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Paranoid about Death?

Should we be paranoid about Death?

Recently someone complained about uncontrollably imagining how he would die. I think he is not alone in this realm of the mind. So many people often wonder Death, many get paranoid about it. But should this really be so? Outrightly NO. 

If you are in this category of being paranoid about Death, just stop stressing about death and live your life. I say because you consider death the Apex of tragedy, the memory of it and the paranoia would live with you. Once it is the apex, it would be a constant memory on the head because the word 'apex' carries maximum weight.
Everything is good save abused. The abuse of good is the mutation that births evil. Death is a good thing save we abuse it by dying the wrong way. Dying the wrong way means dying without really living a productive life, not giving good yield in a lifetime. I think your bigger bother should be about what you would do with your life now you have it. What good legacy are you leaving behind now you have a chance to leave one. Stress more with what matters, which is life and do not abuse the beautiful, good way nature maintains it's balance (death and birth) by wasting your lifetime bothering about it's end rather than living it. Live your lifetime to the fullest it is your chance to add to society, your family and your friends.
Imagine people live and never die, only birth takes place, I am sure the world would be very uncomfortable. Death is necessary like division of labor, for everyone to live a time and leave for the rest to live their time in a way that living would be more comfortable at each era.
Recall death is not the apex of tragedy but a good thing. Stop placing that unnecessary importance on it and you would stop bothering about how you die. Personally if I begin to imagine how I would die, I do so calmly without being paranoid over it because everyone passes through it and everyone’s problem is actually no man's problem. I think it would be fun to imagine how I would die, so long as I don't ever into superstition and so long as a better task is not feasible in the time this thought appears .You don't need to be superstitious about death and how it would happen. Painfully or painlessly, bottom line is death happens. If those imaginations cram your mind, don't stress about them and once the imagination loses the importance placed on it by superstition, it would stop bothering you.

If you are a Christian, then consider that death isn't really a trouble since you remain conscious though in a different setting. I mean you don't die unless God says you should because your life is in His hands and you have submitted it without worrying about how He (God) uses it. So why stress?

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Paranoid about Death?


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