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Best White Noise Machine for Tinnitus – Buyer’s Guide

Best White Noise Machines sound cleeping babyWe decided to acquire and test sound machines after one of the team members (Evahur) complained of sleepless nights. She was diagnosed with Tinnitus, a perception there is Noise or buzzing in the ears. Surprisingly, medics claimed that tinnitus affects 1 in every 5 people. Then a lot of people must be having this or a similar problem. There is a high chance you are one of them. That why we decided to find the best white noise machine for tinnitus to help these people.

The Best White Noise Machine For Tinnitus

After 25 hours of research, testing, and analysis, including consulting audiologists, sound engineers, and sleep researchers, we can confidently present our unbiased review and listing of the best white noise machines for tinnitus.

lectrofan white noise machine for tinnitus soundIf you are looking for a modern, flexible, compact, and easy to use sleep machine, we recommend the  LectroFan. This the very best white noise machine for tinnitus that will give you a smooth sleep. Since we uncovered that, it has been Evahur’s sleeping partner. It offers 10 ambient noise variants such as white noise, brown noise, and pink noise. The speaker faces upwards thus the white noise is evenly distributed. Has 10 fan sounds and different color displays too. It conceals environmental noises so a person suffering from tinnitus can sleep easily. Accurate and sensitive volume controls for one’s liking. At the time the time of posting this review, LectroFan was retailing at around $49 only. Check the current price on AMAZON. Read our full review below.

Marpac Dohm DS best white noise machine for tinnitus sleeping lullabyIf you are looking for an old style, low-tech noise machine that produces all natural sound, we recommend our second best option, Marpac Dohm-DS. Has an inbuilt fan that dissipates the sound of rushing air without blowing out air. This is very innovative and won’t dehydrate your eyes like a cooling fan. The Lectrofan produces static soothing sounds like ‘shhh’ while Dohm DS produces a natural sound similar to one produced by a seashell when placed over the ear. Dohm DS has two settings, low and high. It is one of the first white noise machines to be developed and its design has had minimal changes since 1962. However, its shape is not very appealing and is a little difficult to operate. From our testing, it does not mask noises well like the LectroFan. Its cost was the same as that of LectroFan. Check its latest price on AMAZON. Read our full review below.

HoMedics SoundSpa best white noise machine for tinnitus sound sleepingIf you are looking for a highly affordable or rather cheap but modern white noise machine, we recommend the HoMedics SoundSpa. This baby sound machine has an adjustable volume, unlike the Dohm. Its maximum volume is also louder. It has 6 sound settings which include white noise, rain, ocean, summer night, and brook. The physical outlook looks modern and elegant but the build quality is not very good. Some people have reported that the on/off switch usually breaks after several months if handled roughly. Can be attributed to its low price which was $19 at the time of publishing this review. Check its latest price on AMAZON. Read our full review below.

About White Noise Machines

White noise machines are devices which are carefully made to reduce disruptions at night. These disruptions are known to cause sleepless nights which ultimately leads to insomnia. A white noise maker aim at reducing and ensuring minimal or no disruptions at night.

Sleepless nights are mostly experienced by those people who suffer vulnerably from tinnitus. Tinnitus is a medical condition which is precisely defined as the perception of sound and disruptions when there are no real disruptors nor external sounds. The best white noise machine for tinnitus is highly recommended for those people who struggle with insomnia. A white noise machine helps you to sleep faster, mask disruptions, and relax your mind and to stay asleep at the same time.

Frequently asked questions that this review will answer

Which is the best white noise machine for tinnitus?

What are the benefits of buying a white noise machine?

Did you say LectroFan, where to buy?

Consideration when ranking White Noise Machines for Tinnitus

  • Quality sound
  • Widest range of sounds
  • Most beneficial features
  • Durable machines

Top 3 Best White Noise Machines for Tinnitus 2018

This deeply researched  article aims at giving you answers on deeper and reliable white noise machines to enable you to switch off much faster and stay asleep at night.

