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Returning to Ukraine

Last year, I have become so curious about Ukraine (which I call the Latin version of Europe) including its culture and irresistible Ladies. I have picked 40 of them for my last Euro Club membership service. Now, I reduce that number to 12 or less. The result is that I can focus more of a small group of ladies than I do with a larger one. Plus, I wish to know their personalities well within the 12 days that I spend in Odessa.

If you (American or Westernized man) are interested in reading this second trip report there and getting inspiration for yourself, please read the following sections (based on day) below:

Saturday 8/17

A few hours later, I arrive in Boston. I eat both pepperoni and veggie pizza slices for dinner. I buy some candy for snack. While I am waiting for my next flight to Istanbul, Turkey, I look at a TV screen showing various scenes of famous singers. The CNN network company is probably doing a marathon of “The Seventies“, “The Eighties“, and other similar television shows because it has nothing else better to air or wishes to just focus on this culture. I wish that it can create new shows based on my and other Men of Action‘s knowledge of Ukraine, Colombia, and other nations. After all, it has done the same for the late Anthony Bourdain. More people may watch the television channel as a result.

Sunday 8/18

I get enough sleep while I am riding on an airplane. I watch both “Love You to Death” and “Little” movies and then listen to some music (e.g. “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw, “Special Course” by Yoshi’s Woolly World video game soundtrack, and “24/7” by Dino) on my mp3 player. It is good to have entertainment before I visit another country. When I enter the airport in Istanbul, I swear that it is combined with a mall due to its countless stores, restaurants, etc. I can spend a whole day or longer here. The result is that I can enjoy eating various Kit Kat chocolate bars and other Turkish food from my favorite American restaurants:

  • Carl’s Jr. (aka Hardee’s)
  • Popeye’s
  • sbarro

I have to wait 2 hours in order to see the gate number (e.g. D12) of my final flight to Odessa, Ukraine. I take a long walk and make sure that I am there on time. While I enter the airplane, I see 2 female flight attendants with blue and yellow clothing. I am pleased to view their appearances. I almost believe that I can identify Ukrainian women based on their faces, voices, wardrobes, etc.

Almost 2 hours later, I arrive at Odessa international airport. I am nervous about who is going to pick me up and where I am going to stay. But, my fear decreases when I meet an Uber driver (who works for dating agency) and ride with him to the apartment that I am going to live temporarily. When we stop there, we learn that my online reservation of the Airbnb apartment has been automatically cancelled yesterday. I am now concerned that I may spend the night on the streets and that I may have difficulty in getting a full refund. Fortunately, the Airbnb host (Denis) comes and invites me to his place. Despite that it is not totally clean and comfortable, I still feel welcomed anyway. I do not feel so awkward around him, his cat(s), and roommate as I typically do with people whom I do not know.

Monday 8/19

Although I sleep for a short time, I am fully awake and ready to go somewhere. I wait for Denis to guide me to an adjacent ATM machine (so that I can pay him for rent), the same apartment I have reserved online, and then the office (which is inside the main mall). After entering the office, we meet Kate (assistant manager). I consider her easier to talk than I do with Anna (manager). Kate gives me a list of places that I can visit plus a list of places (that may have scammers who target Americans/Westerners for financial or materialistic gain) I should avoid going. She also tells me about the women (including Viktoria) who are available and willing to date me. I am eager to see them physically and know who they are spiritually.

DSCN1941 ad on elevator doors
another photo of ad within main mall
one bedroom apartment I stay for 12 days
another photo of the apartment
a third photo of the apartment

While I await my first date (Irena) tomorrow, I have to spend time with another guy. I am a little disappointed thanks to my negative experiences in Dominican Republic. Nonetheless, I enjoy attending a fancy restaurant and seeing the nice view of the blue sky, old buildings, and so on. I would feel timid if I go to a similar restaurant in United States or the Western world. I do not want to feel racially discriminated, stereotyped, or uncomfortable. I just want to be myself and be treated like any other customer.

He and I later meet his friend Sasha at a certain street. I initially see Sasha as an American guy who somewhat frightens me. But, I learn that he is actually an Ukrainian citizen (by his appearance and character) who has been living in United States for almost 10 years. He can speak English better than Denis does. Sasha however has a hard time in keeping himself from getting in trouble. He has been deported from my country because of his involvement with wrongdoers. I immediately believe that he has been framed by his clients or colleagues. Either he or Denis has mentioned that these people have put drugs in the trunk of his vehicle. I am not surprised whatsoever. The American or Western culture can ruin the reputation and life of a person who looks or behaves differently from others. I may fit that category.

