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He , she and the headphones

She was singing in Live music concert and he was playing guitar on the same song but at home.
Something went wrong right?
Let's go some months ago when she gifted him a BOSE QC35 II headphones

It started on a summer morning.
He was sitting on a bench, his head leaned back, eyes were closed, with an almost dead smile on face and wearing headphones that even only one. As I jogged by, my hair tied up in a ponytail, my face was sweat, I realized that the boy seating on the bench whose face and trained body would help me to stay fresh.
Ok, let me be Frank it didn’t start on that morning.

It started on the next one.
Because the very next day, I went jogging by the same spot and there he was, as perfect as a canvas picture. This time, I decided to sit on that bench, next to him.
I was hoping for him to turn to me and be mesmerized by my beauty. Before we continue, let me tell you that I’m not really good looking. My hair is curly and my face is filled with a scar. I don’t have a perfect body. I’m not exactly fat but I’m definitely a bit less than it. Probably the only noticeable feature about me is my big brown eyes.

 Anyway, I was hoping he would turn and smile at me.  But no, I haven’t fantasized like this before.
This is my first. I promise.
Ok, second.
The first time was an unfortunate.
But hey, hopefully, the second one wouldn’t be! Though much to my disappointment, he didn’t even look at me. I sat there for a while, feeling stupid, not knowing what to do. Then, I wear my headphones and just got up and left.
That evening at home was worse.

next day, I went jogging.
Just to look at him. But he wasn’t on the park bench. at a distance, I saw a boy lying on the sand,  a hat on his face and only one headphone in an ear. I knew it was him. Knowing I had to make a move, and fast, I gathered all the courage I could and sat next to him, pretending to tie my shoelaces.

“Hey there! Beautiful day, isn’t it?”
No, respond.
Then, he slowly took his hat off his face and turned to look at me.
“It’s amazing,” He said removing headphones. “I’m Mehul. You are?”
Aloka,” I said, embarrassed. “Ok, Don’t laugh. I know it’s weird. But I like it!”
“I like it too” And he smiled.
This time, my heart was dancing. he sighed peacefully and lay back.
“Um,” I said, “I’d better go.”
“Busy day?”
“Not really!”
“Then lie next to me for few moments”
This was going better than I expected.

I lay for a while, my feet crossed as we began to talk about our lives.
“I live with my mom and I love singing I exclaimed. “I live in the big beach house and I love to play guitar. He said. “I live alone.
“I came here for the vacation.
My mind started telling me this wouldn’t work. He lived here. I was only going to be here a few more weeks. But I couldn’t walk away. Not when his voice sounded like heaven and his face looked like a dream.

We spent the next hour talking and listing music from one dead headphone then I said I had to leave, that my mom would get worried.
“Why don’t you come over to my beach house sometime?”
He sensed my hesitation and laughed.
“Ok, then. Why don’t we meet at the beach again? Same time?”
“Yes,” I said.

The next day was even better. we became very close. I loved every little thing about him. The way he plays guitar.
“I’m falling for you” I blurted out one day.
He smiled at me, a sad smile, and touched my cheek.
“I’m not right for you”
“I need to tell you something,” He said.
He took his shades off and stared at his hands on his lap.

“What happened?” I asked, my voice revealing the intensity of my worry.
He looked straight at me, his eyes boring into mine when he said the words that sent me into a state of shock.
“I’m blind”
After that pregnant pause, we sat there, not saying a single word.

I recalled how I’d never seen him walking on the beach. Never saw him without his shades. He either had them on or had his eyes closed. He had always been sitting on the park bench or lying on the sand by the time I had arrived.
“I understand if you want to leave now,” He said, in a whisper.
I got up, thought for a second, and on impulse, kissed him on his cheek.
“I don’t care,” I said.
He smiled, then, a slow, doubtful smile.
Holding my face in his hands, he said the three words that no one except my mom had ever said to me.
You are beautiful
I knew then that nothing would mean more to me than those words.
Because he didn’t see my hair or my face or my body.
He saw my heart.
I realized then that, that was the only thing that mattered.

“I want to see your beach house,” I said,
He got up and unfolded the walking stick that was in his pocket. Holding hands, we walked to the place he’d been talking about all week, his magnificent house.
“Here we are!”
What stood in front of me was not a marvelous palace. It was an old building.

“We’ll take the stairs! A bit of exercise always helps. Besides, I’m only on the second floor!”
I didn’t even see a lift anywhere.
Rummaging in his pocket for a key, he opened the semi-cracked door to his place, revealing a sight so pathetic, it made me want to cry.
There was a plastic chair in the living room and a mattress on the floor and nearly 10 to 15 headphones on the table.
I asked him about headphones. He told me that he was searching for the perfect pair of headphones.

“Come, you can hear the sea from outside”
Standing behind me, he sighed peacefully. I didn’t see the sea. I didn’t see anything except a woman washing clothes under the tap water. “Close your eyes” He whispered in my ear and wear these headphones (a dead one)
The sound of his voice inches away from me sent shivers up my spine.
“Now listen close. Don’t say a word. Just listen.”
I did as he said, till eventually, the rhythmic noises of the washing almost turned into the music of the sea.
We stood there like that, skin touching skin, silent for almost 15 minutes.
“How do you like it?”
I turned, determined not to let the tears in my eyes reflect in my voice.
“I love it,” I said, wrapping my arms around him.
“And I love you”

Now I decided to give him a strong headphone well connected to my phone so he can listen to all my song.
I heard about a computation of singing in my city where the first prize is BOSE QC35 II headphones.
I had applied for it and guess what I won the first prize. I'm so much happy that day. Because two things happened that day first has i won the BOSE QC35 II headphones which eventually going to gift Mehul and another thing is I got an offer from brand song company to perform live.

I went his home that day only. I knocked the door he said please come. I went inside again he was playing guitar and wearing only one headphone. That made me sad and happy too. I went close to him hugged him tightly and put BOSE QC35 II headphones on his head. He was like oh my god. This is so cool
 I can hear from both the ear and the cancel all the noise from outside. OMG, it has Bluetooth connectivity so I can listen to all your songs.
"U are my perfect pair"

And next day I Went to live concert show and he is playing guitar on my song wearing those gifted BOSE QC35 II headphones at home.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless Headphone (Black)
Coolest thing about BOSE QC35 II headphones
Bluetooth 4.2
Noise cancellation
Edge design
World class music
VPA support
NFC pairing
Dual microphone
20 hours battery life

Mehul and Aloka are future ready with bose, are you?

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He , she and the headphones


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