Comparison Table For Best White Noise Machines for Tinnitus

White Noise MachineImageSizeTypes of White Noises/SoundsBuild QualityPrice
LectroFanlectrofan white noise machine for tinnitus soundSmall20Excellent$$$
Check Price
Marpac Dohm-DSMarpac Dohm DS best white noise machine for tinnitus sleeping lullabyLarge1Good$$$
Check Price
HoMedics SoundSpaHoMedics SoundSpa best white noise machine for tinnitus sound sleepingWide6Average$
Check Price

1.LectroFan – Best White Noise Machine for Tinnitus

lectrofan white noise machine for tinnitus sound
LectroFan White Noise Machine

The LectroFan is without doubt the best white noise machine for tinnitus. LectroFan offers twenty different white noise, and fan sounds.  It has the widest range of soothing sounds. It provides the best quality sound which is paramount during nights.

Generally, these diverse sounds are generated (using a random computer algorithm) rather than being recorded. This automatically results into soothing sounds which are unceasing throughout the night. Lectrofan has a wide range of white noise sounds which are accompanied by different colors. These additional colors makes LectroFan deeper and soothing.

LectroFan Reviews

LectroFan produces pink and brown noises which are fine  because they sound much like waterfall and rain. Different –fan sounds have soft, gentle and industrial sounds. These are diverse in order to cater for different tastes and preferences. Despite the fact that LectroFan is one of the smallest white noise machines it has the best range of volume. It is also easy to tune into the maximum volume possible.

When switched on,one has to either set the white noises or fan sounds and then adjust the volume according to to their preference. The LectroFan plays in a continuous manner until switched off.

LectroFan plays continuously until shut off, or until the timer is switched on. LectroFan plays for 60 minutes by pressing the timer button once. Pressing repeatedly increases playtime in 60–minute intervals.

LectroFan is unique since it does not rely on recordings like the majority of sound machines. Recordings usually repeat themselves in cycles which are likely to be seconds apart. Such recordings can be become irritating at the end because the human mind is quite perceptive. When people hear sounds that are repetitive, the predictability has a negative effect and keeps them awake instead of deeply relaxed.

We found out that LectroFan is one of the masking devices for tinnitus is designed to work differently. It plays non-repeating noises and sounds that are completely synthesized. These do not contain iritating pauses and blips found in a sleep noise machine using recordings. The fruit is a pure white noise that promotes rejuvenating and healthful sleep for people with tinnitus, babies or any other person.

This LectroFan review also revealed that it has a 60 minute timer button. When pressed once, LectroFan plays continuous white noises for 60 minutes.  One can also press more than once to increase the play time by 1 hour intervals. This comes in handy for those people who don’t want the white noise machine to play noises or sounds overnight.

Personally I like the fact that it occupies less space on a bedside table. This machine is appropriate in cases where you need loudest external noise, it precisely serves the purpose.


  • Twenty different white noise and fan sounds which are accompanied by color
  • A 60 minutes timer
  • Quality speaker and volume range
  • High quality generated soothing sounds
  • Solidly constructed from quality materials
  • Large and easily pressable buttons which are ideal for night
  • USB powered plus long cables.
  • Compact design that takes up less space
  • Auto off timers which is given out by a simple buttons


  • Unavailability of nature sounds
  • Cannot function without being plugged into the socket

If you are already asking where to buy LectroFan, it is available on AMAZON.

2. Marpac Dohm-DS – Good Sound Machine For Tinnitus

Marpac Dohm DS best white noise machine for tinnitus sleeping lullaby
Marpac Dohm-DS White Noise Machine

Marpac Dohm is one of those machines with naturally generated sounds. This machine creates a soothing sound which originate from an adjustable internal fan.

This machine is uniquely designed to generate sounds using the fan. Marpac Dohm operates in a simple, but special, fascinating, and unique way.

Dohm  just features one button with three different settings to adjust speed and turn off. The fan is installed inside which is referred to the acoustic casing. Marpac Dohm user should manually rotate moving parts in order to adjust the sound and volume.

This fascinating machine releases a sound which resembles that of rushing air. This is pleasant and soft to listen to.