Sasha and Denis - Ukrainian friends
Sasha (left) and Denis (right)

Denis, Sasha, and I eat supper at a beach restaurant and then take a 2 or 3 hour walk to a carnival during nighttime. I am amazed of how long the walk is. In addition, I am surprised to see many pedestrians (men, women, and children alike) and bicyclists during our journey. Denis tells Sasha to steer clear of bicyclists. In my mind, I see them as drivers who are going above the speed limit. A third thing I do not expect to see is an abandoned building with both Ukrainian and American flags. I guess that both nations have a strong union even though most American/Western males are uninterested or scared to meet Ukrainian females here. This fact disappoints me after staring at a lonesome female cashier who is sitting on a chair and waiting for customers.

The guys and I finally enter the carnival and get some food at 2 restaurants. I cannot eat any more because my body does have limits. But, I can look at unlimited ladies who dress so well. I am truly astonished with the opposite sex regarding its fashion, simplicity, and hospitality. Many single or divorced American/Western men are robbing themselves of wonderful girlfriends or wives who can bring much happiness and unconditional love in their lives. So, if you do not want to be compared to the Men of Inaction, then:

  • follow your heart always
  • ignore what (e.g. fear) or who (e.g. family) is standing in your way
  • come here and seek the woman of your dreams like I am

Tuesday 8/20

I am relieved to have my own place. I can get plenty of sleep, brush my teeth, refrigerate food and drinks, take a bath or shower, and have more privacy. Nonetheless, I do not know the address of where I am. I go outside, look around the area, and make sure to write the correct address of the apartment plus its nearby businesses. Waiting for Denis to arrive and entering the City Garden have helped me locate the apartment easily. I also have zero trouble in finding the restaurant (outside the City Garden) where we meet Irena and her translator. I initially assume that both ladies are his friends. They reassure me that they are not by introducing themselves to us.

Despite of the change of her hair color (e.g. black), Irena is still pretty in my eyes. I am also pleased that she is 35 years of age. She is not as wishy-washy as most women in their 20s are. I can sense her maturity, decisiveness, honesty, and respect for both me and him. Those are qualities I admire in an ideal girlfriend or wife.

I absolutely agree with him regarding Irena’s personality. She is approachable, lovely, talented (with her fashionable and dancing skills), and worthy of pursuing for a monogamous relationship. I can see a future with her. But, I cannot ignore or forget my connection with Viktoria. Our 13 Skype video chats should have brought us closer to each other. If you do not have regular communication with a woman from another country, how you can make your relationship survive? How can you really be attracted to her and encouraged to commit or marry her eventually? I ask you both questions due to the fact that many gorgeous ladies are ignored or treated as sex objects here and other non-Westernized nations.

Before the end of the date, I ask Irena and her translator about having another date in 3 days. They accept my request 100%. I am content while I walk away with Denis to a distant restaurant. We reunite with Sasha there and consume pizza and hot lemon tea. He starts talking about a few business opportunities. I take him seriously due to his experiences in United States. Denis does not thanks to his deportation, lack of motivation, and living with his mother. I let Denis know that I can understand and relate to Sasha more than I do with most people at home. One reason is that I continue dealing with negative or indifferent ones who try to discourage me. The other is still living with parent(s). It is normal that a mother, father, or both care so much and wish to provide my needs even though I am an adult. However, they are unintentionally stopping me from becoming fully independent, responsible for my actions, and aware of who I am completely. This reality has created many people who think that they can do whatever they wish and get away with it.

A hour later, Sasha, Denis, and I go where Denis stays. We go to the balcony, drink some wine or beer, and enjoy the outdoor view nocturnally. Then, we enter Sasha’s home and eat his homemade potato soup. I am not thrilled about its taste. I am not crazy about his cold fish dish and cornbread either. I however enjoy the personal conversation that I have with his mother. Like him, she also speaks English very well and has lived in United States for a couple of years. Most of her experiences in my country has been as negative as many of his experiences have been. She and I disagree on topics such as racial discrimination, culture, and Ukrainian women in general. I try to explain to her about this blog in which I plan, organize, research, write facts, and find evidence as support of my words for every blog post. But, as I always expect from most people, she does not believe or care to know what I already know. It is sad to see how blind she and many others are when it comes to the truth. They are missing on great opportunities that can improve their lives.

While I wait to leave Sasha and his mother’s house, I notice a female and her potential boyfriend on the front porch. Seeing how positive she acts definitely makes me incapable of understanding Sasha’s mother’s point of view regarding Ukrainian ladies. If she ever comes where I currently live or where I have previously lived and knows the women well, she might change her mind and begin seeing the ladies in her country as angels.

