application using this product. Let's just say I used a little too much and ended up looking like a wax figure from Madame Tussauds. I would recommend this foundation / concealer to anyone. - PS you really only need a pin-prick amount of this product as a little really does go a long way! - £7.90

Nyx HD concealer - is another concealer that I would happily re-use. This concealer is also very brightening with an exceptional coverage at an affordable price. This concealer I would say is a lighter coverage than the Dermacol one as it's not as thick consistency. - £6

Eyebrows aren't my strongest point but I am trying to improve everyday. It probably doesn't help when 13 year old me thought it would be a good idea to 'shave' the fronts of my brows because I was too lazy to pluck. - Much to my regret, they never quite grew back.

TIP- Try to stick to your actual outline of your brows as the mind can sometimes trick us for thinking what we are seeing is 'bigger' or 'smaller' than it really is.

Products that I use:

  • Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip brow Pomade - I am on my second pot of this stuff. I couldn't imagine changing to something else, ever? Applying this with an angled eyebrow brush makes it so easy to apply as again, you only need a small amount of product to get a defined looking brow that can impact your facial expressions all day long. - £19
  • Nyx Brow Gel - If you are shaping up your brows and you feel like something is missing... use brow gel. Honestly go and get some right now! For me this product itself works wonders as the bristles on the brush are great at gripping onto the brow hairs which then helps to guide them into making the perfect 'oh wow you have fluffy eyebrows' shape. - £6

I can admit to not having tested as many highlighters as I may have wanted to because lets face it, who isn't searching for that one sparkling pigment that blinds all your haters????
With that being said I feel as though I have come pretty close to doing so as I am incapable of letting go of my current highlighter that I was also recommended. My application of highlighter is something I get complimented on fairly often and of which, I take much pride and joy in.

Product that I use:

  • Goddess Of Love Triple Baked highlighter - This product is one of the long-lasting products I think I have ever come across. The pigmentation is out of this world for something that is only a drugstore item and this is without applying fix spray / setting spray. Again, such an affordable piece of makeup to have stored in your collection to help you to look like a sparkling gem. - £5.95

TIP - Having a fan brush will benefit your highlight so much as it'll apply to the skin seamlessly. Whilst your at it, why not add some highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bone to make them pop a little more.

Fix Sprays / Setting Sprays
For a while I kept repurchasing the same setting spray mainly because I hadn't looked into others that would have worked just as well as this one. I decided to go for a different setting spray as I didn't want to keep spending £20 every-time. With this being said, I am so glad I began using setting sprays as they have completely changed my whole makeup experience. I would never once go a day without using a setting spray when applying makeup.

TIP - Apply setting spray to a fresh face before applying makeup. This will help to add a little moisture into your skin (especially if you don't have any moisturiser). -- Go crazy with using setting sprays! Add it to your brush or sponge before and whilst applying foundation / concealers as this will keep your skin hydrated as well as to make the formula easier to spread around the face because it wouldn't have dried into the skin yet. -- and don't forget to add setting spray at the very end to 'set' your piece of art into place!

Products that I use:

  • Mac Fix Plus - £18
  •  Loreal Infallible Mist - £8.99

Eye shadows
Finally we're onto my favourite step of my makeup routine! I am obsessed with doing my eye makeup. I enjoy being able to create a completely different look every single day just by blending a few colours. Lately I haven't purchased any brand new eye-shadow palettes as (saving to go travelling) but I adore the ones I already own and am very grateful to have gotten my hands on them.

TIP - Start with a transition shade in the crease. This can be any neutral shade you fancy and it will help guide the rest of your shadows.       

TIP - If you're finding that the pigmentation of your shadows just aren't pigmented enough then ADD a setting spray. -- Use your finger or any brush you prefer (I personally prefer to use my finger for this step)... pick up whatever matte or shimmer shade with your finger, then spray the setting spray onto your finger so that it is damp but not soaking, then apply to the eyes! I promise you will see a difference.

Products that I use:

Violet Voss Holy Grail palette - £43
Revolution Blush Palette - My favourite for shimmer shades using fix sprays for a pigmented affect. - £6
Too Faced - Sweet Peach Palette, Chocolate Bar Palette, Chocolate Bon Bon Palette - £35  - £43
Morphe - Morphe 35O, 35P, 35T. - £23

(For this look I used the Violet Voss HG in the shade 'Teddy Bear' for the outer corners. I then used the more orange shimmer shade in the Revolution Blush palette to give a shimmery affect. I ended the eye look by adding a white shimmer / highlight to the inner corners.

Thanks for reading! I hope this has been of use to you guys. These are basically my everyday makeup product essentials and I would recommend them to anyone. If anyone has any other questions please do not hesitate to leave me a comment or a message on my blog and I will try and get back to you! I would be more than happy to help. Please do also follow my blog if you would like to see more posts from me. I am really trying to be more consistent with this as I do enjoy it very much.

Expect to see my blog posts on a regular basis. I have chosen to try and upload every Wednesday and Sunday!!!!!! 😃

Feel free to follow me on my social medias too where I will also be posting feed everyday!

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FACEBOOK - Karleigh Allkins

-- Karleigh x

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My makeup tips and tricks


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