Marpac Dohm Review

It is not very easy to tune sounds released by this machine.It involves manual adjustments where you can change the sounds considerably with tiniest adjustments. The Marpac Dohm is quite small (but slightly bigger than LectroFan) considering the fact that it has housed a fan and takes up little space on the bedside.

Buyers should consider buying this second  best white noise machine for tinnitus especially in instances where one longs for the sound of authentic rushing air at night (without the actual air flowing). This means that this fun does not have blowing nor cooling effect in your house. It just produces the fan sound.


  • Has one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Durable because it is made from sturdy materials
  • Creates authentic fan sounds with an air flow
  • Sounds much better compared to noisy bedroom fans
  • Generates constant sounds which do not have breaks
  • The rushing air sound is quite pleasant which helps to relax the mind


  • Low maximum volume
  • Slightly difficult to adjust the fan sounds mechanically
  • It releases only fan sounds with no nature and white noises
  • Fan may produce rattling sound after prolonged use

Dohm sound machine rattling  is solved by cleaning the fan using such agents as WD-40.  Definitely one of the best sound machines for sleeping. Dohm is available on AMAZON.

LectroFan vs Dohm

A s  intensive analysis of LectroFan vs Dohm revealed various unique differences.

  • LectroFan produces 20 types noises including white noise and fan sound  whereas Dohm just produces adjustable fan sounds.
  • The noises produced by LectroFam are generated automatically and unique every time.  Dohm just produces the sound of rushing air.
  • By design, LectroFan is smaller than Dohm.
  • LectroFan has a 60 minute timer while Dohm does not have a timer.
  • easy to set and control LectroFan using button.Difficult to control Dohm by twisting and turning  its shell.

3. Homedics Sound Spa – Deep Sleep Sound Machine

Homedics Sound Spa is specifically designed to cater for those people with tighter budgets. This is out-rightly a cheap sound machine.

Homedics SoundSpa Review

HoMedics SoundSpa best white noise machine for tinnitus sound sleeping
HoMedics SoundSpa White Noise Machine

The Homedics Sound Spa has a total  of six sounds; one white noise and five nature sounds. The nature sounds include ‘Rain’  which was found to be very relaxing,  ‘Ocean’ makes me think that the beach is in the bedroom and a surfer is likely to show up any minute.

There is also ‘Brook’,  which sounds bubbly and was disliked by most of us, there is ‘Thunder’ which is likely to be a scary noise for some while interesting and soothing to others. Finally there is ‘Summer Night’ which yield cricket noises and makes one feel like they are participating in the Pirates of the Caribbean or having a good night in a cabin located in the middle of the forest.

Though the speaker is of low quality, it releases intense and over emphasized white noise sounds. Relatively short loops are also evident on rain, brook and oceans which lacks deeper tones. Maybe it is personal but I don’t find that pleasing and soothing.

The Homedics SoundSpa can be used with a plug which it comes with or it can be used with AA batteries. For this best white noise machine for tinnitus,  it is also easy to identify different sounds as they are clearly labelled on buttons. Controls are quite different depending on the country of use for adjusting volume and turning on dial.

Although not that big, the white noise machine does take more space compared to other white noise machines available in that industry. It takes more bedside space compared to compact white noise machines.

The major disadvantage is the build quality which is low as compared to the others. The buttons are likely to break any time if handled carelessly. Several people have also reported that the power on/off button broke after around 4 – 6 months of usage. This is expected of an affordable noise machine.


  • Affordability
  • Simple volume adjustments
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant and lightweight design
  • Three auto off options or constant play


  • Only six sound choices
  • Poor build quality
  • Low-quality speaker
  • Short loop sounds
  • Wider surface is therefore occupying more space

HoMedics SoundSpa is simply one of the cheapest white noise machines for tinnitus worth one’s money without major disappointments. Thus, it deserves to be the third best white noise machine  for tinnitus. It is available on AMAZON.

These are simply the top 3  best  white noise machines for Tinnitus that will keep away the bad noises and ensure you get your sleep back.

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