Wednesday 8/21

I wake up past noon. I am pleased that I have gotten enough sleep. But, I am not happy to hear that Denis is dealing with a sickness and planning to go to a hospital. Even though he is not available to hang out again, I can still have a fun time solo. I spend almost 2 hours in walking around City Garden. I have never seen as numerous sexy ladies as I have anywhere else. I hesitantly take a few photos of them. Seeing a few ladies who become immediately suspicious has motivated me to stop. I then go inside a mini mall for touring while I walk up and down the stairs. I exit and go to the big mall where the office is located. I am so drawn to the ads that are shown on a few elevator doors that I have to snap photos of them. I really hope that more ladies who join the international dating business find their future husbands or boyfriends.

place for singers or performers in City Garden
fountain in City Garden – where I would usually meet Elizabeth
walk area of City Garden
display ad of Aqua Park Odessa
photo of an unknown place
pedestrians outside City Garden
pedestrians inside City Garden
inside the mini mall
seesaws (which have not been here during my first trip)
outer view of main mall (where office is)
store building next to the main mall

I enter the office and wait for my second date (Victoriia). Meanwhile, I overhear 2 other American men who are discussing dating and their families. Although I do not say anything, I can relate to them. My relatives, coworkers, bosses, neighbors, and other locals would think that I have lost my mind for coming here. They do not really understand or care to know that I have much difficulty in seeking the right woman in United States. Human connection is so bad that I cannot even have a simple conversation with anyone there. So, how can I actually find my future wife?

When Victoriia appears, we leave together and get to know each other well. We walk to a distant restaurant. I am obviously attracted to her pink dress and high heels. She indeed looks better in person than she does in her photos. She almost resembles Anna Davis of Dream Connections dating agency because of their eyes or faces. They both speak English excellently. I am therefore happy to save money during this date with Victoriia. However, the absence of a translator does not mean that I cannot read some signs that she is not really interested in me. View them below:

  • not engaging much in our conversation
  • having serious or disappointed look
  • saying that she is going to call me later

My instinct is correct. She has lied to me intentionally. I receive no phone call from her at all. I do not see her again too. I am a little upset that she has asked me for my phone number in order to give me false hope and make herself feel less guilty. Although she sells paintings for a living, she indeed has painted a dishonest picture of herself to me.

To move forward, I watch an episode of “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” on YouTube. I then leave the apartment and take a walk around City Garden and the nearby streets. I encounter a little boy who asks me for a donation. I feel bad for not giving him any money. But, I have heard that he and some other kids who hang at the streets may work for gypsies. While he continues to ask other pedestrians for money, I buy several products at a grocery store, return to the apartment, watch an episode of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way“, and go to sleep.

Thursday 8/22

I am having a better day thanks to Elizabeth. She and Angelica (a friend and member of her agency (which is called “Just Married”)) are supposed to meet me in the office around 2:30 PM. While I wait for their arrival, I talk to Kate about places that I would like to take my dates. I suddenly turn my attention to Elizabeth and Angelica when they show up. I am somewhat surprised to see Elizabeth in person for the second time. Looking at her photos on WhatsApp and hearing her voice on Skype truly give me a different impression of her. I now view her more as a human being. I start to wonder how I am going to react to Viktoria when she comes back to Odessa in 4 days.

Elizabeth, Angelica, and I walk to the Opera House. I may not be as attracted to Angelica as I am with my previous date (Victoriia). I still like what Angelica wears anyway. Her pink dress and black heels make her look appropriate and desirable. She is thinner than she looks in her images. Being a single mother of 1 child proves that she is caring and responsible. She has the characteristics that perhaps you or another man (who is serious about commitment or marriage) want in a partner or spouse.

beautiful Angelica hoping to find true love
back side of Angelica talking to Elizabeth
me (right) with Angelica

We all go to Omega Three restaurant for lunch, a museum for observing historical things, and a large area for walking, looking at nature, and taking photos. After seeing the Potemkin Stairs, we head to a particular street. Angelica says her goodbye and awaits her ride to home or her job. Elizabeth and I return to the City Garden, sit at a bench, and wait for my next date (Karina (who has the same name as the woman I have dated last year)). I discuss with Elizabeth regarding Viktoria, fun places I like to visit, and life in general. A seller interrupts and talks to us about buying a pack of tickets to a local carnival. I cannot use them because they are only valid for next month. I buy them anyway so that I can give them to Viktoria or whoever wants to visit the carnival.

statue of a famous Ukrainian

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Returning to Ukraine


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