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Are you planning to give birth in USA? The cheapest prices are listed here!

Many Nigerian women love giving birth in the USA, mostly because it means that their child automatically acquires American citizenship. However, America is huge, and each state’s delivery prices vary, so you should be armed with knowledge about the cost of giving birth in US public hospitals by foreigners. Read about the cheapest states to give birth in USA!

Cheapest states to give birth in the USA and other useful tips to know

Giving birth in America from Nigeria: the process from A to Z

If you would like to have your child born in the United States, it can be a tedious process, but it is still possible, and many people who have given Birth in the USA have confessed that the whole fuss is totally worth it. Here, you will be able to read about the complete process of giving birth in the United States from Nigeria and compare the prices for delivery and caesarian section in different states.

Of course, the first step is quite obvious – you need to get pregnant. It would be preferable if you had enough financial support because it is clearly expensive to give birth in USA.

The next step will be finding a reliable Hospital for your delivery process. This would be quite difficult unless you have relatives in the United States who can provide you some feedback. But do not be desperate if you have no relatives there. You can easily find the perfect one on the Internet. There are special websites where you can check the prices for delivery and other expenses for every hospital. You should pay extra attention to the state where the hospital is situated, because some of them are quite pricey, while others are cheap. The cheapest states to give birth in the USA will be listed below for your convenience.

United States

The prices are given according to the 2017 research by the non-profit organization Fair Health. These numbers are based on the total price of care, starting from obstetrician’s fee and ending with the hospital facility and anesthesiologist’s fee. The price of care for the newborn baby is not included because it is separate and dependent on parents preferences.

Top 10 cheapest states for the traditional delivery according to Fair Health:

  • Alabama ($5,017)
  • Utah ($5,357)
  • Rhode Island ($5,401)
  • Nebraska ($5,432)
  • Kansas ($5,541)
  • Louisiana ($5,590)
  • Arkansas ($5,600)
  • Mississippi ($5,605)
  • Idaho ($5,695)
  • Hawaii ($5,743)
Cheapest states to give birth in the USA and other important tips to know

Top 10 cheapest states for the C-section:

  • District of Columbia ($7,439)
  • Alabama ($7,730)
  • Louisiana ($7,985)
  • Arkansas ($8,037)
  • Maine ($8,182)
  • Utah ($8,226)
  • Hawaii ($8,265)
  • Rhode Island ($8,337)
  • Idaho ($8,341)
  • Ohio ($8,371)

It should also be mentioned that the most expensive states for both regular delivery and C-section are Alaska, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, and Connecticut. The local hospitals in these states charge the most for birth – for example, the most expensive state, Alaska, charges $10,413 for regular delivery and $14,528 for caesarian section. You might keep this in mind while making your final choice. However, high prices do not always mean high quality. Choosing the right hospital is often a lottery, and you have to do a lot of research to pick the right one which will take the best care of you and your baby.

Once you have found the hospital that you trust and chosen the delivery package that the institution offers, you should pay a deposit in advance (the pay will vary depending on the hospital and your intentions).

Pregnant lady with husband

After that, you will have to apply for American visa if you do not have a visa already. Of course, it will cost money, especially when you are going to America with a family member, but the whole process is quite expensive. You can apply for your visa at the United States embassy, either in Lagos or Abuja.

You will also need to provide evidence of booking the hospital for maternity service and give the contact number of the hospital or the workers that serve there. Aside that, you will have to show that you have enough funds in your bank account for additional expenses. Normally, people are planning four months of traveling (from week 28 to 32), however, you should take into account that most of the airlines refuse to fly pregnant women who are on week 28 or later.

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Pregnant lady

Once you have booked the flight, you should start the process of transferring your documents from the local Nigerian hospital to the American one. When you get all the documents from there and send the copies to the place you are planning to give birth at, you are ready to go. When you get to the United States, you will have to show that you have got just enough money to ensure yourself comfortable life during the course of pregnancy and birth and that you have made an arrangement with the American hospital. You are strongly advised to make this arrangement to avoid the possible risks of the deportation from America.

After your arrival in the United States, you will have to stay at the hotel or with your relatives. When the baby is born, most people quickly do the paperwork with the baby’s American passport and then return to Nigeria.

Now that you know the entire process of giving birth in the United States for Nigerian pregnant women.

Newborn baby

You should be aware that the process of getting a visa is not always successful and you can be denied the American visa. But it works just like the regular visa application for the United States, it is either success or denial. Either way, we wish good health to you and your baby.

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Are you planning to give birth in USA? The cheapest prices are listed here!


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